• Pusha T

    this is a nice track

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    i like it

  • Rachel

    omg chris is so sexy!! i luv him

  • Breezy


  • The Man That Will Save The World From Destruction By The Devil Worshipping Illuminati By Exposing The Truth About Their Dark Tactics To Control Our Minds And The Fate Of The Universe AKA Robbie Maynard The III’s Second Cousins’ Friends Uncle’s Secretary o

    this track is definitely illuminati

  • The Man That Will Save The World From Destruction By The Devil Worshipping Illuminati By Exposing The Truth About Their Dark Tactics To Control Our Minds And The Fate Of The Universe AKA Robbie Maynard The III’s Second Cousins’ Friends Uncle’s Secretary o

    songs like this make me sick, sending out these type of messages about our government, i dont condone this

  • Mr Xclusive

    ^ the fuck?

    solid track

  • @Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t WOW MAN!!! MY OPINION AIN’T SHIT??!! FUCK YOU NIGGA!!! DON’T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!

  • puerto-black

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Watch the playoffs, wish your mom a happy mothers day and grow up……..The song is Good

  • Black Shady

    Chris brown body is rip! I like that shit*no homo*

  • ooh la la

    Fuck all the hate. This is Chris’ time now. Pretty soon in these upcoming next three years, we won’t be hearing Rihanna’s ass on the radio anymore and everyone will forget about her.

  • Doin it BIG

    my word…illuminati huh?….fuck that…hot ass song yo

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Ilovechris

    I LOVE it!!
    & why does everyone have to compare him to Rihanna? Chris is good and Rihanna is good, they ain’t hating on each other so why are you?

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  • Real Deal

    @NotoriousRambo I’m sure Kobe was crying until he saw his 5 rings on his hand. GTFOH you clown.

  • kaoz

    Manny Pacquiao to Officer Ricky, how u gonna walk with me to the stage yet you the same nigga training Mosely, Fuck outta here!!

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    What The Fuck!? this dude got mental problems…apart from the music, this dude goes Blond, then bald!? beating up woman, etc..
    but as long as the musics fresh I can giva fuck! hahaaa
    so w/e

  • Logan

    dude this guy fucking beat a females ass. He should be in prison for life. Why would you be posting his music still?

  • LMM

    ^^wtf? prison for life? fuck outta here lol
    and i aint no chris brown fan either..i think his music sucks, but i respect him for his grind…& to this fuck ^^, stop living in the past, cuz obviously rihanna already moved passed it

  • nic

    @ Logan,

    Jesus Butt fucking Christ!!!! You act like he was featured in one of the Maury Povich abusive husband shows. He hit one woman once ever, was tried and sentenced but people still want him to suffer. You come to a rap site full of rappers that have done way worse shit and people get high on a moral high horse when it comes to Chris Brown. LIsten to Christian rock or whatever if you want a squeky clean artist.

  • realerthanyou

    I like it but Chris Brown is a little punk, imagine if your little sister came home one day crying and you said whats wrong and she said my boyfriend just beat me up, you would go crazy.




  • nic


    You’re right. What Chris did was foul and he really seem like a bit of a d-bag. But the thing that gets me is where is the consideration you mention to rappers or other artists. When Em released Mariah’s nude pics where was the folks that said “what if that was your sister”? Where was that consideration for rappers that talk about sex and disrespect women both verbally or physically like Mystikal, Gucci Mane, or Dre. I’m saying if you don’t like Chris Bown then that’s okay. But to hate him because of a foul incident but ignore others is wrong. I just wish if people show this constant berage of criticism to others whether you like the music or not and not make Chris the face of domestic violence.

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  • joel

    only a fucking DOUCHEBAG wears shades indoors!! I therefore cannot listen to this lame

  • john
  • jordan cohen

    This is RAP Radar, right? This IS NOT RAP.

  • man all need to be quit chris brown is not the only celeb to he a woman do your home work i can nam a few seah peen, charile,niclos, howard do you damn home work cause alot of white celebs done hit their wives and girlfriends over the years and they still have a good career so get it right just like forgive the white man forgive the blackman

  • all these white celeb done hit their wives and girlfriends and they still making money and still have good careers but all dont see that uh fuck all do your damn home work bitches

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  • You mad? So What?

    @Nic: LMAO & Co-sign! For fuke sake it’s been TWO DAMN YEARS already and people are still bitching about it!! He has been to court, been sentenced and did his time and most importantly the victim herself has forgiven him and moved on! So why are you mad?? You know damn well you don’t get no life sentence for a first time DV offense unless a bitch is dead! SMH!

    @Logan: This dude has BEEN had his career back on track! Where have you been He has had several No. 1 records, music is all over the charts & radio again, a No. 1 album, a No. 1 movie and has started to tour again! GET OVER IT! He is not going anywhere so get used to him!You can clearly see that it’s CB’s name in the headline so why clilck on the post if you are just gonna come here and bitch about how you don’t want to see him?!?! Then stop checking for him then!

    Why do people keep bitching about it not being ‘rap’! This side doesn’t always cover rap music and you know that! Damn! Stop complaining about every damn thing and if you don’t like something or someone

  • the One

    track is fire!

  • jam

    stop cryin about that old Rihanna mess and recognize that this song is FIIIIREEE

  • CBFan4Life

    – icompletley agree w ” You Mad ? So What ? ” , everybody makes mistakes but Chris gets more focused on because he’s a famous black SUCCESSFUL entertainer so get over it & shut up because his music & him arent going anywhere any time soon…oh & btw iLOVE the song 🙂

  • You should check out JAICKO’s cover of Chris Brown’s “Fools with You” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSFwypiehdw&feature=channel_video_title