• c o c

    hot fire

  • dre

    hot mess

  • Tru Talk

    El Chapo is actually pretty hott…. Yayo is definately steppin it up

  • BK

    ^Yayo go get a job!

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    This is street approved.

  • nasonemic

    Pretty much fire. Only thing is no one cares


    he been hitting the streets wit music.. llike his tapes really be hard.. mad respect shout out to yayo cause on some real shit.. niggas sleeping on this niggas music. ya could hate if ya want.. but the shit riding

  • RC

    Yeah this aint bad at all.

    I like Yayo.

  • rrahha

    Thats nice….

  • Tony Yayo is that dude!

  • jigga

    this goes real hard…good shit

  • musicman

    people only hate on him cause other people do, then they like someone else cause everybody else does.

    Fact is yayo a real street dude, who does his own little thing. he ain’t the best. but how can Soulja Boy have more fans than him,

    the industry has changed and 90% of the fans are little white kids.


    @musicman, cosign. White kids and Wayne clones. Mohawks and skinny jean ass wearing….