• Jaediggity

    I wish he’d come more humble, this cocky shit aint tight no more. He don’t sound hungry, he sound like the Prince of England waiting for the torch to be passed. Instead of going and getting it.

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    this aint on his album ? smh just release the damn single

  • john


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    COLE WORLD. Damn i cant wait for this LP….fuuuuuuuck.

  • Chadhalac

    this is beautiful. COLE WORLD

  • NoSoup4Yu

    * drops iPod… Flies to computer. J Cole songs never disappoint, well except last week*

  • Aggie Pride

    Uhh NC all day bitch. & PLZ release a single homie

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  • catcher freeman

    Cole shouldve dropped this, instead of Disgusting

  • Young Ez

    Should have this on the album

  • mac DIESEL



  • ChriZ

    if this isnt on the album, he has BIG in store
    its about to get real cole

  • supppp

    He doesn’t release info, so it seems like his debut is so far away… But I duno, I feel like his debut is closer than we think. Just waiting on that announcement….

  • Belize

    drop the album

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  • Word

    Much better than Disgusting evev tho Disgusting grew on me. But yeah definitely not album quality.

    And Its no wonder dude want his album perfect, some of us fans have such high expectation for him and he ain’t drop one single. We expect him to be the nigga to bring back super lyrical high quality songs. I dunno why the expectations so high for him. Everybody wants a a perfect 10/10 classic album and anything less then its not good enough. Its no wonder he took so long and no wonder Jay Elect scarrd to put anything out. I don’t see how they could, knowing that the typical rap fan today will shit on anything not perfect

  • Bo

    The takeover of Rap as we know it is amongst us

  • RedRocBoy


  • All Bad


  • Sam from FL


    Keep telling urself that, Hov is giving Cole the yellow and red light unfortunately coles album wont drop anytime this year.

  • d

    he definitely should of dropped this instead of disgusting, this shit is DOPE

  • Post no billz

    sick.. love the beat..


    COLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ


    J. Cole has cocky stuff on his mixtapes too. You can’t expect a artist to have one topic/subject matters. Some songs are more bravado while others are more deep songs (storytelling).

  • C’mon son

    This nigga don’t sound hungry anymore. . .hope these past 2 tracks that haven’t gone on the album aren’t up there because what he got on the album is wayyyyy better.

  • swizzy

    @Sam from FL, your such a fuckhead…he said his album is dropping this year, so get the fuck over it, he only gave a date ONCE, if you a true cole an you’ll wait 3 years for this niggas album

  • Hector M

    This song is dope but not album material. Im not suprised he has gotten high expectations but he is one of the few rappers nowadays thats worth listening to and his album is gonna be fire.

  • sway-z

    I ain’t the biggest fan, I feel like some of you stroke this nigga unconditionally, no matter what the fuck he puts out, but this right here is tight.

    I’m almost done with the aimless, talking shit, “I’m nicer than you” rap that so many niggas put out, but I guess that’s why this ain’t make the cut. Still, it’s pretty dope…

  • DJ

    @C’mon son

    This is way better than Disgusting! Dope beat and dope verses!

  • Donn

    I’ve become a J. Cole fan and though I have Friday Night Lights and his latest releases on the pod, i must say I have yet to hear anything commercially appealing except Don’t Pass Me By.

    Cole, all this feed the streets type songs are dope and all Hip Hop worthy, but dude give me one radio commercial song geezus. Like something with Skylar Grey on the hook, or something for the summer so i can see you perform on award shows and on George Lopez or something.

    Freestyles and mixtapes are cool, but your so much more than that my dude. Honestly, you catering to niggas who google download links daily.


    Dope track! Feelin this more than disgusting 4 sure. Cole world gunna be tight as hell. Gun be bumpin that a lot when it drops. there a diff bein cocky when you good enuff 2 be cocky .. an bein cocky an whack as fuk but think you dope cuz yo mom said you wuz. Cole got flow..Cole got substance. Cole takin over wit his rymes man. I been listenin to warm up straight through since it dropped in 09.. n feelin his music ever since .. Fuck what they say wishing me harm an sorrow , they here today , bet they be gone tomorrow

  • ChriZ

    he definately dropped this bc disgusting went over some many peoples heads

  • Just Sayin

    This isn’t on the album? How good is this fucking album? ‘-‘

  • Glasses Malone

    J. Cole is about to make Hip-Hop interesting again.

  • Texas Boy


  • ooh la la

    Wow! Everytime this dude releases a song niggas go on his dick.

  • ooh la la

    I bet y’all didn’t even know him before “IN THE MORNING”.

  • The YOUNG Hov

    lol He definitely dropped this on purpose after the Disgusting hate, just when I started liking it he gives us a hot track.

  • The YOUNG Hov

    Ah shit, didnt see someone said it already. Well doesnt make it less true for me lol

  • ethug

    @Sam from FL

    I’m trying to decide if you’re a 14 year old virgin or a 40 year old cube monkey.

    Cole’s album will drop soon. I think he’s ducking a date know so the internet fuckers don’t leak his shit.

    #nolupe on his debut.

  • stop hating rapradar

  • Slowbot10

    @ooh la la….depends..the first song i heard was in the morning but it was the original version that was out like 2 years ago

  • Coolio

    “only one talking shit like I got turrets” bahahaha coley cole!

  • Jax

    Yes! Cole came back hard after last week. This is fire!! Coleworld

  • Black Shady

    Cole World!!! haters keep hatin ..you cant stop the takeover

  • Converse

    @Donn lmao go bump bieber or nysc wht ever u faggots listen 2 these days. this is real dope music so stfu and stay out tha way

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    Where is the Friday Night Lights energy ? Damn Cole, wake up homie.

  • Bo

    He performed the second verse at uva as a freestyle.

  • BK


  • Very ill track from J. Cole & more then makes up for Disgusting which I still don’t think is that great but grown on me a little bit!
    PS – Y’all her that new unreleased Stack Bundles joint?

  • Coley Cole

    Cole World> Ol bitter ass sit around in middle class hating on the newest songs

    lol Haters

  • D

    cole fucking world always with some dope shit…

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  • Cole’s buzz ain’t big enough yet but,it’s getting there.I see the energy building.It’s hard to make commercial singles these days being lyrical.You stand the risk of making something so blatantly commercial it turns off your core but,they don’t buy.Then on the other end the commercial ppl may not like your commercial songs cuz it’s not natural for you,but seems like a necessary evil.believe me I know.I think Cole’s best bet is do what he’s doing and hopefully something catches a buzz.I don’t want to hear him make a Waka Flocka type song but,that’s what commercial is these days

  • Easy

    I’m wondering about people saying he’s bragging too much, like he hadn’t already done that. WTF was Grown Simba, Simba, Who Dat, Dead President’s Freestyle?

    I just don’t get some of you niggas. Smh. Dude’s been talking greasy so don’t act like it’s something new. He’s was hot then and he’s hot now.

    Haters don’t even know they’re haters I tell you. Subconsciously trying to find something wrong with something.

  • CK

    Wow. once again. Cole World errydayyyyy foreal.

  • Word

    @Donn So you want him to cater to YOU specifically then? “GIve ME one radio worthy song” instead of catering to the fan base who got him to where he is. I dont mind one radio, pop, rnb single for the pop heads like you, but I want tracks 2-15 or whatever to be straight hip hop. Make that one pop single for the “here today, gone tomorrow” fan base of the pop world, and make the rest for your real fans who have supported you SINCE The Come UP and didnt JUST hop on when FNL came out. Niggas been riding with youm, putting your name out and everything. Dont sell out to the “whats the next hot thing” fan base that make an artist go platinum one minute, but then move on once theres another new pop artist. Things get played out to them quick, otherwise Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spears, and all them would still be going platinum right now.

  • lol commenters on rapradar always complaining, i check the other blogs and it isnt this bad, jeez.

    dope song! disgusting was nice but this was really dope!!!!

  • Word

    And hes bragging too much? Its called CONFIDENCE. What you want him to doubt himself too much? You want him to pretend like he doesnt have confidence? Its not bragging, its just bravado. Courage. Theres a difference.

  • nick2bbury

    He’s too good. #COLE WORLD

    Make way for the Chosen Oneee

  • Fire!

  • WHO SHOT YA!!!!


  • ThisIsIt

    Dear Mr. Cole, Disgusting took a few more listens for me to digg it but when I first heard this fell in<3 widdit!! Good Job.

    P.S. Still waitin on that album….

  • ray williams

    Come kick it with a nigga on his way too topppppp. I’m feeling this track Cole World ready for the single.

  • when did hip hop fans become so bitch made??

    He’s bragging too much?? that shits been in hip hop since the start, (eg. Rakim) learn your history. Every MC thinks they are the dopest out, as they should, its called confidence. Nobodys gonna be a fan of the rapper that just thinks he’s “Average” on the mic.

    @donn: A radio friendly record w/Skylar Grey?? fuck that, bring the heat Cole, dont dumb it down, we want dope lyrics in a solid LP.

  • navo

    Cole World make way for the chosen one..

    I’m pretty sure he dropped this track cause of all the hate he got for Disgusting lol

  • Jinx

    cole world is coming

  • Word


    Stole Kanye flow? I wouldnt even say Kanye has a flow. He kinda just talks, his words dont really flow like that to me. Unless you talking bout the parts where Cole over emphasizes his words? Then yeah, Kanye does that sometimes but I wouldnt say stealing it…it aint a trademark of Ye’s. Rappers do that all the time

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Shit is wild boring.

  • he musta knew that track “disgusting” was horrible glad he dropped this gem of a song….the homey j.cole needs to drop a ablum, damn! keeping all them gems on the shelves….hell the dude had a hit “in the morning”…damn how long must a nigga wait….

    jay electronica as well… drop tha gems my niggas: ROCnation sitting on artists jus beefing up the roster and brothas still gotta eat … if it wasn’t for the shows hell the brothas would starve fucking with hov

  • Donn


    Just because ppl get put on to artist later in their career doesn’t mean their not real fans. I know white friends who are just now getting in to Jay-Z, who are just now getting into Lil Wayne, isn’t the fact that their becoming fans, the point??

    Isn’t Cole trying to gain more fans, I’m pretty sure there’s somebody out there right now saying they were fans of Cole before The Warm Up and thinks ppl who are fans of the Warm Up aren’t real fans.

    And cater to me?? NO. Cus obviously the ppl out here making Black & Yellow hit #1 are the ppl he shud cater to

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  • Mike

    This Dude is SOOOOOO Overrated bet the album never comes out. Yall talk about him like hes jesus just off his mixtapes and his mixtapes arent even that great. I could name 10 rappers easily better than him starting with Lupe Fiasco

  • Let Amaya do the dirty work LMAOOOO…B.dot what up?!!

  • This is raw.

  • RC

    Not really feeling this song either.

    The track has really lackluster production on it. Not really an interesting beat.

    J Cole’s flow is always good to me. His verses are ok.

    But an album song? Nah. This should have been on FNL.

    I’m worried about Cole. Like I said he’s guaranteed 10 bucks from me. But its really looking like I’m not going to be happy buying this.

  • Damn..

    Y’all always hating on Cole . . I mean , this song is great ! especially comparing to other artists who lack being lyrical. If this song were to have came out before FNL , y’all would’ve LOVED it. But instead , you guys hate and compare it to FNL and TWU. Like he said before, he has about 14 songs that he made BEFORE getting well known.. I bet he has songs for days that we don’t know about . but y’all are quick to hate on him just ’cause this song isn’t up to par with TWU or FNL . Fuck outta here . Kick back and appreciate the greatness .

  • Shzntt

    I notice alot of people are not humble and create mental interpetations about J. Cole, hence blocking the art from comrehension in its pure form, just let the track in………….then you’ll believe it!