New Video: Soulja Boy “Money In A Trash Bag”

[vodpod id=Video.8590655&w=540&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

For the latest video off his recent

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  • jay elect be on that next shit. soulja boy should be arrested.

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    HAAAAA member when soulja said he said he was soo great because he refrained from violence and profanity

  • Dre

    Swag! Fire Amaya for destroying my eardrums. Hahaha.

  • has he gone insane ?

  • nonstop

    I’d rather put soulja boy in a trash bag, where he fuckin belongs..

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    This is boring, Speakers Going Hammer and Pretty Boy Swag as pop rap tracks were bangers.

  • biglee

    man put this song in a trashbag this kid needs to dissapear please! he sucks goshhhhhhhh commonnnnnn man please leave puttin hiphop talent to shame trashbag is defenetly what it’s

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    Put Your self in a trash bag along with your FAILED records!
    and by failed, i mean ALL of them!!!!!!

  • Tri-Wnning

    More like My Music in the Trash Bag

  • dfafajdfda

    hes so lyrical!!!!! peace rapradar i will no longer be visiting this site

  • I really don’t understand why you guys even put this on your blog. Did he or the label pay you guys?For hits to the site? You guys don’t need his fan base to thrive. Especially when in the post, you say it’s “horrible on the ears”, and “where is a trash bag?” You might as well said that in a tweet, and not posted this, no reason to showcase his video on what is suppose to be the premiere hip-hop blog. Amaya, B Dot , Elliot, realize when you post , it’s pretty much co-signing it regardless of your opinion.

  • BK


  • Conway West

    Shytz so fuckin whack. How do theze ppl keep gettin put on. This shyt ain even lyrical. All da beatz sound da same. And im from da south. I cant beleive no rapper iz steppin up n callin out thiz bullshyt.

  • Anon DCPL

    man this is terrible, where is the creativity?

    Why front like you’re a tough guy SB, making those mean mug faces that prolly won’t even scare a yorkie terrier.

    how about you go look for some real talent and sign an actual rapper to your label, and kick back.

    sniffin on that white got you thinking otherwise.

  • Anon DCPL

    and this type of shit gets put on because the site gets some $$ kicked back to them for posting it.

    I wonder what the rate is for an independent emcee to get a post up in this bitch.

    It’s not like amaya,,yn are browsing the internets and unknowingly come across this video and think to themselves “damn, this is hot, lets throw it up on the site”.

    rapradar is easily worth around 300-500k or even more.

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  • WTF

    um i new Soulja sucked ass, but this???!?!?!?!? WTF!!!


  • shadykillskills

    i feel pity for him !

  • yeimright

    who does he think he is, he has the wrong people around him. everyone know he ain’t a thug. go back and do you.

  • green

    sometimes i click on soulja boys vids just to see… in person … how bad they really are…

  • Peekay

    Indeed this is trash so why bother even posting it. A waste of everyone’s time and energy.

  • the instigator

    how u gon sound like a bootleg 50 tyson?!?

  • LOL at not one good comment

  • I don’t get it. Are you trying to be a pretty boy gangsta? It’s not working. In the words of Soulja Boy Tell Em. Fuck Yo Mean Mug.

  • Codeen

    It’s shit like this that make me wish T.I. was out of Jail. At least he kept the mainstream circuit fresh in the south. Now this shit is just embarrassing to hip hop.

  • sneakerfiend00

    @green lmaooo me too homie, its not like he was really talented in the first place, he just had good timing with his pop hits, i see why ice t was asking why in the fuck is he redoing juice lls

  • hi, i would rail soulja boy in da ass =) call me if anyone has comments

  • its like hes not even tryin…disrespect to hiphop…but he got money so he dont care till he gets a life changing experiance while hes rich..u can look at him and tell hes on sum other shit…i use to support and speak u 4 u soulja but ..i cant explain ur last few shit…smfh

  • Almarti5

    Why post this? I mean seriously?

  • Almarti5

    I’m bout to get in my car and drive down the street to slap his mama.

  • legistic

    what the hell did i just listen to? this is probably the worst song i’ve ever heard in my life…

  • What you people need to understand he is not really concered hip-hop or rap because thier is a new Genre out now called Swag And Cook music. Lil B comes in this catorgory. If you pay attetion to music nowadays you know that music has (yes even rap/hiphop) different genres. Before rock was like Linken park, Godmsack or whatever, ect…theyre were Elvis the King of Rock. Passed years and years and years and years Rock changed….Emo, pop rock, Alt. rock. So did rap and hip hop. Bubblegum, Snap Movement, Rap-Rock and Of course Cook and Swag Music. So if you haters judge soulja, for not being hip hop your right hes not hip hop Not meant to be lyrcial therefor hes more like entertaintaing. So even if ur blue in the face MUSIC WILL CHANGE INLCUDING HIP HOP. Eminem, Kayne, Nas, Tupac is hip hop. Because they talk about Life, and meaning. Look at Soulja boy, he doesnt rap about stuff like that maybe once in a while in his songs but not all the time. DEAL WITH IT….SWAG!