DJ Skee Interviews The Beastie Boys

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The Beastie Boys recently stopped by KIIS FM to talk with DJ Skee. They speak on their new LP, their approach on releasing music and much more. Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is in stores now.

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  • Insipid

    Ok, lets just be honest for a second, this was (surprisingly) a really good album.

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  • Peekay

    dope. thanks. album is surprisingly good.

  • “Surprisingly?”

    Really? The Beastie’s have never dropped a ‘bad’ album, ask anyone. That said, sooo how did you come to such low expectations? ‘Cause your favorite artist is a bad rapper that keeps disappointing you or something?…..

  • mac DIESEL



  • Belize


  • B.Boggz

    Is DJ Skee white?



  • ColoradoKnight

    Regardless their “Legendary Hip Hop” status, this was a great album.

  • JeL

    Classic Hip-Hop double CD album… erm… All Eyez On Me

  • Dolphan9954

    Surprisingly????? Go listen to pauls boutique and licensed to ill. Both of those are classic albums these guys put out. These guys are in their 40s putting out better albums than some of the clowns in hip hop these days

  • paulrevere

    straight up fucking clowns commenting on this site. if you don’t appreciate the b.boys, then you don’t know shit about hip-hop. these dudes are part of the foundation. how the fuck are you gonna try to shit on these guys? fucking clowns. don’t know shit about hip-hop.

    and to this fucking fag Mac Diesel who always types “don’t hate on my opinion”, you are a fucking ignorant jackass. don’t hate on your opinion? don’t worry bro, no one does, because you have
    proved time and time again that your opinion ain’t worth shit anyway. nothing but negative ass
    bullshit written in 9th grade keyboard gangster style. straight clown.

  • J


    oh, Mike D is a weirdo

  • Insipid

    Goddamn, u guys are WAY too sensitive. I said surprisingly because 1) Ive never been much of a Beastie Boys fan, and that includes Paul’s Boutique and License To Ill, 2) The first leak (Too Many Rappers) was an excellent example of a good beat wasted, and 3) Because straight up I didnt know if they would be able to update their style, since rap is an entirely different game today than it was then.

    Hop off the nuts, kids.

  • paulrevere

    first off, a dude who names himself INSIPID is calling others sensitive? that’s some funny shit.
    you got a homo ass name, and your point made you look like an even bigger herb.

    jackass, why the fuck would a trio who are part of the foundation of hip hop need to
    update their style to fit in with today’s fucking garbage? that is what makes them so fucking
    dope. they always carved their own lane, and had their own niche. why the fuck would they
    want to “update” to fit in with all the garbage being shoveled out these days.

    and that in itself is what is wrong with hip hop and fuckers like you. dumb ass kids spittin’
    bullshit on these comment boards, and they don’t have a fucking clue what they are talking

  • Insipid

    First of all, u massive retard, “insipid” means “flavorless”, and has absolutely nothing to do with sensitivity or feelings. But once again, you brilliantly demonstrate how u, the Superpussy, can catch feelings over even the stupidest things.

    And I didnt say, or even imply that they should fit in with todays shit. As a matter of fact, if u werent so blatantly moronic, youd probably notice that I actually endorsed the album in the first place. But youre obviously even less of a Beastie Boys fan than I am if u didnt notice that Hot Sauce Committee 2 sounded completely different than their old shit. Fortunately, they DID update their sound successfully- my point was simply that I wasnt sure how well their style would translate.

    So PLEASE- if u have another problem with my comment, just keep it to yourself. Instead of AGAIN catching feelings like a sensitive little bitch, while revealing to everybody else how massively stupid you really are.

  • paulrevere

    ok INSIPID (justify it however you want bro, you’ve got a homo ass name), now i’m gonna have to break you down. but instead of doing it through my own words, let me allow your own words to show what a back-pedaling homo you are.

    so you kick off your first post with “Ok, lets just be honest for a second, this was (surprisingly) a really good album.”

    probably thinking you are real clever and everyone is going to agree with you. but surprise, you start getting dissed and you can tell it stings. but the only way your childish ass knows how to respond is to try to make it a masculine issue, as demonstrated with your second insecure comment of

    “Goddamn, u guys are WAY too sensitive”.

    so then when i call you out on calling others sensitive when you have a homo ass name like INSIPID, you react quite SENSITIVELY. that’s some funny shit. you try to play out all these other cats on some sensitivity jabs, but then you prove yourself to be the most sensitive bitch on this site.
    as proven by you trying to defend your name like some high school cheerleader who didn’t get picked for prom.

    once again, another case of you proving to be the only sensitive homo on here.

    but the best shit of all is how you have backpedaled on every comment you have made on this post. proven by making the wackest comment of them all, then trying to say you didn’t say that at all.

    “Because straight up I didnt know if they would be able to update their style, since rap is an entirely different game today than it was then.”

    those are your words homo, not mine. And when I pull your card on making that dumb ass comment, you once again backpedal and try to justify and somehow make sense of the shit.

    long story short homo, you have proven yourself to be a spineless little girl, who has backpedaled
    on every fucking comment you have made. straight up. calling others sensitive, but look at your reactions to my emails bro. like a straight up bitch. and with that, i’ll finish with your best shit of all, straight classic material.

    “So PLEASE- if u have another problem with my comment, just keep it to yourself.”

    that is what the little homo in 6th grade would say when he was getting picked on. and once again, proving to live up to your homo ass name and prove you are, once again, the only sensitive dude here.

    so a little bit of advice in the future, little man. don’t spit some bullshit passive-aggressive comments about shit if you aren’t ready to get your card pulled for making ignorant ass comments. and if you do continue to drop dumb ass comments, at least be a fucking man and stand behind your shit. don’t fucking turn around and try to justify and re-explain the shit in a way that it obviously wasn’t intended.

    your a bitch man. you have proven it through all these little girl scout comments you have been trying to kick. worst part of all is that you have convinced yourself that you know what you are talking about. but yet, your words prove that you are exactly what I said in the last post, a dumb ass kid spittin’ bullshit.

    still think you’re not? who the fuck would every say some dumb shit like

    “youre obviously even less of a Beastie Boys fan than I am”.

    how fucking old are you homo? you think i even think in terms of who is a bigger fan? that is once again, some straight up bitch shit. and the shit is just funny to me man. watching you catch feelings, and show your true colors through these girly-ass responses is classic material.

    now shut the fuck up before i cut some bacon off your back, and don’t bother responding homo.
    i’m done with your bitch ass. won’t be checking this shit again.

    but i sure as fuck know you will, with SURPRISE, more homo ass backpedaling and justifications.

    and oh yeah, who the fuck says “massively stupid”?

  • Insipid

    lmao I wont lie, at first your disgusting ignorance was actually kind of amusing, at least enough to keep me interested. But I hope u had fun writing all that shit out, cuz honestly youre not important enough for me to even read that garbage. I would point out, however, that freaking out and writing an answer THAT long, especially to respond to a point that we apparently actually agree on, is INCREDIBLY oversensitive.

    God youre pathetic.