Jadakiss Gives Kiss My Converse Update

Surrounding the release of Jadakiss’ third album The Last Kiss, he said he was going to release a West Coast-inspired mixtape called, Kiss My Converse. Two years later, the project has yet to see the light of day. In this clip, he gives an update on the tape and says he will do a Southern version with Greg Street.

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  • puerto-black

    “I dont wanna relax with the stars, I just want the finances to match with the bars” If Jada got on a waka/gucci like mixtape onslaught, the world would be a better place. Top 7 dead or alive

  • Creme Sick

    1 of the top mc’s…period…lyrics are dope..Me and my girl going on vacation…Airlines giving away $2000 giftcard for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1 http://goo.gl/8IQWl

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    West Coast beats > Southern garbage

  • Black Shady

    LOL Jada is ALL TALK!! seriously…hes my nigga, but nigga always talks about “what hes gonna do”. how bout u just do it smh

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    Please tell me he’s not that stupid to replace a west coast mixtape with a southern mixtape!!!!
    Jada is one of the top best, but DAMN homie! that screams out “begging for attention” if you wanna change ya whole style up just to get some waka & gucci fans on yur side…

    I was looking forward to hearing some west coast from Jada!!!!
    I mean, we’ve heard it before with Nate Dogg on the hook! “time’s up”

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  • BK

    Ny beats>southern beats> west coast beats are lame

  • JADA!!! where you been fam ? im waitin on some new music