• yeah boi

    i like the song but that hook is crazy..lucifer is here to stay not around me he aint..i want to move to mars this world a mess

  • RedRocBoy

    Lord Jesus!!!! HARD. Him and Lupe need to do a collab.

  • PPtheTRUTH

    That real shit.. Love that his radio hits are real shit as well.. This dude is gonna be the 2nd or 3rd rap album people should actually buy so far in 2011.. Nothing but like three tapes has come out so far that is even worth the $10 price tag that Best Buy puts on all new releases.. Except this.. If you bought What ever wiz khalifas pop orgy album was called or an album by an artists called roscoe dash, waka flaka. tyler the creator.. drake.. uhhh.. lil b.. You might as well put that Britney Spears in your cd player with the ipod plug in.. For reall.. that odd future shit is horrorccore for the sake of grying to garner fans by being weird.. at least when eminem did it he told stories reminiscent of his life.. and when *sigh* ICP did it on their first albums they actually had artistically thought up concepts for their songs(I only owned great Malenko) But seriously.. that tyler the creator shit is for EMO kids who got lost after there favorite group fall out boy broke up..


    If your different your different and people will respect it..(notice no quotes on the two uses of different on this line)



  • puerto-black


  • puerto-black

    The fat nigga singing “show over” in opera
    Leader of the crack Rat Pack, I Sinatra
    They say I dissed Oprah, I’m like “so what?”
    I never get to jump up and down on a sofa (that’s life)
    Now watch me as I Cruise like Tom through the slums
    Where the education’s poor and the children growing dumb
    In the section of the city where civilians don’t come
    Where Mr. Cosby and Mrs. Winfrey won’t come
    Unless it’s a hurricane, then FEMA don’t come
    Comin live from the city where the Dreamer came from
    Standing on the same corners that he stood upon
    I got violence in my waistband, death in my palm
    Ask em am I a bad guy? “Ya goddamn right!”
    I done seen how ya do a nigga when he doing right

    The Dream died on a balcony, standing at a hotel
    Now niggas whipping coke gel that I hope fail
    He desegregated – put black with the white
    No longer marching for rights – they sparking a pipe (that’s life)
    Pipe dreams, crack fiends, cars look like ice cream
    Kids see the bling bling, and they want them nice things
    All cuz of tennis shoes, our kids drop out of schools
    They said be like Mike, so ball nigga (that’s life)

    Now, Help me understand something…if you really a leader and you
    really mean something to your people, ain’t you supposed to
    be in the community with your people? Ain’t you supposed to
    be there? Like the only people I see in the communities are
    rappers and ball players, where the fuck all y’all doctors?
    Where y’all bourgeoisie niggas at? All the kids got is us!
    Grind Time Rap Game…

    Read an old magazine, check out a new dress
    I’d be having conversations with Cornel West
    Killer Mike don’t give a damn if it’s me ya ain’t liking
    The last great debate I had was with Michael Eric Dyson
    Call me a dumb rapper? Girl stop, pardon me…
    You be hard pressed to find another rapper smart as me
    Maybe Jay-Z, Tupac, C-U-B-E
    But Oprah’d rather put Supahead on TV
    Now whatcha white audience gon’ think about we?
    The same white audience that watch Bill O’ Reilly
    I saw the smirk on they face when you came at Luda
    The same nice ladies that forgave Martha Stewart
    So I can be a crook, take money off the books,
    just as long as I’m liked by a rich man’s wife?

    OK, hold up. I can’t rap about doing crime…but if I
    actually do crime, and do time, I can come back out
    and have a TV show, with an all white audience, if I rob
    shareholders of millions? (that’s life)
    But if I rap about gettin some money on the block, it’s
    a problem? Are you fucking retarded ?
    I’m not even gonna tell you how stupid you are right now
    cuz you should already know…Grind Time Rap Game (that’s life)

    Niecey had a man, not a mouse or a mole
    when the pressure come knockin, I ain’t runnin in a hole
    George Bush don’t like blacks? No shit, Sherlock!
    And his daddy CIA, and flooded the hood with rock
    And his momma said the women oughta feel at home
    gettin raped in the bathroom in the Superdome
    The comment Kanye made was damn near right
    But Bush hate poor people, be ’em black or white (that’s life)
    Hell yeah, I said it! Cuz Oprah won’t say it,
    If Bill won’t say it, and they still won’t say it
    If you really bout intelligence, you really know I’m right
    If you lookin for some leadership, look for Killer Mike (that’s life)
    Lookin for a movement, it’s Grind Time Rap Game
    Kids see us in the street and go bang bang bang
    They see me on the street and on the corners they hang
    Myspace Grind Time Online, join the gang

    Ay man, all you adults out there, all you supposed “grown people”
    Will you please stop lying to your people? Could we please have a moment of fucking honesty?
    You know, honesty, the shit that you ask
    your people to be with you, when you ask them are they having sex, or doing drugs? Could we please stop fucking lying? (that’s life)
    Like you preachers out there, who spread the myth that young boys
    who slack they pants pick that shit up from prison to let niggas
    know they homosexual. You and your faggot twisted mind know that
    ain’t true, you sick fuck, for even saying that shit. (that’s life)
    We wear our fucking pants big because our mothers were too poor to buy our size, so they had to buy two or three sizes up. Call it what it is, nigga, poverty. It’s fuckin poverty.
    You know, poverty, the opposite of the big fuckin cars and planes you drive, motherfucka.
    To y’all rich bourgeoisie niggas out there, stop ignoring your cousins in the ghetto, because they’re there.
    Stop lookin down on ’em. Stop using crack addicts and Mexicans as cheap labor to build your fuckin
    houses, and then shittin on poor black people. (that’s life)
    You pieces of shit.
    That’s for you rich motherfuckers, black and white. In the meantime, us
    rappers, us lowly d-boys, and us motherfuckin athletes, will be here in
    the ghetto, servicing the mothafucking children. (that’s life) We are the new Robin Hoods.
    We are the Pied Pipers. We will lead the kids into a better life than the mothafucking lies you doing.
    Kids! Grow up, be doctors! Be lawyers! Just don’t
    be liars and connivers like the ones we got now. Young men, grow up, be
    clergymen, be preachers, just don’t be a mothafucking greedy hog like most
    of the ones we got now.
    Grind Time Rap Game Bang Bang Bang. If you don’t
    like what I’m saying…that’s life.”

  • puerto-black

    Hey @YN or @B.Dot, you should let Killer Mike do a Community/News/Politics Post on RapRadar like Gibbs; ESGN. His time at XXL was good information

  • ironic

    killer mike, i salute thee…good job

  • puerto-black

    Real Talk about diddy at 0:25. This Shit Go Hard,

  • Converse


  • Anon DCPL

    “what’s a rapper standing next to Warren Buffet”

    This track is one some REAL SHIT, this is that real hard fucking rap right here, fuck that waka flaka,rick ross,soulja boy and all that other bullshit.

    REAL g shit right here.

    Salute to Killer Mike, I will forsure be supporting this brother.

  • Dope…

  • Ballerboy

    Damn i love Mike homie is so underrated..Please support real rap like Lupe,Krit and Killer..Iam buy ten of his new Albums..Wake up people stop that bullshit rap..

  • Mike is a problem and A real dude.He’s spittin that truth,The hook is hot.Killa been that nigga since day 1.Love this.This too hard.ATL.he broke niggas down

  • the instigator

    killa kill is a waffler. he is inconsistant w/ his message. any doubts about this, just check his recent catalog. one minute hes a gangsta, pimp, hustler, dope dealer next minute hes a leader, revolutionary? hell, check his recent name change, from killer mike to mike bigga back to killer mike for proof of his waffling. why the name change killa kill from the ville? cause yousa a fake-revolutionary, wafflin, tryin to make global money and caint make none with name like killer mike type negro, das why!

  • the instigator

    not to deny some of the truth he spoke above. just to deny that he is who he says he is, based on what comes out of his own mouth. so props for the truth-speaking, neg. props for the fakery of self.

  • Stack 13

    This shit goes so hard. I am bumping it loud and proud. I agree with the masses on Killer Mike is raw uncut NWA/Public Enemy in your face rap shit. The game does not have this type of content. Rap radar thanks for posting this.
    @ Instigator you did admit he was speaking the truth. Case in point Pac was dropping gangsta ish, but he was also dropping the make you think records to. IJS

  • the instigator

    @stack 13….you just proved my point with your “Killer Mike is raw uncut NWA/Public Enemy in your face rap shit.” it is clear that nwa was not on p.e.’s level, nor was p.e. on nwa’s level. killer mike is splitting his message between the two, ALTHOUGH he feigns p.e.’s message more than anything.

  • Killer Mike aka Bigga

    @ the instigator Aristotle Said “Poverty is the Parent of the Revolutionary and the Criminal” I always have and will always Rep both sides becuz they are relevant to each other not exclusive of. U can say i waffle, Flip Flop etc But, I say, I Bring The Hood to the Good and Show the Good to the Hood. Sorry folks are too Polarized to get it! Salute and thanks for the listen.

    P.S. I suggest U hear “American Dream” from PL3DGE where i compare Drug King Pens with American CEO’s you may find it Provocative.

  • Killer Mike aka Bigga

    I also feel like (Andrew Young google him) NWA was as Important as PE and i was as influenced by booth. Now i’m getting off my soap box and saying Thank ya’ll for being Thinking Rap fans! Salute GTRGBBB!

  • devante

    Damn how is he so underrated? I guess we do not wanna hear true life stories. Anyway great song and ima support bigga this tuesday!

  • the instigator

    @killer mike aka bigga…..firstly, i have to apologize to you for calling u out your name. usually when i do that, im just havin fun. but this time i was serious when i did it, but out of frustration with the positions that u take. no doubt, your response in a civil manner reminded me of how i should be acting. so i appreciate the reminder, and again i apologize.

    yeah aristotle said that, it may be true and they (revolutionary and criminal) may be relevent to each other (only b/c of being born from poverty)…..but that doesnot mean that they go hand and hand! for example, i am poor (monetarily, that is) and i live two blocks from the trap, if you will. i am a muslim (a revolutionary when weighed against this society). monetary poverty did not bring about my revolution, rather mental poverty did. yet i do not commit any crimes whatsoever, nor promote it. in fact, i advocate against that, while calling others to this revolutionary way of life, when i visit the jails and prisons for this purpose.

    our problem is that we are ignorant of Allah (God) and we do not seek out His assistance for what we are in need of. We would rather worship money and women. We would rather be scared of friday the 13th, thinkin something bad is gon happen today……instead of being scared of our own evilness, not thinkin that any bad would come from that! A ppl who are scared to let a black cat cross inront of them, scared to break a mirror, scared of the 13th floor, scared to split a pole, scared to put a hat on a bed, scared to open an umbrella indoors, scared to step on a crack, scared to get their feet swept, scared to walk under a ladder, always lookin for a four-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, love knockin on wood. A ppl who would rather risk their freedom and liberty for a fast buck sellin dope….all cause mcd’s aint payin enough! Riskin hurtin the hearts of they mamas and papas who did yesterday what they are refusing to do today! we aint better that them! This is us at a glance, Allah guide us all to something better!

  • Killer Mike aka Bigga

    Salaam Ahki and I do all the ggod works you do. When i was Poor (money wise) and now. I still feel u mis understand me and that saddens me. Is a Muslim who owns a store and sells food for non muslims wrong. I hate my Revolutionary Brothers Do NOT embrace the Streets Thats where the True World changers are. Salaam Beloved. I encourage you to keep listening.

  • Killer Mike aka Bigga

    Also What ever u have going Keep me informed I WILL Support!! Salaam!

  • hazz

    this joint grabbed me by the [email protected] 0:01 and dragged me to 3:46 the fist bar had me locked in.
    hey mike did you ever write for tip sounds like it in the flow.

  • southcakc23

    as usual, greatness flowing from the pen of my big bruh bigga! Killer Mike = lyrical balance. Mike’s diversity in subject matter ensures Mike will never be disconnected from the have nots while at the same time being able to maintain steady career progression.


  • the instigator

    @killer mike aka bigga……and salaam to you as well akhi. perhaps i do misunderstand u. i would like to ask u a question so that i may understand…….besides makin money (else youd be given all ya music away), what are your aims, objectives, intentions with your music, in particular concerning the poor and disenfranchised? by asking this question, perhaps i and others can fully understand what u got goin on. as far as what u asked about a muslim owning a store and selling food to non-muslims, whether that is wrong or not? the answer depends on what he is selling. if he is selling what his Lord has not allowed him to sell…..liquor, pork, then yes he is wrong and he is wronging and harming those he is selling to. if not, then not.

    as far as embracing the streets, i aint never really been a street dude anyway. So its hard for me to embrace something that i never been down with. HOWEVER, i understand the streets and ppl do what they do. i just dont agree. But i keep all that in mind when dealin with street dudes. but i gotta call it like i see it, and let them dudes know its another and better way. the recidivism rate is so high i got no choice. not to mention the astronomical rise of faggotry amongst the poor and underpriviledged! we gotta teach em. not now but right now. but what can we do, if they dont wanna listen?!? hit me up on my email above for my activities and to let me know about yours as well. and i appreciate and respect u takin the time to rap one on one with me. lookin forward to more in the future, insha’Allaah. salaams akhi.