New Mixtape: Lil B Bitch Mob (Respect The Bitch Vol. 1)

The Based God is back at it again with a bitchin’ 24 track mixtape. Show some respect and check out the tracklist and download link after the cut.

1.Ready For War
2.Still Cooking
3.Azz Up
4.Dopeman Hunter
5.Please Respect The Bitch
6.Pay 4 Pussy
7.Shake Ya Booty
9.Mask Up
10.Rock 4sho
11.Salute To The Bitch
12.I Need The Based
13.Out The Game
14.Were U From Throw It Up
16.My Life
17.Time To Die
18.Still Thuggin
19.Put Down The Guns
20.Show You Who The Bitch
21.Bill Bellamy
22.Back Of Yo Neck
23.Need My Love
24.I Just Wanna Cry

Download here

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  • I’m Sorry but…

    Rapradar should be ashamed of promoting this sad representation of hip-hop. Instead of M-Bone it should have been this bitch.

  • Can’t be fuckin’ serious.

  • NoNotToday

    Who cares if he freestyles! He looks and sounds like a troll on crack.

  • NoNotToday

    Oh I forgot his lyrics are Wackfuckingtastic!

  • Annnnnnnd he has a song called “Still Thuggin”, but RIGHT after that joint, “Put Down The Guns” is the next song…Talmbout being contradictory. Lmao!

  • NuJew

    I blamed that female Amaya for this shit

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    atleast he’s straight up admitting it… unlike MR. CEE who is still denying his bitch side. you gotta respect the homo for that.

    and Amaya ain’t a female… but he should be. lol.

  • Post no billz

    is that the famous death row vibe cover with that homos face photo shopped over pac suge snoop and dre..

  • BK


  • DAN

    hip hop hasn’t changed it’s just the fans that have. 90% of the people are young kids that didn’t grow up on hip hop and this is all they know. to them lil b, rick ross etc…….. are hip hop.

  • Skip

    What the Fuck is this bullshit? Where is the positive message he’s trying to send? Why do people support him? Are all of his tracks all garbage? Why would jay electronics work with this dumbass

  • Tri-Wnning

    u can nerve call him a b****h N*****a and offend him. He’s proud to be one.
    U can’t even call him whack cause people co-sign him being whack and he knows it.

    Worst u can do is call him an ugly B***** since he thinks he’s a pretty one.

  • yung silv

    if u guys actually listened u might get on the bandwagon. stop hating he’s an entertainer and can rap when he wants to. the tape has some hot stuff on it

  • Marshall

    He fucking sucks, I don’t care if hes entertainer or not! I refuse to hurt my ears with his music

  • Post no billz

    Off beat flow.. wack ass lyrics..




  • belly

    So im suppose to respect someone that calls himself a bitch… Bitch Mob (Respect The Bitch Vol. 1)

    are u serious????? no matter what lil b is trying to do, words do means something smfh

  • mac DIESEL



  • James


  • MMG Loso

    lil b…lol..Wal marts Giving Back After Laying Off Over 35,000 People.. $1,400 Gift card – I Grab 3 of Them..Lmao

  • Belize


  • Donn

    Lol all these comments are negative but dude is still gettin buzz. Because yall keep talkin bout him. Ignore em and he’ll go away. Your just makin him more famous

  • I’m Sorry but…

    NO the problem is Rap Radar putting this bullshit up. How can we ignore this sack of shit when Big Homie and B.Dot keep this bullshit guy going. Fuck Big Homie and B.Dot. I hope they get M-Boned.

  • swag

  • rapradar was a respectable site up until the past 2 months in which it has decided to support some of the worst music ever created… thank you based god!

  • Big Willie

    Lil B is the greatest rapper ever, you can fuck my grandmother based god! Hoes on my dick cause I look like jesus, hoes on my dick cuz I shot bin laden, I respect the bitch! Swag on a 100 million! Old School no limit mixtape cover swag! Swag!

  • Amaya

    @NuJew I’m a dude son….Amaya is my last name, David is my first….getting it twisted LOL

  • david amaya smh

  • Jcoleon

    yall better stop hating on lil b and just respect the grind..:)..
    …Wal mart

  • that doesnt explain this bullshit on what was one of the most respectable hiphop sites online… its cool if u wanna post this shit, but damn yall suckin him off in the write ups too? RapRadar soon to be vladtv, thank you based god!!

  • Amaya got sum esplainin to do!! **ricky ricardo voice**

  • Drake

    thank you basedgod

  • Saintly Death

    Not surprised by the comments, but whether you like it or not Based God has a cult following for his original or “rare” material and will be remembered for it. Salute the bitch!

  • I’m Sorry but…

    What the fuck is cult following? Get the fuck out of here with that non sense. Techn9ne has a “cult” following. Not no fucking gay person from the bay. I’m surprised the bay hasn’t put a hit on this nigga for disrespecting the bay and hip-hop in general.

  • goodstuff

    lil b = odd future

  • Mixtape is fire. Bitch Mob nigga you will never understand it

  • @goodstuff Odd Future > Lil B

    but hey to each his own, I might listen to some of these songs on this mixtape



  • corey stewart

    kill your self

  • Waterfronnnntttt BasedGod


    LIL B & ProT

  • BrooklynRaw2FU

    I bet the songs got nothing to do with the titles

  • smhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    @yung silv please shut the fuck up.. if u think this wack niggas shit is hot then u got NOOOOO type of good intrest in music.. SO do the favor to everyone.. shut the fuck up 🙂

  • smhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    @yung silv please stfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. if u think this wack niggas music is hot then u got NOOOOO type of good intrest in music.. SO do the favor to everyone.. stfu =)

  • smhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    @yung silv please stfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. if u think this wack homos music is hot then u got NOOOOO type of good intrest in music.. SO do the favor to everyone.. stfu =)

  • smhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    bitch is that wackk i said it three times in three different ways SMHHHHHHHH


    yo this the craziest shit that i have seen in a long time i cant believe this is some bullshit this little faggot lil b is destroying hiphop FUCK THIS FUCKING SHITTY ASS MIXTAPE!!!!!!!!!

  • CK Smooth

    hes wearing a rag, hes from berkley cali cmon bro legit ur from a safe city dont gimme this fake ass gangsta bullshit ur a prankster not a thug

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  • YoungJizzle

    Most people will never understand my nigga LiL B. (LiL Bitch)
    diz nigga da only real nigga in da game. LiL Bitch know he a bitch and proud of it.
    He be like ‘yeah nigga I’m a Bitch and Ima take yo chain…BITCH MOBBB!” haha dats my negguh
    fasho LiL B youngbasedGOD BasedWorld fo Lyfe Cuhhh!!! Bitches on my dick cuz I look like JK Rowling!!!! LMAO

  • 37Ace

    well at least we no wat the B stand fo..haha how u sappose to respect a group kalled “bitch mob”…NIGGA I SLAP BITCHES NOT RESPECT EM…haha man i hope lil b reall sees this kuz UR WAKK N UR CREWS FULL OF HOES

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