New Video: Los “Hustle Hard”

Los swipes Ace Hood’s instrumental and goes on a fantastic voyage through the streets of Baltimore. You can watch the throne, but The Crown Ain’t Safe. Mixtape coming soon.

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  • East ATL


  • Slowbot10

    4real..yall postin this dude but wont post Fat Trel?

  • yeah i’m the best rapper alive too.

  • flute

    MR. CEE’s tranny rapping now, oh damn!!!

  • Realest

    Hot Shit! Best version of Hustle Hard yet

  • NYkidd

    He killed this track!!

  • RealHipHop

    Good Shit.

  • ayoooo

    ya’ll are fuckin idiots if your not into Los, had the best a milli i’ve ever heard

  • DirtySS

    LOS killed it!

  • swaggaboy fresh

    lol at you guys thinkin this is terrible when for some reason yall love when some new shit from wayne, wiz, or any other garbage rapper comes out. look at more of his shit before you judge cause theres no one better….besides slim lol


    Whoever said terrible needs to listen again this is what you call BARS!!! B More might have something here

  • Dizzy

    @Slowbot10 …… really? Los shits on Fat Trel………………. -___- DEAD

  • Bob Marley420

    sup with the little kids acting hard at the end? The quality of this video looks like it was shot through a webCAM lmao.

  • MA DUB

    LOL @ los actually being on the comments here

  • MA DUB

    CHECK LOS’ A MILLIE FREESTYLE and your realize what all the hype is about

  • PiffUp

    i fux with em

  • James


  • i just went to listen to Fat Trel cuz of you all…he’s pretty ill… Los did his thing too though. Fuck outta here if you said this was terrible, go look for the Lil B posts

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Baltimore? is full of gays no lie.

  • yeah boi

    he killed it dude can flow

  • flight risk

    niggaz trynna put fat trel name in the situation as if he the nicest DC nigga, I NEVER HEARD OF LOS UNTIL ANGEL LOLA LUV A STRIPPER WHO I USE TO TIP GOT ON i got my money on the young nigga WOOSIE he nice with the raps & swag

  • Pharaoh Izzy

    we need sum more post on LoS this boys FIRE!!!!!

  • ethug

    dear new rappers, invest in a 5d cause your iphone videos aint cuttin it. couldnt listen to this for more then 35 seconds. i’ll reserve my opinion till I hear some original shit.

  • This is official.he spit on here.can’t lose with this beat.Los is real dope