• Word

    Mehhhhh. Its….okay? i dunno. Im sure Tyga wont do numbers, and im sure he wont put out a quality album since it’ll def. be pop since he in Waynes camp. Yet, Tyga the best rapper in the group (which actually isnt saying much at all) I dunno…its not really hip hop but the song is cool I guess.

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    @word drake is the best rapper in the camp

    anyway the song is nice, but niggas will hate cause he’s in YM

  • CJ

    Yeaa this shit is whatever… Black Thoughts 2 coulda been an album almost in my opinion.

  • Donn

    THANK YOU!!!

    Give my boy Cole one of these, this is a RECORD. That mixtape shit get old after a while

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold


  • Itsfarfromover1

    Wayne & Drake are the best. Nicki is most popular. Tyga hasnt really done much and he has a akward flow. He’s dope but he has alot to prove. Right now all he has is buzz

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  • ColoradoKnight

    The hook is ill. Not feelin’ Tyga tough.

  • i dont like tyga, but the song is dope.

  • Tri-Wnning

    this dude flopped hard with the last album. beat it with that coconut song, “blood”. he sold 6k

    he still whack. doubt he will sell

  • BK

    Umm why do white people smell like tuna and corn chips?

  • The Game

  • yeimright

    wack cover, dude looks like a little punk.

  • RC

    This song has the potential to do huge numbers. Just because your local “Hip Hop” radio stations might not have this song on their play lists.

    I can see this song in tons of movies and on those Top 40 stations constantly. This song sounds like a BOB song. Remember this kind of song got that boy BOB into Top 40 radio. In vein of Airplanes and Nothing On You. Tyga comes from that genre anyway.

    That Top 40 crowd may eat this up. Not to mention that American Idol crowd may jump on board. You know, the crowd that actually spends money on music.

  • Kid Cudi

    @RC haha i dont like tyga but you may be right about this one. of course B.o.B is much more appealing to top 40 radio because his allegiance to Grand Hustle isn`t as strong as Tyga`s is to YM. Both labels are run by big rappers without top 40 material, but the difference between B.o.B and Tyga is that Bobby`s voice is a lot less annoying that Tyga`s high-pitched whine. That could be the small difference that keeps B.o.B on top 40 and Tyga off of it.

  • Word

    @Donn. And when this doesn’t blow up, then what? If I recall, your boy Rick Ross didn’t have a record like this but still sold well, I don’t know why you think Cole needs a Skylar Grey or Lady GaGa on the hook to be successful. Wale had GaGa on the hook for his last album, and he still flopped. I see no correlation between making pop music and having big sales. There really is none. Jst make your music and put it out. Simple

  • Codeen

    Tyga has the unfortunate ability of sounding like Lil B.

  • Donn

    How can you not get tired of that mixtape freestyle shit? Some of the biggest artists have made it because they have radio records. Like cmon.

  • This is the one. This joint is gonna skyrocket his career or at least be one of the wanning factors that helps. Don’t sleep on it.

  • Word

    @Donn Why do you keep saying “mixtape freestyle shit”? Some people actually put work into they mixtapes. It aint just a compilation of freestyles. I can tell you dont know hip hop. Listen to Fabulous Soul Tapes that just came out and tell me that doesnt sound like an album. Listen to Joe Budden Mood Muzik 4 and tell me thats not album quality in production and content. Come on son, think outside the box. And “radio records” doesnt have to be Skylar Grey on the hook. You just want niggas to sell out and go pop.

  • Converse

    Nigga voice is annoying after another listen? dope track tho

  • YaDig

    Eminem “Recovery” ass cover.

    Song is aight. Might grow on me.

  • shining


  • this track was dope

  • Almarti5

    Tyga is most def one of the best in the game! Now Drake and Nicki got to move over so everyone can see that he belongs up there right next to them.

  • TygaBby Taylor

    I luv tyga nd the sng budt nodt the video cuss dat gurl nd hym kiss

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