DJ Khaled Still Wants Eminem

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Eight months later, Khaled still wants his man. For a third time, he makes his pitch to work with Eminem. He says he’s been saving a beat for him and wants to create the “biggest anthem ever”.

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  • Wo O0O0

    go away fat man

  • srtwes

    FUCK NO!

  • TheRealRickRoss

    Please god no. Eminem please don’t do it.

    this fucking piece of shit, why is he still around.

    Working with a ARAB at a time like this is very dangerous.

  • Luke

    ah HELL NA! get outta here khaled..shiiiit

  • No bias here…….

    …but nah.

  • Well then he should get on a plane to detroit ems not gonna move for him- we all know em and Royce are recording and the slaughterhouse project is about to be worked on there. So he’ll be in the studio

  • ayoooo

    this nigga says this before EVERY fuckin single he drops..”I GOT SOMETHIN THATS GON FUCK THE GAME UP, BIGGEST RECORD IVE EVER DONE”……em your on a whole other level than him bro don’t do a track with this whack as nigga

  • bawse

    4real … i wasnt paying attention .. I thought it said Khalil … I was like … ya’ll already did something .
    but KHALED .? nah son

  • graffiti bandit

    The day Em works with him is the day I stop listening to Em.

  • llll

    Fuck Khaled….
    Em ain’t gonna jump on a record with you.

  • flawda

    Eminem ain’t fucking with his corny ass

  • 50

    i think em should do it. if u asked me a few years ago i would have said no way, but em’s fallin off in comparison to his old self. and he will do this record. its all about gettin people to listen, and people will listen to this, much like they listen to the other garbarge hes put out recently (his last 2 albums).

  • puerto-black

    i’m curious to what mr.llliiisssttteeennn has for em. why not do a song?

  • Nick Cannon

    Oh no, fuck dj khaled. I have beef with Eminem, but I disrespectful this female Dj Khaled, fuck HIM!!!!!

  • Word

    Uhhh, I dunno. Em doesnt NEED Khaled at all. Imean if he want that hood appeal then yeah sure, but Em is content with the “people who actually buy albums appeal” and thats everybody EXCEPT the hood. Not saying just suburban kids, but regular black dudes who arent that broke like me and some other niggas.

    BUT, I would be curious to hear how that sounds. When I heard Em was gonna be on a song with Ye, Drake, AND Wayne, im like damn, how that joint gonna sound? And it turned out decent enough. I think Em should do it. BUT only with real ass niggas who can rap. If possible, mayeb a Ye, Jay, Nas, Drake, Cole, and Em mash up. And Akon on the hook. That would be a good song. I say, it just depends on who else is on the song.

  • dmc

    he just ruined his chance by sayin hes savin a beat for Em

  • Ssob

    I thought this dude was mourning Bin Laden’s death in his hometown Paskitan?

    it wouldn’t be a surprised though, Em been working with people 50 had issues with, but this is more than 50 Cent. Em just don’t belong on a song with a dow nlow terrorist, nah, he just wack.

  • GAM3x1991

    how is Khaled going to diss G-Unit and then want to work with Em?

  • MadMan

    To 50.Thats why EM is gonna do the EP with Royce,go back to that hard shit.EM doesnt need Khaled,its Khaled who needs EM.He knows if he gets EM on a track,people will listen to his bullshit.

  • bk82

    Hahahaha you wish !!!

  • your father’s father

    i wouldnt mind this .. i mean, eminem rips just about any beat he’s on… and although im not a khaled AT ALL, it would just be a different sound. not all of khaled’s beats are wack so who knows.. maybe he does have some fire beat for em to hop on.

    personally though, fuck this topic….. june 14th bad meets evil takes over. wack rappers beware

  • your father’s father

    ^^ khaled fan*****

  • Cold Blood



  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    Racist motherfuckers!!

  • your pusha

    why not? its good for the fans anyway, do it if you can khaled

  • Michael

    Hey Dj Khaled, take a hint. If he doesn’t respond he doesn’t want to work with you.

  • Coroner

    Loool! Khaled acting like a little kid… XD

    BTW It’s bullshit that some of u saying that gonna stop listening Em if he’d do it….! Then you’re not even a fan of him…

    Just look what Em did on Forever, Drop the World or No Love… Many ppl cried over those Wayne collabs… But Em just fucking made him looking like a clown… I hope if Em does this gonna diss subliminally Khaled’s ass the fuck out just like he did with Wayne!!

  • Ssob

    Besides, that Al Queda operative is just being an A&R. He’s not producing the beat, not rapping on it, so he want Em for what? It seems the people he has on his records are those he has a relationship with and doing him favor for nothing, but they get a small advance by being on his project.

    So what is in this for Em exactly? A Khaled Bin Laden produced track, or collabo? Not at all. he just wants to “A&R” Em onto a record which is the biggest waste. Em has A&Rs on payroll for that matter. lol

  • dre

    em wont do it…he has a thing called loyalty…and thats to 50




  • Ssob

    Suckas he not a producer. Out of his 4 albums, he produced 4 tracks. 4 beats? I believe he bought those from soundclick and took credit.

  • Sportz

    I want another Wayne + Eminem track, so I’m all for this, considering the fact that I doubt DJ Khaled is gonna put Eminem on a track by himself.

  • JustSaying

    I been telling niggas to check for Isreal Spain and now he has finally dropped one of the hottest songs ever in my opinion this fresh new hip hop blog posted it, The name of the song is “Effin A”

  • Dujay

    so glad em isnt workin with this guy, it would cheapen him

  • Puhahaha

    If he did a song with rihanna this would be a less pop song

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    @Word i agree

  • nasonemic

    em pls dont do it

  • Khilio

    you don’t go to Em…em goes to you…Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • onanigga

    khilio is right, you think Em is going to beg you for your shitty beat when every producer in the world would kill to have him rap over their track. He probably already has it.

  • Everybody wants Em on their song.. What’s new?

  • j


  • ronni_blaze

    em should do it…..but he can’t be on a song with jeezy ross plies waka gucci and shit……………………………………………….em with luda wayne and kanye or em with jay nas and jada

  • Ssob

    hey Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    I hope you know what you see here is that backlash to your buddy constantly using the word “nigga” in our community. he should take a clue from the guy he wants to work with, Eminem, who works with black people and does not use the word.
    So the guy apparently support is using racial terms. this is the partly a backlash.

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  • mac DIESEL




  • Khaled really can’t take a hint….

  • haters stop

    well i think it would be good very good really this guy will should a different part of rap that we havent seen from eminem alot he has crazy beats such as holla at me brown paper bag we taking over im so hood “Out Here Grindin all i do is win and many more so stop hating haters

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Khaled you did get the memo?…Your WACK SON ! Naw homie my bad your the Worst.

  • jobie

    idk see why it would be so bad to all of you. Khaled can put together some decent songs. Never though kanye and khaled would be good, but Go Hard was pretty dope. And notice how i say put together, he already has a track somebody else produced and once em gets his hands in there with production and verses im sure it wiould be decent at the very least.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    *Sarcasm* Khaled you’ve alot for hip hop U brought us ACE HOOD what a great discovery he was SMH.

  • in my 50 cent voice hell NO.

  • TheCool

    Em should do it, depending on who else is on the song. It would be dope for it to be Jay-Z, Em, Kanye, Cole and… Nas (tho i doubt they’ll get Nas). But chances are, it’ll be Lil Wayne or some shit.

  • Belize

    khaled ur a fool if you think Em will work wth u.

  • Teteo13

    We the best????…

    EMINEM is the best

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  • Chan

    I absolutely hate DJ Khaled. He is the worse DJ of all time and he thinks he is so awesome. You songs suck. The 8 different rappers on one song was cool 5 years ago. That is no longer cool. Quit trying to act hard. No one is scared of you little fat man. Stop making music. Im not a hater but I really can’t stand DJ Khaled he is so fucking annoying. Kill yourself bitch

  • Converse

    ?Opie? lmao

  • BiggMar

    If Em ever makes a track with the clown then it would tarnish Em’s career and anyone eles he has worked with as well….Em is an once and a lifetime artist, Its like asking Pac or BIG to hop on a track….never gonna happened….Khaled tracks are only for lame emcees who need attention and T-Pain lol!

  • lol @ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I’m just curious is he a DJ or producer?
    Does he get people to make beats or does he make them?
    And if he finds producers then what’s the point?

    …never could figure that one out

  • darkass

    omg.. no!
    DJ Khaled fuck off!

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