New Music: Capone “All The Way Good”

Capone’s not letting the snitch claims get to him. No sir. In fact, he’s doing pretty okay, but we’ll let him tell it. Produced by DJ Symphony.


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  • RN (Real Nigga)

    he shouldn’t be mad a P at all… because nobody was thinking about this dude until P’s book.

  • damn what is he drinking

  • supppppp

    brush your teeth, nicca thats disgustin, thats disgustin!

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  • Yo, can I get a photo credit? That’s my picture from my CNN interview in 09.

  • LA

    ^No muthafuckar fuck u!

  • Black Shady

    “evan” you aint gettin shit LOL!

    and tell this snitch Capone this is trash

  • sadface. he’s drinking tiger bone btw. if you want more of a reason to hate, go read my interview and watch him try to explain why they made a song with ron browz.

  • Tru Talk

    he sound like a tella tubby lol MOBB DEEP

  • That’s all well and good but yo Evan check out my music hit the name. I sent some stuff before but didn’t get anything back. Just trying to get the name out maaan.

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    ack you suck! that’s why you didn’t get anything back… your shit is wack. you should just get a job and give up on rap forever.

  • haq

    “In fact, he

  • RN that’s pretty real of you to say.

  • This is wack juice.


  • I’m Real Your Not

    all you dudes hating must be young cause this is how dude been since he first came out.

    if rick ross can claim being a coke dealer and gangsta when he isn’t and still get away with it, capone can get away with this.

  • ashaolujimi

    i don’t think neither one of you cats was nowhere around to say this cat snitched on anybody in fact snitches don’t live long in new york city period and this track is ill it’s vintage capone.