• Converse

    It gets no better than this

  • SqueeGee

    Can’t wait for his EP with Lil B

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  • zezzoi

    HOLY SHIT!!! An actual Jay Electronica appearance??? wow..Let’s all fuckin rejoice…

    Jay E.. stop it nigga. ol’ make a big rap song, make song money, then go to nepal ass nigga… Stop acting all mysterious and shit. Make a run. Drop consistent music. Drop your fuckin album. So much talent but he wastin it. he think he dont need to hustle the same way….i dont get it

    He gunna go the J Cole lane. 2 years

  • Flippstarr007

    This is REAL!! Hip hop gods at work!

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  • 1st off s/o to De La.Classic group.Wow Blackstar performing?Glad to seethat.We need a new album.The song w/ Jay Elect and Cole is sick.JayElect got a deal with jay z and niggasstill talk shit.he good

  • Si Jones

    The gig was epic. It was actually at The Hammersmith Apollo and not Jazz cafe

  • The Hater

    My nigga Jay E you did not capitalize off of ur buzz, do not disappear into obscurity. Do you know how many artist would kill for your position?

  • Hector M

    your more likely to see a blue moon than Jay Elect, but damm the homie got crazy mic skills. This is gonna be Roc Nation’s year.

  • rahrahrah

    This is what artist need to know. You can have one CLASSIC! album, and tour off the strength of that. If you’ve got a good product people will come out to see you. 20 years later and people are still clamoring for a Pt. 2, from blackstar? This is what Gibbs, J.Cole, J. Electronica, Curren$ey, adn all of those cats who think they have something for this generation need to deliver. It doesn’t have to be your first album, but you need one classic. So that when you are in a town near me, I have to ask the serious question, “should I go see these cats perform?”.

    Ultimately the last place that an artist can make money is as a performer, the label can always make money selling your shit, and if you are the owner of your masters then you can always make money selling your shit, but that is often a less immediate process. An artist can always go to the nearest coffee shop and ask if they can perform there for a night. If you’re mos def, they will always say yes, because your classic material is not “hard in the paint”, or “black and yellow”. You actually have an album full of substance. I would pay to see Rakim do Paid in Full with no backing track, that’s how classic that shit is!