• DIGGSY!!!

    looks tight

  • ghost

    I got an idea. Why dont you take your crown royal call up 3stacks and get your ass in the studio.

  • now i am just waiting patiently for big boi to come out with another cd..cause i like him…nuff said thou….

  • Converse

    Dre needa drop a solo, but fuk it if outkast drop a lp im good either way

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  • ta bn chido…!!!

  • >

    Yea, we get it, everybody loves Andre 3000, but Big Boi is one HELL of an artist himself. And since Andre has been living on the moon for the last 5 years, and certainly not making any music, I think its way past time that we give Big Boi his own credit.

    There rap albums I remember buying last summer were Recovery, Teflon Don, Distant Relatives and Sir Lucious Left Foot. 1 year later, SLLF is getting more spin than the rest of them combined.

  • LA

    ^Cosign I love outkast but boi can hold his own

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