• BK Standup

    haha…that dude is a monster im down with Tyler the creator..Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL http://goo.gl/g4zvo

  • b


  • MadMan

    Im hearing the new DRE&EM track “Die Hard” is NOT the next single from Detox,it says so on Dres Facebookpage! Anyone know if thats true?

  • Chu Chu

    Not Feelin The Single. Still Will Be Buying The Goblin Album SWAG SWAG.

  • Yung Silv

    u can see the pharrell influence. . . die hard isnt a single on detox @madman

  • Noringtone

    GREAT! Can’t wait to buy this album.

  • KillaD

    This shit is GARBAGE
    LMAO are yall serious?

  • coco loco

    fuck nah right and fuck 2dope boyz lol…

  • King Speez

    No more good… LMAO!

    Yo lemme find out this where hip hop headed… And the video coming out… What you encouragin? Lol… Niggas BEEN perverts if you fuck wit this

  • Glasses Malone

    Embrace this niggas, this shit is a movement whether you like it or not.

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  • Buttfullofdragons


  • BK

    Um why do white people smell like sardini and garlic?

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  • seriously…i’m not a hater but i don’t know the hype behind these guys
    maybe i’m too old because for me it’s extra wack

  • dotdiggler

    Im sorry but this nigga is garbage. I dont care what you young cats like if this niggas came out in the 90s he would be a joke like vanilla ice lol

  • dre

    @nonfixion and @dotdiggler
    how old are you guys? like really

  • Bruno Mars

    This some knock-off Neptunes sounding garbage. this funny lookin, skinny nerd with a lisp stay talkin shi*t. He won’t be happy til I punch him in the mouth backstage at the Grammys

  • Glasses Malone

    I’m 26, and I love it. Sorry ‘heads, the dude can spit, you just choose not to listen.

  • noki

    you niggas jus ignorant lookin at the pic and makin judgement while listnin to the music u biased pieces of shit.

  • @ dre: yeah i’m 30 and i’m bored of this kind of rap, sorry

    @ Glasses Malone : nowadays everyone can spit, Drake can spit but do you think it’s a good rapper ?? Bieber can spit too, even hanna montana can spit with exercice…

  • About to hear this in the pc..
    Yo in the mean time the rest of you clock my name for some of my tunes…


    sick, feeling it

  • stillmatic

    frank ocean is so dope

  • bob

    album was deff a let down.. and thats coming from an of fan

  • Tito

    ^cosign it was pretty bad, but I guess in a way it was kinda like BASTARD too

  • Big Willie

    I like Tyler I think he’s dope, but I’m starting to see what people say about if he can keep this up or not. After a while the songs aren’t that interesting anymore, I think as they progress he’ll probably take on the role of a producer more. The Frank Ocean kid on the other hand is the truth, and I dont even really like R&B but this nigga is on some other shit. And wait till that Earl kid comes back, that lil nigga can spit. I really think Dom Kennedy is the future of westcoast hip hop…Those Overdoz kids are pretty dope too

  • Frank ocean is dope. I don’t know about all of the upside down crosses though.

    “Theres a reason black folks are broke. Visit the site and find out”

  • msf


  • msf

    6OLF WAN6

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