• onanigga

    Does this nigga ever take a day off, i can respect his work ethic even though i dont feel his music.

  • dj BOW

    600 BENZ NIGGAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4 days left cant waitttttttttt

  • 304

    I’m writing this blog because I’ve been following the beef with (the rapper) Rick ross and 50 Cent and I’m sick of people trying to defend this guy saying “He makes good music, that’s all that matters”.

    R Kelly makes good music too but I’d rather not support someone who could potentially rape my underage daughter. And in William’s case turn my kid into a drug dealing liar who only cares about cars, money, fashion and jewelry.

  • 304

    Me personally, I can’t listen to this cat at all, and the music may be good for now but I doubt it’s timeless. The fact that he lied is messed up because there are cats who actually do the stuff he raps about and they don’t even big it up like that…

  • 304

    Why does William think it’s cool to rap about selling drugs when he actually was a respectable person (before he lied SO much) who has talent and who has worked at honest jobs for a living and struggled to become succesful in entertainment only to dissapoint his fans. Hes’ a bad influence of a rapper who uses the name of a living man who’s in prison for doing the things William raps about, and he stole the mans look too with the beard and bald head, it’s way too much for me to overlook as a music fan.

  • You F.uck With Me Wrong I Knock Your Head Off Your Neck!


  • wsiok

    @ 304 who cares that is old topic that diss was like 2 years ago, u can stop now

  • roblo

    50 Cent isWACKKKKK……..mmmmmmaybach music

  • a

    self made is crazy!

  • Moe


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  • Black Shady

    Im not one to support Ross…but this nigga UNDERSTAND how to stay relevant. His work ethic is IMPECCABLE!!! aint nobody touchin him in that aspect

    600 benz is my shit too!!!!

  • number 0ne supplier

    theres no point in dissin rozay now, that nigga goone, he will do whatever he wants from now on and theres nothing none of us can do..as the old saying goes if you cant beat them join them

  • Tsotsi

    [email protected] some sun,nigga.damn!