Cory Gunz Son Of A Gun Ep. 3

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Another week, another episode of Cory Gunz’ MTV series, Son Of A Gun. On

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  • Killa K

    This is all very uninteresting.

  • Deez

    not to mention , this cat has absolutely no songs or not one hit out there yet, even after signing to young money nd havin his own show; you’d think that with all this “management” behind him they would b putting out songs or tryna get this cat some kinda buzz, lol this dude should just quit and go to school, like dude had that one 6’7” bullshit and thats it nuthin else even remotely hot.. lol nick cannon as a manager lmfao

  • MP

    Can’t force it if it’s not there…

  • Deez

    yeah u shuldnt force a hit song; but wtf the dude has a show out bout his career; yet what career is this dude gonna have?? like leak a fuckin song, mixtape, do something to show these dudes hoo r being “put on” to ur music (if they even are checkin for him after watching this shit) tht u put out hot music, like this show isnt gona do anything for his buzz if no work is being put in , nd nuthin hot is put out..its just gonna show a rapper tryna blow up , yet cat cant put out a mixtape or a hit for that matterr…gtfoh

  • Belize


  • mixtape shud have been out already — period – no excuses at all

    A cat like Maino, Gucci – as much as people say they aren’t good, they stay relevant by puttin out music…

  • damn, i can’t even front… this episode is not a good look for the homie! he is coming off as a child, not a man…. immature half stepping & not even showing up on time! in showbiz its all bout the “look” reliabiltiy plays a “huge” part… if his father was there the lil homie would have been there on time & jus killed the show… “come on SON”


    ayo so wait ……….iS Nick Cannon his manager currently right now?

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Cory Gunz



  • NY is HARD!

    Get this kid a clue!Punctuality!!!!Your not a STAR yet!

  • This is madness. I hate to say it, but Cory Gunz as talented as he is might not make it. Plus you can tell he doesnt have heart.

  • hazz

    Ed woods >>>>>> Crazy

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Im guessing he had not done 6’7 yet, when this shit was being filmed.

  • Majest

    Ninjas hate what they dnt understand

  • Yeah, this is defenetly waaayyy before the 6’7″ shit….But I mean, Dude still aint dropped shit. The show is like 6 months behind reality…And his personality is starting to show…Dude is coming off as immature in some of these scenes…

  • Sharmine

    Son of a Gun on MTV is one of my favorite shows. The show shows Cory using his skills but also running very late. I use DISH Online when I am not able to watch my favorite shows. As a DISH employee I can tell you that DISH Online allows me t watch live TV and manage my DVR recordings right on my computer. Go to for more info.

  • Young Reezy

    Damn this nigga got a big ol forehead lol

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  • Jordan Cohen

    Cory is blowing this MAJOR opportunity.
    Why has he not tied in freestyle releases or songs everytime an episode drops.

    HE WILL NEVER BE IN PEOPLE. Unless its because he’s in a pic with Wayne.

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