Z-Ro “The Cold Chamber Pt. II (Freestyle)”

It’s a shame Z-Ro doesn’t put out more music. But when he does, it’s always a treat. Here’s his latest freestyle. Check out his previous one after the jump.


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  • ZoomZoom


  • richyrich

    One of the last real g’s in the game. ABN for life

  • ksleep

    “when its no paper, my autograph get signed on them bitches” maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

  • Sam from FL

    Dude is soooo Hip Hop. I like that he uses live instrumentation in his production. Southern lyricism to the fullest

  • RealMusic

    He a real street dude aswell, assholebynature. I see him in a club, went over to talk and he said if you ain’t a bitch fuck off. So i did. Dude is bigger in life.

    I think alot of rappers are scared to work with him, cause he known to be crazy.

  • B.Dot

    see him in a club, went over to talk and he said if you ain

  • Call Me Justin

    dude went dumb on that track!

  • dude’s sick. styles dope as f. brings in that southern style, lyrics, along with some dope melodies…Keep it up.


  • RMD

    Z-Ro is the truth. Period

  • TA

    damn z-ro being doing this for years. wish he would get the recognition he deserves. don’t know if he still on rap a lot or not but they dont promo for shit with his cds. he the realest in the game. htown stand up.
    but like he says “fuck goin commercial, real nigga yall know how it goes”

  • yodaddy

    What da hell you mean “its a shame Z-Ro doesn’t put out more music” ??????

    He got like 30 albums pay attention

  • jj

    nigga go so fuckin hard

  • IIG

    All I want to know is, can your favorite rapper do what Ro did from off the top of the dome?

  • Almarti5

    I just started gettin off Heroine, and now Ima bout to start fuckin with Meth. Z-RO is well worht waiting for

  • warm dayz

    that herion album was thrown together and so was his cocaine album by the record company

    he was beefn with rap a lot, but i think everything good now