• L O L

  • The Coon

    clown. and I’m from LA.

  • Kareem

    It’s for skateboarding. “Jasper The Fucking Dolphin” was arrested, as well.

  • staged

  • Shouldnt have dissed B.o.B

  • Jestoneart, Esq


  • Blaxdon

    He thinks he’s famous now just wait until the politicians running next year get a load of these crazy young black kids

  • East ATL

    B.O.B > Tyler the FAG

  • supppp

    Rappers only get into trouble after they get famous. You ain’t gangsta, you ain’t a martyr, you ain’t a genius, stop it.

  • mac DIESEL



  • J

    co-signed @ mac DIESEL

  • goodstuff

    good! keep him! i bet he gets raped in jail. i hope he does! what a sorry excuse for a rapper! i hope his album sells poorly just to show him how much he really sucks! lil wayne needs to hit him with a reality check! any mc out the could tear up ms. taylor on the mic!

  • h00chairr nshii

    HAHAAHA who in their right mind would EVER think weezy was better than tyler the creator. he would ripp that shitty excuse for a rapper to fuckin shreds. OFWGKTA > YOUNG MONEY. case closed.


  • Sam from FL


    if he gets raped in jail he’ll make a song about how good it felt and his fans will crown him a genius.

  • Blaxdon

    Damn this a new level of hate that Tyler kid is clearly doing something and the old heads are mad

  • Charge112


  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    h00chairr nshii lil wayne > tyler lil wayne been in the game 14 years so stfu

    smh publicity stunt !!

  • moreffa

    so all the gang bangers turned to in skateboarding skinny jean wearing hoodlums ?

  • Randy

    Anyone who doesn’t like or appreciate Tyler The Creators talent and style are just uncultured swine. Clearly this man is very talented at both producing and rapping. If you can’t see that then continue to listen to your garbage music and keep your negative comments to yourself. BITCH

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  • Sam from FL


    you go girl!!


    Wayne doesn’t have shit on Tyler.
    Tyler’s 19 and already fucking passed Wayne’s level; fuck outta here with that shit.

  • h00chairr nshii

    it doesnt matter how long he been in the game… does that mean fuckin mc hammer, vanilla ice, and marky marc are better than weezy since they been around longer? wayne is ruining the hip hop industry and luckily odd future is savin its ass. Pussy ass n***a i dnt want your gonnerhea… yeah great fuckin talent. atleast when OF gets gruesome they have the rest of a lyrically genious verse to back it up. you should be embarrassed.

  • goodstuff

    @h00chairr nshii . hows tylers dick taste?
    any of lil waynes mixtapes >>>> tylers career and any album he has put out or will put out
    this is the most pathetic stunt ive ever seen
    Tyler the creator deserves to die!

  • Oh fuck will god kill these animals


  • Donn

    Rappers don’t get in trouble until AFTER they get famous.

    Tupac may have been a great lyricist and cultural icon but he was also a ballet dancer who wore a liatard

  • h00chairr nshii

    haha im not wasting my time anymore, so go ahead and listen to Weezy F. Baby(real thug btw) and keep blowin predators dick while ur at it.

  • kallywood

    it doesnt matter how long he been in the game

  • Bawse!

    How’s Wayne dick taste @goodstuff?
    Wayne is a god awful rapper that kisses other men on the mouth, is that what you support? I’d rather listen to officer Ricky(not a fan) than Wayne… in all reality Tyler can rap circles around the man that can’t stop with the lame ‘my dick fucking the world’ lines…. Tyler isn’t even as good as everyone hypes him up to be but yet he’s better than Wayne…. but Earl tops them both, I want to hear Earl make music again.

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  • Isiah Bradley

    gimicky asss clown b

  • bgirl

    Looks staged.

  • Post no billz

    i remember the first time i was arrested.. *sarcasim.. lol at the nigga on the floor with a cop pulling a gun on him..

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    @goodstuff i agreee @h00chairr nshii must be 13 years old lol

    even wayne’s wack songs >>>> tylers career

  • that good stuff cunt is a fucking loser,

    lil wayne is a shit cunt. i bet you listen to t pain aswell haha

  • lil wayne probably rollerblades the faggot

  • D Assassin

    fuck yall haters, wolf gang coming for yall necks, SWAG!

  • Fuck You

    SWAGGG, stupid faggots think you know what’s going? Get a fucking clue, do research, and stop running your fucking mouths.

    Odd Future is taking over.
    So get the fuck over it.


  • Infamous R

    Lol My Nigga They Only Take You Saying Fuck The Police But A Few Times Before They Harrass Your Ass

  • d’evil

    FUCK B.O.B nigga



  • herbsaac

    Good this dude acts weird because he knows his fans are fags that are left over from the emo era.. Can rap.. But raps about nothing.. the lyrics are horrorcore which i dont care what they are.. but they end up being about nothing and lacking any substance.. This dude got “backpackers talkin gibberish” and emo kids supporting him.. kids that flock to stickam whine about their lives and the teenage girls that fuck their dogs(look it up there was a huge article in the April Rolling Stone.. Shit is fucked up… teens these days #smfh)

  • Converse


  • goodstuff

    all u tyler faggot ass fans go listen to j.cole . thats real shit. goblin = worst album of the year
    wayne, eminem, jay-z, nas, kanye, b.o.b, bun b, drake, slaughterhouse, banks, mmg>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tyler will never be on that level . 50 tyson>>>tyler and his entire wolf gang of bitches

  • Tyler The Masturbater

    This aint Ordinary bruh! – MoneyMusic410.COM

  • PM

    best way to start a rap career

    the week your album drops you get booked to go to jail

    PM: acts like snoop,lil wayne, 2pac biggie, eminem etc the same happen to these legends also.

  • BiggaBooBoogieChild

    All of Odd Future’s fans are faggots. Their music is directed towards children, I mean, they are promoting at a fucking highschool. I don’t fuck with that kiddie rap bullshit.

  • APNSlickback

    The charge is for attempting to distract people from Elmatic with his less important release.

  • New website for Artist, producers, Dj

  • Mr.G

    Lil wayne>>>cant believe this tyler is a joke!

  • BK


  • Wow this guy is an artist! Leave him alone!
    Gtfoh cops are just doing there job and this punk kid acts wild if they ask to not skate on sanctioned streets.

  • jams

    don’t cry faggot..

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  • haq

    Hahaha, just beginning my day and seeing such great news:O.

  • fuk waka

    hopin rap radar would post.. exactly how much goblin sold… would be supprised even if it did soulja boy numbers

  • Buttfullofdragons

    You are probably all the same dudes saying SS lp was a gimmick and he was a satanist lol SMH some things never change

  • Free Tyler. Fuck the police 2011

  • Kid Cudi

    wayne and tyler both suck tyler just copies eminem wayne cant rap for shit errybody just rides his dick the best rappers out are jayz jay elect eminem royce 5 9 jcole mos def

  • Peekay

    someone has an album out!

  • jo

    you guys are dumb its for skateboarding do you know how many times i got in trouble for skateboarding it has nothing to do with his music people are ridiculous

  • listen you fruity fucks

    i gave tyler a chance, but once i found out he was straight edge rapping about doing drugs, i lost all respect.

    on another note, Lil Wayne IS a better rapper than Tyler, and that is non bias opinion.

    Goblin was terrible, it doesnt take a genius to see this kid is waaaay OVER RATED.

    I do respect his production skills and the videos they put out tho

  • NJ

    WASSUP ROCKERS Lil wayne is the apocalypse of hip-hop you dumb fucks.

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  • Broke Iz A Disease

    Dude went to 12 schools in 12 years. No wonder he is such a punk bitch lil kid. Pussy. Oh and his music is trash. Dudes swear they’re so fucking creative. These fucking nutz b.

  • Ajax

    This dude is played already. Complete attention whore and terrible live.


  • dummoney

    a lot of eaters on here always fuck cops shit looks like black on black crime to me. reminds me of boys in the hood when the black cop goes i hate wesley snipes cause he bblacker than a mother fucker

  • drake

    fake all just a gimmick

  • Yung shimmy fly

    His album is dope though lol just saying and in the intro he says his raPs aren’t serious like about the rape and killin and shit so let the lil nigga make music…

  • ben

    shoot it’s like the playa hatas’ ball in here. i must’ve missed when all you guys performed on jimmy fallon at age 19.

  • @all u tyler dick ridders….he fucking sux im srry he rlly does fucking suck there is absolutely no talent in his songs most of them dont even ryme he sux if u wanna hear that violent rape disgusting shit listen to necro at least he has some talent n good rymes not to mention he would rip tyler n the whole gay gang apart



  • tom

    tyler the creator and all of wolf gang suck. rap music for people who dont like or understand actual rap music. every last one of those motherfuckers is fucking weak on the mic, and their beats sound like some 25 year old triple six shit. and yea, the west coast hip hop scene is going fucking downhill!


    that goes to show you, just cause youre an atheist doesnt mean your invincible.

  • Chris

    fuck all you on Tylers dick. Wayne will kill tylers shit any day….when he sells half of the albums weezy does then you can START to talk shit.
    hes a lousy excuse for a rapper. keep rapping about the devil and wolf gang man….no one knows who the fuck they are anyway.

  • All these “Hip Hop purists” need to take their head out of their asses and realize that nothing in Hip Hop is original these days. Odd Future is a breath of fresh air because they’re a bunch of kids doing what THEY want to do, not following the guidelines that other rappers that you consider so high and mighty are doing. People need to stop living in the 90s with that “it’s ruining the culture” mentality, there are so many different angles in hip hop today and everyone has seemed to adapt just fine except for the fags who hate on Odd Future and any other upcoming emcees

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  • IlluminatiControlsMusic

    Wayne isnt ruining music, everyone that decides what he has to rap about is whos fucking up everything so yall should go find them and stop hatin on the niggas that started out wanting to make some money and ended up in a hell hole

  • IlluminatiControlsMusic

    illuminati controls everything these artists puts out! they wanted a little bit of fame and fortune and didnt realize they were sellin their soul til it was too late

  • TheCool

    I’m not one of those fans that reps GOLF WANG!!!! I dont even think I’m a fan yet. But i do bump his shit. Ya’ll act like Big L and Em never said the crazy shit he has said?

    Fans overreact saying he’s completely original (tho his production compared to everything on the radio is really different) and Anti-OF haters act like they’re the only ones in Hip Hop that say nasty shit. I personally rather hear that then rappers that “rap” about money, weed and hoes on my dick constantly, and rhyme head with bed and honey with money.

    I still think Kanye, Jay-Z, Cole, Em, GOOD Music, are the ones keeping Hip Hop alive, but to say Wayne isn’t one of the worse things that happened to Hip Hop is ridiculous. “Lollipop” anyone? “Ms. Parker”? Fuck outta here. Wayne has been garbage since The Carter II.

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  • RReality

    Young Tyler makes raps middleschoolers do at daycamp to impress themselves. Its all excrement, excrement, excrement,.excrement excrement. And yeah, a lot of the rhymes are clever and really funny, but no more so than anyone else’s. So no genius. It IS though a bit of an antidote to 40 year old rappers mouthing Gucci -millionaire entertainers faking they are ghetto thugs, and that list is endless. But in the end, after Tyler cashes in it will just be the rap dog chasing it’s own tail all over again. As the white dude Bertold Brecht said, “Capitalism has the power to immediately turn in to a drug the poison that is thrown in to its face, and then enjoy it.”

  • Alf

    Goblin is projected to sell less than The Lonely Island lmao

  • Tyler is one crazy kid, I tell you… lets see how far his career can go after this stunt

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  • John

    You guys are fucking idiots talking about how teens like his music when teens/kids are the future. You never see fucking 40 year old people buying CD’s dumb-asses, it’s the kids who are out there supporting the fucking artists they love. Besides kids Tyler has PLENTY of older fans too. Plus Tyler is 19 so its not like hes a 50 year old at a high school. And just because a kid likes it doesnt mean it sucks. Kids can have good taste in music too. Obviously not 9 year olds, but high schoolers definitely can

  • Wu Tang Clan > OFWGKTA


  • ahahaha these comments are fucking brilliant! yeah tyler’s shit! he was selling out shows in london over 2 years ago you muppets! aha, you think that when wu came they were conforming to older shit like Run DMC and LL Cool J etc……… umm. yeah of course they were they all swore like fucking jesus. you fucking idiots. go buy goblin and realise that you might want to actually go to “class” (school). despite the fact he’s saying kill people burn shit fuck school lol. schools fun if only to have top banttterrrsss avec les professeurs ya young dumb fux. also, he didnt need school, he was being productive as FUCK with his own magazine at 16 and 10 albums produced and rapped on by 19. golf.

  • shiiiit

    man, fuck lil wayne and you guys saying he shoulda been arrested. he was just promotin his damn album at a high school. go drink some more fucking cough syrup and keep thinking you’re real


  • Mike Jordan

    Tyler The Creator Sucks. He is a hyped up rapper that sucks, that goes along with Lil’ B, Cali Swag District, and all these Wack Ass Rappers from The WestCoast trying to hold it down out here. I am from LA, and this “OFWGKTA” bullshit sucks. What the hell is going on with West Coast Music?? ‘Pac is looking down and happy that he’s dead, cuz their shit probably would kill them.

    oh and G.O.O.D Music > Young Money > OFWGKTA Nuff Said

  • as

    Lol @ all the people saying, ‘Keep Your Negative Comments to Yourself, This Kid’s a Genius”. he’s a less-talented Eminem (go back and watch Em’s early ‘i don’t give a fuck’ style of interview/rapping’). Oh, and for the record, 95% of this dude’s music is negative, are you kidding me with the negative comments to self shit?

  • Edwin

    i cant stand the hate

  • Tyler the Creator has rapped/produced on 10 or so albums by 19, all publicized and released for free over the Internet. What was Lil Wayne doing at 19? Oh that’s right he was on the fucking Hardball soundtrack with Lil Bow Wow, Lil Zane, and Sammie.

  • hobgoblin

    even black cops are P.I.G.S

  • Chamooo

    you guys are all faggots. no one cares what you think just fucking listen to the music and enjoy it, if you dont like it then go listen to the music that fits your taste. smh.

  • Andross

    OFWGKTA is our savior from the poppy hip-hop shit y’all listen to. FAGGOTS!!

  • fuck wayne

    I.m tired of all you sayin wayne is better…. jesus christ Wayne, along with most rappers today suck dick and can’t rap for their lives. I do however think that Tyler isn’t too good either and am not too fond of him myself. However, if you all wanna listen to real stuff check out Earl, kids dope. same with the older Eminem, around the shady LP era.

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  • vachyna

    he only got in trouble because he was giving out wristbands to his show, a free tshirt and his cd for the kids at westchester. before you judge do your research, the kid is a genius. most of your look at his music and persona superficially. listen to both his albums and then judge. stop looking at the surface.

  • lexi

    Lick it up and down till your tongue turns DOO DOO BROWN!

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  • Swag

    He was arrested for skating at westchester high school, I used to skate there all the time, the cops will put you in handcuffs. Tylers a sick rapper and doesn’t give two fucks what anyone thinks.OFWGKTA > mainstream bullshit club bangers, skate every day and fuck shit up, fuck Steve Harvey Bruno mars Tyler Perry

  • Daniel

    woww you guys make me laugh, you guys think lil wayne is better then this 19 year old? you guys are immature, lil waynes been in this for 14 years, yeah but he fell off a long fucking time ago, old rappers disappear after a while and now its Tyler and OFWGKTA’s turn to be in the spotlight, and you guys would pussy out if him and his gangsta crew came in your face, you guys are all big over the internet, but its only to make yourselves look big, keep doing what your doing pussys and stop hating, where are you? and where is he? ahhh thats right, no where 😉