• J. Cole is overrated.

  • DJ

    Found out this song is a PARODY/MOCK of Mainstream rap!


    Still don’t like it!

  • nick2bbury

    Idk how his “fans” dislike this song because it’s toooo serious. J Cole is that fuckin dudddeeee he’s killin it right now

  • NYC

    J. Cole is underrated !

  • DJ

    @So Icy Boi

    Actually for that type of song (Who Dat) where he is just straight rappin’ the song did pretty well making the top 100 on the billboard charts.

  • Converse

    Disgusting is like wine it gets better n time.


  • Big Homie Oak [Fuck Boys Thinkin They Bitch Next]

    I listened to the track once and forgot about it. Lol.

    Hopefully that track isn’t on the album.

  • Black Shady

    Disgusting is Cole making fun of the bullshit going on in the game

    COLE WORLD baby!

  • Able Danger

    I was there and a lot of those kids just showed up for a party. They knew Lights Please and Who Dat. When he dropped this track a lot people hit bathrooms, fine by me, me and my chick slid right up front. That bass line is too discusting! Dude straight killed his performance, almost like he planned it, premeditated murder.

  • 106

    Song on repeat. You know its great when them fake ass fans dont like it.

  • dylan

    it is a mock to main stream rappers, you could tell by the way he was tweeting like crazy that day last week. However, this wasnt the first time he performed it i was at the concert on may 5th for hunter and he performed it that day as well. COLE WORLD! fuck what anyone else thinks

  • Word

    After the 4th, 5th listen, and after finding out what the concept of the song is, I dig it now! Grew fond of the beat, and cant wait for the album!


  • Word

    And this shit sound fire when he perform it! But I can tell the crowd wasnt feeling it except the one girl who was singing every line in the back ground lol