Consequence Explains G.O.O.D. Music Split

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Consequence appeared on MTV‘s RapFix Live this week and explained why he severed ties with Kanye West. He says the problems started when his picture was omitted from the G.O.O.D. Music feature in the October 2010 XXL which ‘Ye served as guest editor. Then, things got worse when he was excluded him from G.O.O.D. Music’s BET Hip-Hop Awards Cipher.

Eventually, he says he got Ye’s attention after dropping “Man Purses”. He was coy as to specifics of their conversation, but said he would air it all on his next mixtape, Movies On Demand 3.

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  • Jones


  • still best rite now!!

    B.Dot instigating as usual..ha!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Good for you Consequence! Fuck Ye’ if he aint giving you no shine. That guy is a tool anyways.

  • B.Dot
  • puerto-black

    If you burn every bridge, you will end up stuck on a island. You don’t see Warren G crying about Dr.Dre because he not on aftermath and they share a mom. Throwin away a friendship because business is business, takeing it personal. Showbusiness, not ShowFamily.

  • puerto-black

    @B.Dot, Shaggy had facetime technology in 2000

  • B.Dot


  • flawda

    No one gave a fuck when he was fucking with that bum when he was with A Tribe Called Quest and no one gave a fuck when he was fucking Kanye, some of these niggas need to learn they aren’t stars and just play their part. When is the last time you heard someone say they were checking for the new Consequence album?

  • Maybe ye didn’t look at him as an actual artist and more as a writer and consultant because that’s what I always viewed his relationship w/ good music even after his “don’t quit your day job” album… Which sold 6k first week, but this story just shows how ppl flip on you so quick…

  • TheRealRickRoss

    It ain’t hard to see that Kanye West is all about him self, Can you imagine when Pusha T and Big Sean put out there albums. If they become bigger than him, he will hate it.

    Dude’s like a spoiled rich kid.

  • Consequence is a bum with his big ass teeth. He needs to fall back and be grateful anybody is showing him love. Yes he can def write but he’s not an interesting artist. He’s been out since like 95 way before ye. Play your position and build up an artist which ya old self. Smh everybody want to be famous?? Why. “The worst drug known to man its sronger than Heroin”!!!

  • Kimble

    GOOD music wasn’t a fit for him anyway..Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • Kizzy

    That may just be the worst imitation Jamaican accent i’ve ever heard :O

  • Sam I Am

    Nobody ever gave a fuck about Cons in a mainstream capacity ever, he needs to accept that

  • the One

    ^ @Kizzy cosign on that….

  • Converse

    Yep, sound just like gay fish

  • Ben

    Im ready 4 the tape now!

  • Donn

    Oh so your gonna use your personal relationship and fall out with Kanye to get attention now lmfao??

    Cons needs to understand, business is business and stop taking everything so personal. Ask Beanie Siegal and Young Buck lmfao…

  • Devante

    “Your just alright, your not that nice” – jadakiss

    Ye prolly gave up on him. he`s been on G.O.O.D since 02 and still havent blown up yet. Ye got other prospects to focus on

  • Post no billz

    i told yall months ago.. but nobody listened..

  • jordan cohen

    When ya try hard, thats when ya die hard. – K. West

    I wish rappers didnt think that just cause Datpiff will let everybody make a mixtape and post it that they are all worth a damn. MAKE IT STOP.

  • Cons isn’t that dope. There’s like 2 songs he’s on that I like. “Good, Bad, Ugly” and…..

    ….don’t know the other one, but just in case there is one, I’ll leave it blank. Don’t want to jip him out of his other song.

    *Kanye shrug*

  • Consequence, who are youu? KanYe made you, and your best verse was on “Spaceship”. What else have you done? Some whack mixtapes, and whackkk ConsTV. Get outttaa here


    Real niggas cant work with fruity man purse and womens blouse wearing closet faggots.

  • @tubbskrueger



    Cons is right, Kanye fell in love with a stripper and got the usual ending.

  • HK

    dude already funnystyle and he’s making himself look like sucka w/all this whining…nigga please — quit burning bridges you’ll undoubtedly need later.

  • Big Homie Oak [Fuck Boys Thinkin They Bitch Next]

    I was a Cons fan but this dude whines like a bitch son!

    Oakology 101

    Lesson #145: Taking L’s

    Everybody takes L’s at some point, but the people who whine and bitch and complain make a temporary L into a permanent L.

  • This nigga was dead weight anyway. And he was ALWAYS hatin’ on other niggaz WITHIN the camp at that. Fuckin’ crab in the barrel.

  • Tiffany

    This is all bullshit and Cons is making himself look like a real clown right now Ye has done a lot for his ass it


    DawgZ why do u need another rapper 2 get u off the ground ?!?!?

    how long was he with GOOD MUSIC , like 46 years !!!!

    don’t bite the hand that feeds u

  • RNSgroup. if you need promotion

  • YallAreGroupieBItches

    I don’t think the point is of him being removed from G.O.O.D. Music, I think it’s the manner it was done. They played him dirty, and were disrespectful to his brand and fans.

    If you guys weren’t such groupie hoe Lil B fags you’d understand what it feels like to be a man who got disrespected behind his back. But you Lil B type fags get socked all up in your face on camera and make albums called “I’M Gay” so I understand.

  • Just Sayin

    He can’t be mad. Cons got a deal with Clive Davis on the back of his association with Kanye.

    It just didn’t work out. What else can anyone say?

  • grammasta

    yo cons

    stop crying

    you had MAD chances

    you wanna be the man and it aint so

    be happy with what you have and cut it out

  • truth

    HA HA! this is comedy. Why dude playing his self.

  • i like electro now

    holy shit this guy needs a shrink. fuckin weirdo rappers nowadays. NORE and prodigy too!! these rappers made bitch made attention whores. ‘what are my friends gonna think??!!’ bahhh

  • YaDig

    *Deletes Disperse and Good/Bad/Ugly*

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