Tech N9ne All 6’s And 7’s Tracklist

Tech pokes his chest and stands firmly on the cover for his 12th solo LP, All 6’s And 7’s. Album drops June 7th, but is available for preorder now.

UPDATE: Now with the 24 titles below via Complex

1. The Pledge
2. Technicians
3. Military (Skit)
4. Am I A Psycho? f/ B.o.B & Hopsin
5. He’s A Mental Giant
6. Worldwide Choppers f/ Ceza, JL B.Hood, Uso, Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, D-Loc, & Twisted Insane
7. We Miss You Man (Skit)
8. I Love Music f/ Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek
9. Strangeland
10. Call From Richie (Skit)
11. The Boogieman f/ Stokley of Mint Condition & First Degree the D.E.
12. Cult Leader f/ Liz Suwandi
13. Call From KC Poet Camile (Skit)
14. Fuck Food f/ Lil Wayne, T-Pain, & Krizz Kaliko
15. Overtime f/ Stevie Stone
16. Pornographic f/ Snoop Dogg, E-40, & Krizz Kaliko
17. You Owe Like Pookie f/ Jay Rock & Kutt Calhoun
18. Delusional f/ Nikkiya
19. So Lonely f/ Blind Fury & Mackenzie O’Guin
20. If I Could f/ Stephen Carpenter & Chino Moreno
21. Angry Caller (Skit)
22. Love Me Tomorrow f/ Big Scoob
23. Mama Nem
24. Promiseland f/ Nikkiya

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  • this shit will be ill…..i wonder if this is where tyler the creat-ive got his swag…??

    Click on NAME CHECK ME OUT


  • Pat

    Can we get a tracklist? I wanna see if he actually got Em on his album.

  • Chris

    HELL YEAH! Can’t wait for this shit!!! Pre-ordering now.

  • Chris

    @Pat i dont think he got Em. He tried but i dont think it happened… But he does have a whole bunch of other famous artists on it for sure.

  • Hater


  • yeezy taught me

    If he gets em on this album im gonna shit my pants.

  • Belize

    @Pat: He ain’t.
    A tracklist WOULD help tho.

  • Too ill for mainstream

    Im convinced now that more then truth is at stake
    Where people create language that pretends to communicate
    Euphemisms are misundertood as mistakes
    but its a bi-product of the ghetto music we make
    From an extroverted point of view I think its too late
    Hip Hop has never been the same since ’88
    Since it became a lucrative profession there’s a misconception
    that a movement in any direction is progression
    Even though of the potency of it lessens
    big money industries writing checks to suppress the question
    And nobody gives a fuck no more, no one goes to the book store
    ever since the confluence of Moore’s Law
    But I stay in the lab, like Niels Bohr
    and his son Aage, Edward Lorenz and Leo Szilard
    Lyrically I took rap music and turned the knob
    to the right full throttle and added panache
    Why would I argue with my own conscience over the truth?
    thats like me telling myself dont tell me what to do
    Dialyses and analyses of battle emcees
    sometimes I say things I myself can’t believe
    My lyrical is so skillfully elliptical
    I can understand how it makes you miserable
    You wonder why I never let you play your beats for me
    or why I keep my studio enshrouded in secrecy
    You wonder what’s my infatuation with Alicia Keys
    “Canibus why dont you speak to me?”
    Yo, I meant it when I said no one can shine on a song that features me
    thats why I said it so vehemently
    You need to place the hate with respect
    I’m probably the best yet, Poet Laureate

  • Pat

    Wack, also I’m really hoping he got Em on the album, he said he sent him a beat named “So Lonely” a while back.



  • Donn

    Hahaha! Tech jock lil wayne 6 foot 7 foot lol. [email protected] get off tech dick damn!

  • Word

    I think if he had Em on this we woulda heard by now. But then again, we aint hear about Em being on Nicki album till about 2 or 3 weeks before it came out. So until we see a tracklist, or until right around May, im just gonna assume he’s on it until proven otherwise.

  • Chris

    @Donn um, he came up with All 6s and 7s wayyyyyyy before even Tha Carter 3… get ur shit straight.

  • K-Lam

    @ Donn

    Get ya facts straight!



  • Mike

    ^GAY! just like that cover lmao!

  • yo, why is the ripper so ill?


  • lamooo !!! dis nigga look a new character from mortal combat !!!

  • casper21

    sick album cover, looking forward to this for sure.

  • dieald

    @Donn All 6’s and 7’s = Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil, Good and Evil. He’s been talking all 6’s and 7’s since Anghellic times. Learn before you try to teach

  • SqueeGee

    Not liking the cover lol, but definitely looking forward to the album!

  • zezzoi

    12th solo LP,


    12 solo LPs, and no mainstream success…

    He’s dope too. i don’t understand why he’s so underrated.

  • The album should he called Flawless Victory with that cover.

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  • Chris

    @[email protected] or “Fatality” lol

  • nooch

    Eminem will be on the album along with lil wayne t-pain snoop dogg yelawolf twista busta rhymes e-40 and the deftones…

  • Billy Bolla

    Joe Bolla b goin hard on dis album

  • hiphopfan

    before everyone starts bitching about eminem not being on the album, tech reached out to eminem but he was told that he couldn’t collab until the end of the month, which was too late for him, so they will still collab but the track will most likely be on his next album, and tech releases albums nonstop so it could be soon

  • dre

    this is wack as fuck…stop posting this niggas shit…this is for mainstream artist or artist that are on the comeup..obviously this nigga is washed you old niggas get the fuck outta here too

  • dre

    funny thing is you guys are actually saying the covers dope..lmao if this was wayne or game yall would b saying this so gayyy

  • TC

    Tech N9ne is the greatest

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    STFU, you kids dont know shiiiit. go back to watching mtv in your basement you little faggot!!

    btw, no Eminem?? aaah well…this will still be very Impressive!!

  • SqueeGee

    Yeahhhhh let’s go!

  • wickwickwack

    too many features …
    pharo got the album of the year so far,we ll see if he can top that

  • roger

    i was looking forward to a tech and em collabo guess we’ll have to wait but im really looking forward to track number 4 with bob and hopsin seems dope

  • Chadhalac

    wow a Hopsin feature. with bobby ray that should be interesting

  • u stupid

    Hope its good, should be… Killer had some bangers and KOD was aight but his older shit is what’s really good… been a Tech fan since ’99 so its good to see homie get some shine

  • still best rite now!!


  • casper21

    should be good but it looks too long, 19 tracks and 5 skits, something tells me this could easily be cut down to 13 or 14 solid tracks, but we’ll see.

  • Donn


    Stop trying so hard, I don’t even care about or listen to Tech N9ne. I have nothing to say about him or this post. That is all….

  • bawse!!!!

    22tracks & no yuk?? wtf tech get yo sh!t 2gatha playboi

  • suppppppppp

    Em did a track for Nicki Minaj and he passed on Tech, lol owned.

  • cmosa

    this album is going to be dope. nikkiya gettin some, slumerican!

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    I need to hear this joint with Jay Rock like ASAP.

  • 12reps

    no eminem . wtf dey said dey would do one!!:(

  • For some reason I was expecting Royce Da 59″ on this .. Cant wait to hear it though

  • Chris

    @suppppppppp naw man, Eminem said himself he wanted to do the collab, but couldn’t do it before the deadline Tech N9ne gave him. Tech didn’t want to post-pone his album just for an Eminem feature so they agreed to collab some other time in the future.

  • Converse

    I usually dont fuck wit tech? first time listening 2 him was on travis barker lp?raw shit? and bun b murk that track! i couldnt figure out what tech was saying most of the time tho?

  • Hippo

    This needs some Brotha Lynch, but it’s still gonna be raw!

  • TheGorilla30

    needs eminem for real!!! fucking let down

  • Chris

    @Jake Eminem called Tech on the phone and said he could do the song, but a month after the date Tech gave him. Tech decided not to wait and just agree on a collab some time later in the future. TECH N9NE IS THE ONE WHO DECIDED NOT TO DO THE COLLAB THIS TIME AROUND CUZ HE DIDN’T WANNA PUSH HIS ALBUM BACK… ALL 6’s AND 7’s – 6/7

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