• still best rite now!!

    dope! so is this gonna be another EP/mixtape or an actual LP?

  • a

    i think it’s gonna b an actual LP, same way ab-sould did it, cuz he already sold the first trak on itunes. This is gonna b incredible

  • James


  • Jake

    Dude voice is annoying.

  • Sc_R

    This shit sounds incredible! #section80.. @James go listen to that soulja boy juice bullshit u wouldn’t understand real hip-hop..

  • Ya

    Ppl said wayne’s voice was too annoyin at first to blow up… Now look. Section 80 is already soundin amazin

  • James



  • NgaiFafa!!

    I used to hate on his voice too till i heard “opposites attract”.He’s so dope.Though there’s room for improvement.

  • haq

    Where the fuck is the RZA in this vid, u dumb fuck?

  • Beep


  • Sc_R

    Fail..? Ppl still sayin that goofball..

  • B. Emerson 909

    K.Dot’s voice>>>>Weezy’s voice

  • Jake

    ^Nooooooo! Weezy voice is tolerable not lamar.