• I dont understand… so this isn’t J. Cole’s boy?

  • What grammy track he produce?

  • Your Father

    No this ain’t J. Cole’s boy.
    This is the Omen who’s been around for aeons.
    He produced Fabolous’ One Day on the Ghetto Fabolous album.
    Always been keen to hear his work.
    His Oh Yeah beat for Diggy was raw to the 10th power.
    This is cool, but the hook kind of reminds me of Ghostface/Ne-Yo – Back Like That

  • PPthetruth

    Black people. Be original. Calling yourself Mick Jagger is one of the dumbest things ever. Horrible. Why? WHY?????????????? did he think it will help sell records? What the fuck? is this dude dumb as dumb can be? WHAT THE FUCK? How does it make sense? Like why not call yourself Sean Carter.. Would be hilarious. Or Dwayne Carter.. Or Steve Austin.. Next up is a rapper named Christiano Ronaldo. BLack people. stop with the foolishness.

  • BK

    White people smell like cow shit to the 10th power real talk

  • He produced “Tell It Like It Is” by Luda, which was featured on Release Therapy, that won Best Rap Album in ’07 according to wiki.

  • Romer242

    @PPthetruth…..U must be the stupidest mutherfucking person I never met….I know this nigga personally. IT’S HIS NAME …WOW…I guess you the only nigga named Asshole too huh? Please…I beg please…Stop hating without facts man. I know women who gossip less than some a yall niggas. FUCK!!!

  • Lol yo at first I thought this was J. Cole’s man, but nah this sounds pretty good

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  • “Changed in the name of L-U-V”
    Hard core shit..

  • PPthetruth

    @romer no its not.

  • Ashton Travis Goes In !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SE7ENsTravels

    Am i the only person who thinks dude on the second verse sounds just like Big Sean without the dope rhyme patterns

  • HipHopHead

    Ashton Travis is the future i can feel it!

  • WhoseHot

    yooooooooooo download his mixtapeeee asap it’s HOT

    it’s on his website ashtontravis.com !!

  • check out http://www.ashtontravis.com ASAP! and download Good Vibes Mix tape. The Future! Also check him out on You Tube. The All Hip Hop radio freestyle is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

  • LMBO @BK
    I’ll be laughing for days at your random, crude comment.