Def Jam Rereleasing Frank Ocean LP

Yikes! Despite Frank’s beef, Def Jam plans to release his Nostaliga, Ultra in stores on July 26. And with “Novacane” in rotation, the song will be released on iTunes on May 31. As of now, no word on if the LP’s physical release will contain all of the previous tracks or additions. Wolf Gang, y’all killin’ them all.


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  • G

    that’s good for him. that tape is dope

  • Not sure if I want to actually buy this. LOVE the album and Frank Ocean is a genius, however, I can’t support Def Jam after they virtually shelved him and this project. Now that Frank made his own buzz they’re coming out of their shells with their hands out expecting money. Doesn’t work like that, guys.

    Just another example of how record labels are archaic, ass-backwards and the LAST ones to innovate and invest in their talent.

  • Really though?

    Man fuck odd future we need some new Tupac!

  • Larry Lank Lank

    Yooooo, this disc goes hard. It took me two listens to really get into it, but now I love it!!

  • 3 months from now ? why would I wait for three months to buy a CD that was for free and will probably have like 3 new songs which I will be able to download from any hiphop site ?

  • Converse

    So all nas has 2 do is create his own buzz and drop a mixtape?

    frank ocean mixtape cover was ghetto as shit but tha music was dope

  • Chi Town

    This mixtape was DOPE. songs for women, nature feels, novacaine

  • BK James

    Dumb move. I might cop that Fear of God 2 but not this shit I already been heard.

  • D

    he’s still on def jam?

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  • Big Willie

    Def Jam hasn’t been the same since the hard knock life tour, how dare they even think about shelfing an artist fucking lames

  • LAtraffic

    Tape was dope. E30 M3 is dope too.

  • dope

    Man I been sayin fuck a label for the longest. Buy this for what? I aint givin Def Jam no money for something Frank Ocean did dolo helllll no i’d rather send him the money myself. Goes to show how out of touch and irrelevant fuckin labels are nowadays

  • Shzntt

    Fuck Coporate record labels hope they all wither and die. Stop killin people dreams and allow musicians to reach that next level of creativity. FUCK EM!

  • mac DIESEL




  • WorldFamousKev

    In this bad economy I’m not in favor of anyone losing their job, but if someone employed by Def Jam heard this tape and thought it wouldn’t be successful they should definitely not be employed in the music business. I was intrigued simply by the artwork and the album was just as nice. Absolutely loved it. I know the situation may seemed fucked up for how they are handling it, but it might turn out to be a blessing in the long run. They will send him on tour, they will invest some money into promoting him, and who knows what else. Frank will win in the long run, Hip Hop will win, and music fans worldwide will win because of the amazing music this dude produces, pause . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sorry it happened this way but hey you complained when they wouldn’t support you, now they are supporting you and you complain. What sense does that make, regardless to when they decided to get on board. ROLL WITH IT.

  • WorldFamousKev

    Def Jam is dead though. Once the mecca of Hip Hop is now the Hell On Earth. Come back Uncle Rush. Free Frank Ocean

  • dope


    Uh sorry dude but he don’t need nothing from Def Jam and they can’t do nothing for him he aint already done for himself at this point. It was all him and that tape enabled him to link up and work with Pharell, Beyonce, Nas… put his stamp on the game and get raves reviews from every freakin music publication out there. This isnt to benefit Frank Ocean this is so Def Jam can make some MONEY off of him. I mean what can they do for him that he and Odd Future haven’t done for themselves right now? Nothing. They are fuckin vampires who fucked up and now want a piece of the action. Saying :

    “Sorry it happened this way but hey you complained when they wouldn’t support you, now they are supporting you and you complain.”

    Is like if a chick treats you like shit and won’t give you the time of day till she sees you blow up and now she wants you. Fuck that shit! That aint support that’s being opportunistic

  • why would they put his mixtape out on retail? we already heard this, and its so dope… I’d rather get Pusha T’s “Fear Of God 2”

  • tron

    man they aint killin shit. you can tell em i said dat. they whack the movement the fans the music
    all whack this some bullshit. i aint even gonna say “we need real hip hop” it aint about that this shit is whack and that comes from someone who basically likes every artist that gets a post on the nut huggin rap radar. its obvious you guys are getting something out of postin about certain artist. and all that makes sense but try and be discreet about it. cause it makes yall look like some nut huggin skutters

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden Ghost

    ^Frank is hiphop everybody else in odd future arnt.


    true that Tron.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these people posting are label reps or even family or friends of thee artists.

    music listeners need to be more selective and choosy…..Odd Future aren’t it.

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    ^I bet u havent even heard frank lp?

  • Sleepy

    blah blah blah…so because some faceless(ess) on a blog have heard this tape and love but wouldn’t buy it, It’s a terrible idea?? So Far Gone did do okay, no? Not saying this will do an eigth of So Far Gone but guess what there are ppl out there who have this and would buy it and even stranger (y’all won’t believe this ) there are folks that haven’t heard it yet and will buy it.

    btw Def Jam did fuck up on this one (and that July date :s)

  • Lucci P.

    Fuck Def Jam for this shit, Its been out for three months already and we already heard it. Its funny how this comes 2days after news broke that his fellow group member Tyler The Creator just sold over 45k copies of goblin with no radio play or nuthing. Def Jam just tryna milk the situation now!!!

  • puerto-black

    Lazy ass def jam

  • rear

    i’ve got so much respect for frank ocean that i’ll be buying this album.
    This’ll be the 4th one bought, ever.

  • Politickin P

    @Worldfamous Kev I agree with u a little. However signing to a music label without losing 95 % percent of your autonomy just doesn’t happen. All a young artist has is the music Frank can’t depict how the music is marketed, what his target audience is, the singles, or if people would even like the project. That’s all in the labels hands. Def Jam took the risk of signing this artist so the same risk should be taken with releasing the material. Why wait until he has 200,000 downloads and a Top 10 single and stamp of approval from some of the industries top artist to drop the album. Frank should be frustrated because this is his livelihood hear. He has micromanaged and misrepresented. However he clearly didn’t know the business because hes a young man amped about being employed with a machine with the name recognition of Def Jam. At the end of the day an artist can’t be an artist and the machine simultaneously unless he’s one of the top dawgs. As a person about to take the bar exam I would like to see more lucrative contracts with the music industry.

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  • Friend_or_ Foe

    This can get a spin for the cover alone. Although my e30 M3> than the one on the cover.

  • oakland73rd

    FUCK def jam now they want to release this I’m not buying it cuz I already have it

  • Jake


  • the One

    That’s one of my cars in the picture!!! Ha!

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  • musiclova

    the main reason why music suck nowadays is because of companies like def jam they love putin out that manufactured deep frozen food AKA a pretty girl with pounds of makeup, same producer same style and same sound frankly that sheet sucks! when u have a refreshing artist like frank ocean who has a different sound and style like food actually cooked then served they too afraid to support the artist for real cus it different! for real these artist should stop signing with record labels and just go independent and let the sound of their work give them the exposure they want even though i think it is hard cus the radio station be in cahoots with the records labels that why we here the same songs on the radio!!!! so one last statement i am tired of slurrred druged raps which are supposed to be music , silicone abhourous sounds and weave woven music!!! yes read in between the lines… let the real artists live yeah and frank ocean is hot as sheet and i am a woman loving man and willing to admit it!!!!

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  • Frank Ocean is like Tchaicvasky and AYO Mozart