Fox News vs. Common

The Sly Fox is at it again. Yesterday, the network called Common a “vile rapper” on their website after learning he was invited to the White House by First Lady, Michelle Obama for a poetry event. They based their claim on his “Letter To The Law” poem. Maybe he should ‘do it live’ tomorrow at Casa Blanca.

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  • Fatnigger

    Faux News are cocks.

  • Does this surprise anyone? Look how they did Nas, Dame, Cam, Marylin Manson etc. And I remember Cavuto interviewing M-1 and saying that dead prez are wealthy rappers. Really, dead prez? F^ck y’all get your sources from. I hope he freestyles about them.

  • Music Industry Major

    wow, and they use one poem and speak of like 2 separate lines and take them out of their context.

    Like especially the bush line, they didn’t mention what he said prior or after. but thats fox for you.

    Fuck em

  • chargers_87

    This shouldn’t surprise anybody, slyfox is always going to bash hip hop and our positive leaders (KRS, nas, common, talib etc…) Regardless of what positive thing they do. As long they don’t appear on o’reily and make an ass out of themselves(I.E. Cam and dame) then we keep on rolling…

  • Post no billz

    Wow.. that’s like one of the most positive rappers in the game and very Intellgent.. fox news loses again..

  • NgaiFafa!!

    Fox keep feedin us toxins.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FOX NEWS is a joke. Common dont worry about them homie.

  • Hector M

    *listens to sly fox* Hope common disses fox news

  • the ghost of osama bin laden

    Fuck fox

  • mac DIESEL


    ….FUCK FOX!!!!


  • George W. Bush invited Ozzy Osbourne to HIS function. Nobody said shit then.

  • haq

    Fuck fox.

  • RedRocBoy

    Are these dickheads serious? Common is above these suckas.



  • mac DIESEL


    EAT A DICK!!!!


  • LOL how is Common a “vile rapper”?
    This dude is the most poetic rapper out there besides Talib Kweli and Mos Def… Besides, who still watches Fox News? Hahaha

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Besides, who still watches Fox News?”…People that are crazy thats who.

  • Leeeeroy Jenkins!


    Statistically, more people watch FOX news than MSNBC or CNN. I’m ot trying to stick up for them; they were completely wrong and ignorant here. Really, I guess my point is that “we the people” are still not informing ourselves, and even those that think they are, are being misled.


    CNN- Generally impartial, they usually use both a liberal and a conservative consultant to discuss an issue. Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Jack Cafferty are the 3 best anchors in the business. By far the most respected network.

    MSNBC- Liberal as hell. Honestly, as far as I can tell, they spend more time attacking Fox than actually reporting news, but when they get around to it, all u have to know is that they agree with Lady Gaga. On everything.

    FOX- Conservative as shit. This is the death of information in action, and as a (general) conservative myself, I personally feel like these idiots make us all look bad. Look here for all your ignorant ranting needs. The only saving grace seems to be that these guys don’t usually like Republicans either; they just basically like to find things to freak out about.

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    Leeeeroy Jenkins! i agree

    fuck red neck fox

  • Jason D

    if this guy is “vile” then everyother rapper must be living spawns of satan O.o

  • julie

    @Leeeeroy Jenkins! –good assessment

    on another note, during the 2008 election I attended a Common concert and it was disheartening to see that Common’s set was more of a Pro-Obama rally than a concert. So I’m not surprised he’s been invited to the WH.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    @ Jason D
    cosign homie.

  • dickinyamom

    You crackers are polluting this page, scram

  • jobie

    this was not from fox news, from foxnation a more editorial type portion on the foxnews website. these headlines are made to incite discussion and debate, take a look around the site

  • ethug

    Fox news is the Odd Future of the news world. Say shocking shit, get fans.

  • DieLiberals

    Commin is a racist vile rapper..truth. Fox News is no worse than MSNBC…liberals are ruining this country

  • Converse

    ^Learn how 2 spell his name dumb fuk! 1st amenment freedom of speech so run and tell that

  • bUSH

    Fuc Fox News!! Anybody that spends 18 hours a Day bashing The President of The USA!! And calls it News has got to be Crazy!! Tryin to give bUsh credit for the Osama killing 10 years later. Fuc them Racist ass MuFuc’as!! It’s got to be Racist if U can’t find 1 Good thing to Say about PRESIDENT Obama!!

  • biggiesmalls

    common is a racist and retarted mumia supporter. enough said.

  • changeclothz

    sarah palin and fox news do not and not doesn’t like [email protected] get it hommie

  • dll32

    @changeclothz: Exactly ! Just what I thought. Common should get his grammar right….

  • @biggie smalls How is Common racist?

    Common is one of the most intellectual,talented,and honest mc’s ever.While he’s no chump,his music is not in anyway gangster.


  • FOX is the racists.Black folks don’t have the power to be racist.We can only talk shit.True racism is the power to actually act on your racism by controlling society.if we were in WW2 Germany and a Jew said “I hate these nazis who are killing us”.that doesn’t make that Jew racist towards Arians.A black man is not racist for stating’s truly racist we can’t even talk about our issues w/out being attacked.FUCK FOX NEWS IN EVERY HOLE

  • biggiesmalls

    @loch121 – i dont know what the fuck you talkin about – how black folks dont have power hmmm Obama, Powell, Steele (former Republican chairman), Herman Cain (probable republican candidate in next elections) just to name a few.
    You have so much power and you still bitchin.

    And Common is anti mixed-race reliatioships – and thats racist right here.

    And he believes Mumia Abu Jamal should be freed – that retarted and RACIST

  • meTHATSwho

    @loch121… anybody can be racist dumbass… I don’t know what world you live in. Blacks have more power than you know. We create trends. The most fashionable bitches made it off black dicks… think about it. Don’t let the masses make you believe you are powerless… #BLACKPOWER

  • drew

    everyone one just shut up. thanks. applies to the niggers and the crackers. you all radicals. calm it.

  • drew

    common AND fox news just keep bringing up race. shut up and start doing something to help this country. dont eat fast food. unplug the xbox when not playing. turn off lights. be quiet in movie theaters. eat cage free eggs. grow your own produce. work at a food bank. give a homeless man a meal. go visit your grandmother. the opportunities are endless. jon stewart common fox news sly fox nas SHUT UP!!!! or bring up something new.

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