• HeadedHard

    i h8 that hair

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    am just here to hate on this post. FUCK NICKI MINAJ. there am done for the day

  • I Was Not Here

    I’m with Sony, fuck this wack bitch & I mean that in both ways..

    Cole’s Album dropping in the summer tho you faggot !

  • Truth WIll Out

    In the future Nicki & Drake have a son named Deion. Here he is http://youtu.be/x3HABAzFVIk Doinf his Paris Morton Remix. Drizzy’s Son.

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  • Word

    That picture is special…makes my penis stand at attention. She normally can sing okay But this was terrible

  • Belize

    so horrid. can’t believe people actually consider this music. and that ass real…

  • nemo

    dosen’t sound new, sounds like a track from her mixtapes

  • roblo

    J. Cole is voodoo reason they can’t find any good records to promote the album… Nicki Minaj 1.5 million sold haters.

  • Harmonymen
  • Jane Doe

    Again the question is. Why are ppl so gassed up over this fake plastic dick sucking bitch. You can’t be serious with this garbage. She’s working on her 2nd album, so I guess she’s testing things out. She’s trying her best to stay relevant in the industry, that’s wtf this is. #bitchbye.

  • BK

    My Penis is giving a standing ovation 😀

  • sunshinehaze


  • My Name is Long and I understan but you need to mind yo own muhfuckin business before I bust a Cap!

    I think your the only nigga that

  • Converse

    Nice ass! shit almost gave me a seizure lmao

  • My Name is Long and I understan but you need to mind yo own muhfuckin business before I bust a Cap!

    you the only nigga talkin about the track hahaa
    when there’s a Full Moon in Yur Face!!

  • >

    ^I listened to it 30 seconds ago and I dont even remember it… so I cant really blame them lol. Pop is like one song re-made a million different times.

  • Mook

    wow that wasnt bad at all…the beat is dope as shit

  • Later

    Did she just diss homosexuals?…..




  • LOL

    sounds like she dissed homosexuals.. lmao ! “Nigga you softer than a homosexual..” BAHAHAH !

  • Who Shot Ya!??!

    fucking horrible. why do you post this RR. cus she’s YM? oh i get it hype hype hype

  • Queen B

    FUCKING WACK! sounds like the buzz may be ovvaa

  • @Queen B



    i’d pop that pussy, fuck her music she needs to do porno

  • kevin edwards

    fuck anybody that talk about nicki minaj yall some hater damn she making money yall not

  • Big Willie

    Look at that big rainbow booty… *Dave Chapelle Voice*

  • Devil

    Nice ass pads. 😀

  • hazz

    14 and counting tick tock hip pop is almost over.

  • trisha diaz

    fuck all yall who hate on nicki let her get her shine cuz at the end of the day shes gonna be the one on stage getting applause…yall are just something for her to laugh at..haha yall just mad cuz she got this rap game by the throat…hop off romans dick and go suck one

  • nicole

    i just read some comments and wow!! WTF is wrong wit yal!!!!!!!!! if u don’t like her music den hell ,she didn’t ask none of yal’s pathetic hatin asses 2 listen and regardless of wat yal gotta say she is makin dat money, so keep hatin!!!!! ha money still pillen up u sorry ass bitches!!!!!!!!!! get a life and get off da computer. I love NICKI MINAJ!!!!!!!