Gwyneth Paltrow Raps N.W.A Song

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We found out a few weeks ago that Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan of Hip-Hop and apparently she really knows her music. During her interview on UK comedy show, The Graham Norton Show, she decided to show off her skills by rapping “Straight Outta Compton”—crazy muthafucka name Paltrow.


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  • BK

    First in this bitch!

  • Ice Cold


  • BK


  • Bong

    can someone tell Gwyneth Paltrow to shut the fuck up

  • Converse

    Eazy had the dopest verse

    O yeah?we dont believe you need more people?

  • The Best





  • LovesAllMusic

    Not surprised why Jay and Bey love hanging out with her and Chris.

  • damn, yall goin in hard on her lmao — Big ups to the woman.

  • Seth P.

    That was “Gangsta, Gangsta”, not “Straight Outta Compton” – you telling me Gwyneth knows her Hip-Hop more than RR?

  • Infamous_R_

    She Is Cool As Fuck

  • NuJew

    That cunt Amaya posted this???? so shocking (sarcasm)

  • HeadedHard

    she can git it

  • LA

    *yawn* why is she famous?

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  • Donn

    @Fake Donn

    Actually the number one show on tv is American Idol lol.

    Anyway, goes to show you that the world isn’t against Hip Hop the way y’all like to think they are. Everybody black, white, asian, german, loves Hip Hop. You blog commentors are killing Hip Hop, not the artists

  • Money mitch

    I was takin a shit at my moms the other day and was thumbing a tabloid; they had this picture of
    Her in a bikini and it was disgusting.

  • Donn

    I wish I could meet those guys on the panel though. They made my pants tighter when they came on

  • wickwickwack

    this actually made me smile
    when i look @ today´s kids and what they re listening to …y all should be ashamed of yourself that this white chick got a better taste than u
    and she did her homework !

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Gwyneth Paltrow > Nicki

  • mac DIESEL



  • Belize

    @Bong: co-sign. Said it beautifully.

  • Belize

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis: also true

  • @ seth p

    your even more stupid cuz, she named straight outta compton as an album, not the song, i bet she knows more about hip hop than u do

  • Dashing

    Damn. Ya’ll some ignorant motherfuckaz for hating on someone who knows the lyrics of a classic NWA song and because she’s white and an actress you gotta hate. Meanwhile we’ll shit on the new cats for not knowing anything about hip hop’s history. Ya’ll some hypocrites.

  • Ice Cold

    Gwentry is pretty cute, mad cool

  • Belize

    @Dashing Stfu nobody care that she white you dumbfuck! She is wack you fool!

  • Dashing

    Ha. Gwyneth probably has more hip hop knowledge than you. Don’t be mad cause I’m speaking the truth.

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  • sway-z

    I dont know what you niggas talkin bout, that little sexy white jawn will get it,quick!

    All this shit she been doin lately got a nigga lookin at her different, especially when she was rollin around on the nigga cee-lo’s piano. She seem a lot cooler than all these other stuck up hollywood types

  • Belize

    @Dashing No you are a stupid punk who name their self dashing? Retard speak the truth crack baby!

  • Belize

    @sway-z It is a front nothing more! You niggas want that trash so bad you to bline to see the truth!

  • KanyeSmug

    @BELIZE and you must be 2 *bline* lol to type properly

  • KanyeSmug

    Yall do know she’s *BESTIES* with Jay and I don’t mean LENO lol

  • biggiesmalls

    she sucks – so what she listens to rap? Shes fucked up hollywood eco-wacko.

    Fuck HER and her husband that sings in the crapiest rock band in the history.

  • Ya Boy G

    @Belize a front for what ?
    i dont wanna hear her rap as much as the next person. because it dont sound good…but someone stated it up above, you hate on new niggas not knowing shit. you hate on her for knowing it and…what? cuz shes white,a woman, or an actress? She knew it she did it. enough said. shes got balls to do it!
    ice cube somewhere laughing his ass off. inbetween saying respect. the point of your music is to get it out tothe world. not a specific group. and by group i mean either wanna be or certified dealers goon squad jack boys assholes ignorant lazy etc, or oppressed people. OPPRESSED!

  • Aggie Pride

    Da White BITCH know her SHIT!!!!!

  • Dream On

    GP > NM

  • j.coal

    Jeez all this reaction to just a bit of fun and someone showing they like something that people wouldn’t expect them to like. Too many HipHop dick riders who are anti everyone else liking or knowing “their” musical taste.

  • GwynethHashSmoke

    She aint ordinary bruh and neither is that panel! – MoneyMusic410.Com

  • Got those Em and Gwen mixtapes, cd coming next year!

  • You F.uck With Me Wrong I Knock Your Head Off Your Neck The Flight Too Long I Got A Bed On The Jet!

    I wanna see her free style i aint the one!

  • Dashing

    @ Belize, don’t be so sensitize fam. It makes you look soft. no use getting your panties in a bunch over a woman playfully rapping some NWA.

  • Belize

    @Dashing Really thats the best you can say? lmfao!

  • Dashing

    @ Belize, Yup, that’s exactly as much energy as I’m willing to give to this…peace

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Gotta love it.

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  • ty

    she is beutifull