Tyler, The Creator GOBLIN Sales

According to HDD, Tyler’s new album GOBLIN debuts at #5 on the charts with approximately 50,249 copies sold in the first week. That’s swag!

UPDATE: Final number is 45,100 units.

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  • M7Y


  • Glad to see he cracked the top 10

  • Noringtone

    Awsome. Happy for him.

  • Downgraded To Human

    MMG cops your next you will flop.

  • JayDee

    Hmmm. Not bad. Tyler did WAAAAAAAAAY better than Soulja Boy, although I think anyone cant top Soulja.

    Good for Tyler. Keep doin’ ya thang.

  • JaccDanielz

    not bad not bad tyler goes berserk!!!!!!!!! congratz

  • congrats to the whole crew, and a special congrats to the guys over at XL Recordings….keep it up…

  • CapricornReligion aka My comment was on “Rapfix”

    Dope album…

    Congrats kid, Its only the Begining

  • Yup

    lmao easiest competition Ive ever seen and he still loses to the Lonely Island and “Now Thats What I Call Music”

  • Later

    If this was Drake y’all would have said he flopped.

    True hatred on Rapradar

    Congrats Tyler

  • Props to o.f. “Wolf” in 2012 will sell a lot more the first week for sure

  • CJ

    Those are pretty solid numbers. He’s not even signed to a major which also means he’s probably making a lot more money then he would have otherwise off each album sale.

  • Hydroflouricacid

    pussy nigga!

  • hiphopfan

    50,000 copies? that’s crazy, this dude got all the hype in the world in the matter of a month, no one had a clue who him or his group was a few months ago, congrats to tyler

  • Bengal Nation

    So Odd Future has been getting on average about 2-3 posts a day on Rap Radar and their lead man can only sell 50k? Rap Radar might want to post music related news about shit people actually care about, not some 19 year old hypocritical, bi-polar kid who makes shock rap and has one of the worst flows in the game. Earl and Frank Ocean are gonna be the only members of Odd Future still in the spotlight in 3 years from now.

  • mac DIESEL









  • dude

    Those are pretty solid numbers in this day and age. More than Flockavelli (lol). Not to mention most of tylers target demographic are people that don’t buy records.

  • Sam I Am


    thats exactly what i said! these niggas aint fooling nobody!

  • Word

    FUCK POP! No radio single, no major Label, just thus buzz he made himself and he sold more than BANKS! Banks did 40k with hella radio jams and etc, Flocka did 30k with one of the hottest hist of the summer, Soulja Boy and so on. Imagine if dude had a major label backing him? He prolly woulda done in the 100ks. FUCK POP FEATURE YOU DONT NEED THAT SHIT TO DO NUMBERS



  • Scott

    This cat had absolutely no radio play, a few news sites hate him, and yet he pulls 50,000 records in 1 week. Someone tell Shake and Meka to suck a dick, 2ScroteBoyz.com

  • still best rite now!!

    not impressed considering most debut album are the biggest selling for artist, so unless hes Em or Hov or a select few its downhill from here. & hes not fkn independent.

    but forget sales, this shit was the same as the Bastard mixtape, with 2-3 stand out tracks. Tylers strength is not his rapping, his talents go into beats & video direction too. Mike g & Domo have better flow, & Earl raps circle around him.

    If he can drop an album in the VCR, & Yonkers lane with mad creative shit. it’d be official

  • ppTheTruth

    hahahah @david amaya.. Dude you get played a lot like your a chick.. I can see why.. You lie.. A lot.. First you say we have to report this stuff since its happening in music.. Now you saying swag after the post.. Obviously you like this guy.. Why? nobody will ever understand.. Its a shame they game someone who is mentally retarded(a la brick tamland<== look it up if you dont know who that is) anyways.. this dude is a clown.. so Heres to seeing the next bottle actually craccking him in the face and helping to even more devastate that already fucked up mug.. If you like it you like it.. you aint got to lie about it craig.. you aint got to lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Converse

    @Philly cosign nigga shit sukk simple as that? long ass lp shit was annoying and water downb bullshit

  • Gratz to Tyler. Decent numbers this go round. I hope they can keep the hype for the group album and do even better. I’m not a huge fan but I appreciate the kid’s passion and their is def some gems on Goblin.


  • Converse


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  • Belize

    thats a disappointment.

  • aga

    how much fucking coverage do these kids need? i understand if you guys are interested, but its like every other post. ever little bit of information? how bout just the music?

  • Congrats to the whole Odd Future. Talk about a come up. These lil muffuckas are crazy. West Coast stand up.

  • James


  • James


  • This is good news… 50,000 in one week? Without any radio play or major label? Thats amazing… Congrats to OFWGKTA and Tyler, they deserved it

  • Euros > Dollars

    this dude wasn’t even on the XXL freshman cover. He did all the promotion himself on his blog and the shows he did. They weren’t even relevant until a couple months ago. He’s not signed to a major either so he 50,000 copies is honestly not bad.

    If he was signed to a major then yea it would be a flop. If he was a veteran then yes it would be a flop. But he’s not. I don’t agree with what he says on his tracks, but I’m not gonna hate on him…cuz I haven’t even sold more then 5,000 copies of my compilation mixtape of the artists I’ve produced. And I released that 6 months ago. I do have like 15,000 free downloads. the mixtapes sold are hard copy CDs hand to hand like your average New York rapper, except I reside in DMV, and instead of harassing the tourists in Times Square I harass the tourists in Chinatown in front of the Verizon Center. lmaol.

    But honestly he’s not signed to a major, so he probably is making $5 to $10 every sale, multiply that by 50,000…its a lot of cash.

    He probably made more money off the 50,000 copies then all your favorite major label artists do when they sell 300K first week. Real Talk. And I’m from DMV so I support Wale and Maybach but honestly I don’t think they’ll reach 100k. Just saying because Def-Jam did all the work for Ross. Ross is gonna be so surprised. As a solo artist though I still think Ross can sell over 100k even without Def-Jam because he’s known. But “Self Made” is honestly just a studio produced compilation mixtape. Just like my mixtape, except that was done @ my crib in my basement.

  • Yup

    ^dude hes on XL, they allow total creative control but take as much as a major label… quit talking out of your ass

  • AggrofuckNEWrap

    See look at this dude @Euros > Dollars some emotional(aka EMO fan) young kid bragging about some fucktard who thinks he is greater than normal people.. Celebrity is a waste when someone thinks they actual have it before they do.. aka tyler the creater.. Wy do you care if he is getting money? WHY? WHY DOES THAT MATTER? wouldnt you rather care about what he is talking about? Everybody gets a piece of that money.. and im sure that ttyler the creator doesnt get but 5-15% off each album.. you can say he promote it himself.. but no.. not the case.. managers.. producers.. (you think he bought all the cds himself?===> no) stop making it seem lik eyour butt buddy and his group of butt buddies (odd future) are doing anything significant.. Fat Joe… did numbers.. He sold close to a milli on an independent… Thats money.. SO GTFOH with this odd future bullshit.

  • altered beast

    He did more than HFM2 lol

  • Gabriel

    Conversely, Rap Radar’s sudden and continuous dick sucking of Odd Future is number one on the charts and seems like it will stay there for some time to come

  • Citylivin’

    stop complaining that Odd Future or MMG or Lil’B get too many posts…..how about e-mail or tweet your favorite rapper to get of their ass and make some music so they can get some posts….
    2DopeBoyz is that-a-way >>>

  • NuJew

    Average sales…but Amaya is still a bitch that slut is always lying.

  • Sam from FL

    LMAO..damn homie, i could sell more out the trunk of my car. Guess the hype is dying down already.

  • PeterChain

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOLF GANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Hater

    I’m surprised niggas ain’t bashing him. Y’all call niggas flops and laugh a nigga who sells this much. Hypocritcal, bipolar, confused faggot ass niggas.

    Who gives a fuck about a sales if you don’t work for the label, ur only concern should be is it good or not.

  • Chex

    hahaha! Too funny. But, Amaya is a dude.

  • Ben P

    He sold 50,249 more copies than he deserved to…

  • EARL IS THE MAN! One thing I have to ask though is How is a “I dont give a fuck’ wolf gang type of group gonna have a Rnb singer in it? haha weak right there. Frank Ocean? I’m just gonna call him FAG CHOP! Hey Tyler! YOU ARE UGLY!

  • DirtyG

    Euros > Dollars checkout jukeboxdc.com dmv

  • Word

    Hmm, when Self Made does 30k first week (with two established artist on it) I wonder What some of y’all will say?

  • Boo Boo The Foo

    INDEPENDENT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MAJOR LABEL



  • @Word

    2 established artists? Im only counting Rick Ross… Wale’s debut did 20k

  • JHP

    I’m not even an Odd Future fan, but that is pretty decent considering he’s an indie artist, top 5 debut with no mainstream single, tv show appearences, etc. Should he ever get behind a major label machine he could probably move a nice amount of units. To also point out some dumbass comments I seen “If Drake did this you would have called it a flop” yeah because Drake is signed to a Major Label, had multiple top 10 singles, award show/night show appearences, tons of features, etc. so for someone like him 50,000 would be a pretty big flop. And also, since when did getting an average of 2-3 rap rapar post a day, actually equate to album sales. It’s not like everyone in America goes to this site, just actual rap fans really into the genre

  • Squack Box

    @JHP the point about the Rap Radar posts isnt just limited to Rap Radar, obviously. These guys are getting way too much attention from the hype machine, from Billboard covers to representation from Christian Clancey to Supreme endorsements. And at the end of the day, when u click play, the music still sounds like shit.

  • Fuck-you-clowns

    what a stupid ass nigga

  • Fuck-you-clowns

    this nigga a shock artist he is not good you fucking clowns who think hes good will like anything different fuck you fake ass bitches and fuck this group they can eat shit

  • Fuck-you-clowns

    if your going to put a cross on your head in a photo why not do it for real scared ass pussy making pictures to shock people little nigga don’t want the wrath having that tat for real bring cause real niggas don;t play that fake shit be at his door with ak’s and shit dumb lil nigga

  • Boo Boo The Foo

    @ Fuck-you-clowns

    You need a father figure and a pet turtle

    U MAD?

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  • All Bad

    Yall niggas stupid….It’s not even about first week sells. Yall be trying to make that shit seem bigger than what it really is. smh.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    LMMFAO @ HIM SELLING MORE THAN BANKS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I literally am breaking out in tears laughing over that $#!+ XD

    I don’t even listen to dude like that but I must say, without the help of a major label and him topping the top 10 albums on the billboard in his first week… Congrats!

    sn: Pay proper respect when deserved people!

  • Master

    Shit. I could hear it now. If a G Unit artist sold this much first week I wouldn’t hear the end of it. People poppin bottles now for 50,000 first week. With all the covers and promo hype this knuckle head had.. What part of the game is this?????

  • compton killa

    Bank had thousands of ft look how much he sold lmfao!! G-unot dead!!

  • Wo O0O0

    this album was trash

    anyone who likes this guy was obviously molested or white

  • Euros > Dollars


    Your retarded son and blind, and obviously don’t know shit bout the music industry. First of all I said I don’t agree with what he said, I’m not a fan of Odd Future at all. I think that one song Novacane by Franck Ocean is ill, but thats it. I didn’t bother buying Goblin, and I honestly didn’t even bother downloading it illegally. I’m sycing his achievement though cuz 50,000 copies is a lot when your an artist of his caliber. His caliber meaning NO MAJOR LABEL, NO RADIO PLAY, NO BUDGET.

    One more thing, the last 2 Fat Joe albums have sold less then 10,000 copies first week so STFU son and GTFO with your “facts” cuz your “facts” are more like wishful thinking. I’m not no EMO devil worshipping dude either…but I’ll tell you something you are and thats a hater. Like I said I’m not a Odd Future fan, but if dude accomplished something why the fuck try to make it seem like he didn’t.

    Its like when “Teflon Don” outsold “Before I Self Destruct” in first week sales. You know what 50 said…”Well he didn’t outsell Eminem, and Eminem’s album has been #1 for 5 weeks.” Your like 50 in this situation your pissed off a rapper you don’t like achieved something. BISD: 158k Teflon Don: 178K Enough said.

  • cl

    thats great for an independent…wale did 28 with gaga on his lead single and 3-4 tapes b4 his album….tyler just had bastard

  • Euros > Dollars

    @cl thats exactly my point son, and I’m from DMV. When I heard Wale only did 28k especially with GaGa on the single, and Interscope backing him and promoting him I was like WTF? Thats probably GaGa least known single, cuz everything she touches sells usually. Wale will never have the oppurtunity to work with her again.

  • Tri-Wnning

    This is glorified like he’s platinum, yet Llyod Bank was a flop at 45k?

  • check the IP addresses

    @euro dollars…how is he making $10 per sale when the shit costs $10…so youre saying his record label is letting him keep all the revenues and they dont want to recoup their costs much less take some of the profits…LOL!! yous a dummy!

  • blackghost
  • New Generations Suck

    You retarded ass, Gucci loving, middle school kids need to realize, HE JUST SOLD 50,000 UNITS by himself. No label, no radio, just a couple of internet websites and youtube. Plus this is his first drop, he’s only going to get better and more popular. You kids talk shit just to talk shit because you’re bored and don’t get any pussy, than catch feelings the moment someone has a different opinion than you. Get off your mom’s computer and go learn math or something, you don’t belong near anything that relates to hip hop, or music for that factor. You’re a fucking embarrassment to this planet and the DNA that runs through your body, your parents are complete fuck ups and should be burned alive for bringing such an inconsequential low life into our existence. You steal our air, you steal our food, you steal our water, the least you can do is pay back society and fucking kill yourself. Tyler sold 50,000 copies this week, what the fuck did you do? you got on a 3rd rate, bubble gum hip hop site and talked shit about someone better than you, probably spent an hour kicking it with your cat while watching a re-run episode of Hell’s Kitchen. The up most respect to Tyler, his material might not be suitable or most of your suburban white kids, but you play soccer, you shouldn’t be listening to anything but Christian rock anyways. I hope the best for him until he double crosses me in real life, then I’ll hate, but until then, I’m not a hater, case closed.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    Congrats, it would be cool if Tyler’s success could help Hodgy Beats, Frank Ocean and Left Brain.

  • TiM


  • Infamous R

    Stop Bitching About the Odd Future Coverage!!! Dumb Ass If You Didn’t Click And Comment Do You Really Think That Shit Would Continue? Smarten Up

  • fuk waka

    thats better than soulja boy
    but shitt sales for so much hype he got!!

  • michaelrr
  • Amaya

    @nUjEW HEY MOTHER FUCKA……..i’m a dude for the 3rd time lol………

  • jetsfoo

    why do yall support this bad album? real talk. I’m all for earl and bastard, but goblin was garbage, cmon.

  • Marshall

    Fuck Amaya!

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  • BDO

    he sold 45k not 50k but still impressive. Although i thought he would have sold more since he’s on sony and not an independent label

  • I would never buy this album in this a million years.,Y’all MF smoking PCP! LOL

  • Droppin’Jew-Elz101

    Fuck is yall congratulating a nigga for “Flopping”! We patting niggaz on the back for hitting 45K, now!? Okay lets’ take away the industry “Magic/Illusion” for a second and talk FACTS. Ya man Tyler was on multiple mainstream not underground or “indie” mags, the nigga was on the cover of “Billboard” for cryin out loud yapping bout he want Grammy’s and he’s Kanye’s competition…..Like forreal after seeing those numbers do you think shorty really has a chance at sitting at the same table that Ye. Dre, Em, Jay, & Drake are sitting at? C’mon son…..Dude is managed by the Head Of Marketing & Promotions at Interscope, niggaz family is upper middle/class allowing him the proper financing and backing to present the image that he’s that next nigga……But trust people in his camp is looking at shorty like a failure right now. Yall clowns who think this nigga is on sum magical indie label w/ no budget that he has to repay. Google “XL Recordings” and read about how they do business. Pharrell beats whether wack or not aint cheap, homie! 45K aint nothing to be proud of, niggaz in Texas and parts of the south do that shit straight out the trunk by the Gettymart. Dude is a solid lyricist who needs to expand his subject matter if he’s going to be able to reach a broader audience with his music. All that media hype, million youtube views, and childish beefs didn’t equal out to a successful first week. Hopefully his shows will pull more fans in until then this is a FAIL. 45K aint a good look and if his sales drop off more he’s looking at stalling at maybe 50-55K. Marketing and promotion gonna want their $$$….Managers/Publicists Want their $$$….Producers/Engineers want their $$$…..Owner of the company already made his $$$ but he wants a percentage of that show $$$ too. When you add it all up 50K means a nigga in the RED right about now…………Better luck next time, home! #SWAG!

  • papaskurt

    odd future is wack as fuck. its a shame that rap has fallin off so much this winter that people resort to this garbage and other shit like lil b. used to be a die hard gucci fan, he fell off, used to love lil wayne, now he does songs with limp bizkit, used to hate rick ross but now i like his shit cause no one else is making even half decent songs. Jeezy needs to drop tm103, gucci needs to come out of jail and stop rollin and doin coke and being crazy, lil wayne needs to get back on syrup and slow his shit down hes wack. rap needs a huge comeback this summer

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  • PPtheTruth

    @Europ Vs Dollars. FUck off dude.. Fat Joe did a milli wiht his old albums.. now with tos much watered down shit like odd future out nowadays the public sees that the rap game is wack and it hurts the over all sales.. fucking re tard.. its this kind o fmusic that killed the sales game for rap.. you wonder why only em does numbers? really? its because of this shit.. .you play like your not a fan but because of all the substance-less music that is put out by waka flaka gucci odd future lil b and shit this is why our genre is in the toilet.. it is why you will never sell any records.. so be proud of this little fucktard all you want.. be proud that he is getting prolly somewhere close to 75cents a cd.. actually not even that.. his label paid for the studio time.. paid for anywhere he goes.. paid for anything he eats everything he FUCKING DOES how you think he lives in a fucking aparatment???? jesus fucking retards.. what you dont think.. all the hard discs he sold.. his label paid for those.. ugess what they have to re coup that money.. so he doesnt see a dime until they see ALL OF THEIR FUCKING MONEY BACk.. come in talking like you know the game becauswe you made a CD in your FUCKING basement.. oh wait you mean your MOTHERS FUCKING BASEMENT? jesus get the fuck outta here clown.. get the fuck out. XL recordings pays for all his shit and I bet he gets a little of the dough from selling the 50 k discs.

  • whats good with DARK NITE {420}

  • TheCool

    Im NOT a fan of Odd Future. I listen to some Tyler but that shock shit gets old to me fast.

    But the haters saying he flopped gotta think educate themselves. This nigga did all the promotion by himself besides interviews. He blew up fast.

    And he’s not on a major label. For all we know, he got more money from this then Ross did for selling 130k first week. Major labels take most of the money from album sales.

  • dude

    Alot of you people are thinking albums still sell. In 5 years no one will be going platinum, or probably even gold for that matter.

    I do believe this album had some tv spots though, and Yonkers got some radio play. But 45k is pretty good considering this is not a commercial album at all.

    Beamer, Benz or Bently was the biggest fucking song of the year and dude still outsold banks, that should really put it into a good perspective.

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  • FuckNOOBS

    All that hype, all that publicity, T.V. performances…and you sell like Wacca Flocka? Sorry guys, but when you got as much hype as Wiz Khalifa and Drake combined and only sell 50k…that’s flopping. I knew it would happen, this is just a fad like Taylor Gang (but less popular). Fuck Wolf gang and fuck Taylor gang (even know they’re getting paid more)…Tyler can’t even rap that great, his flows aren’t the good. His lyrics are mediocre because Eminem at 40 could still tear Tyler a new asshole in his prime. He has beats though…but so did the Go-Gos lol.

  • FuckNOOBS

    dude says:
    Thursday, May 19 2011 at 1:34 AM EST

    Alot of you people are thinking albums still sell. In 5 years no one will be going platinum, or probably even gold for that matter.

    I do believe this album had some tv spots though, and Yonkers got some radio play. But 45k is pretty good considering this is not a commercial album at all.

    Beamer, Benz or Bently was the biggest fucking song of the year and dude still outsold banks, that should really put it into a good perspective.


    Hey Dumbass do you realize that Beamer Benz or Bentley song more as a single than Tylers WHOLE ENTIRE CD did..so STFU!


    Tyler the creators record sales were not as good as expected. This guy has had alot of hype in the past year or two. He preformed on shows, toured, had videos on MTV. He had more than enough hype, that’s just you dick riders excuse. B.o.B didn’t have half the hype this guy did and still sold 80-90k his first week, debuted at #1 and people in his own fucking town didn’t know who he was or his music…This Tyler Creator hype is going to die down real quick. Especially once Eminem and Royce drop their album…OF’s dick riders will become smaller lol. These guys would get murdered by alot of rapper out their, but you clown skinny jean niggas who are always trying to be white think that they are the greatest thing ever. That just proves the world is going to shit…

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  • damion thorne

    Sorry to hurt your feelings nuthuggers, Tyler is on a major lable and had major promo. 45 k is a flopget over it. He most likely owes the lable now. This isn’t like his previous releases. It’s a makor release. You can love him all you want but the album failed. You clowns claim to love him, but you couldn’t love him that much if you won’t go and buy the record. At least Drakes groupies and Nicki’s Barbies actually spend money on them. Damn he sold less than Meek Millz mixtape 100,000 and that was truly indie no promo or backing, before Maybach. These black jugalos failed face it.

  • Yall can hate on Tyler!But dat shit aint gonna work!O.F is the best….and guess wat!He’s still gettin money…Congrats to Tyler nd the rest of O.F!!!!Peeps in Africa hve acknowleged him tooo!!yea nd fuck all dope boyz!