• Your mother’s “friend”

    If you ask me sampling is the reason Hip Hop is so boring nowadays , its been overdone

  • puerto-black

    @Your mother’s “friend, In some cases. Yvonne Fair’s let your down and Ronald Isley anything should be left alone for a while(overdone, after the Bigs, Jay and RZA’s murdered them). However, I do appreciate a good flip (Big KRIT, Kayne, ALC, No ID, etc), not a lazy loop(Every fakeass Producer that just loops a classic). I love Bill Withers, Stevie, O’Jays, Eddie kendricks, Marvin, etc because of breaks and the old musicans get paid(sometimes)…..That was quick

  • malcolmsummers

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  • Dashing

    @Your mother’s friend, sampling was a lot more prevalent back in the 80s and 90s before people could download software and use synthesized sounds sot hat don’t make a lot of sense. Agree that hip hop is more boring but for the exact opposite reason. Cliched synthesized beats, cliched content (rise to fame, girls, i’m the shit etc), and watered down versions of rappers that are already out keep being put on (i.e. Big Sean, Fred the Godson,etc)…I’m still waiting on a song like Ghostface’s “All that I got is You” or 2Pac “Dear Mama” to come out and get radio spins but it won’t happen.

  • slick rick

    first comment is the maddess comment i’ve ever come across in my life.
    HIP-HOP was born off sampling !
    know your music.

  • Black Shady

    good shit

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  • Donn

    Hip Hop in it self is a sample of other genre’s, don’t forget Hip Hop is only 30yrs old

  • L. Warlock

    Damm, put a youtube link nigga pleaaaaase

  • hmmm

    cant fck with what? its a well known song outside of close minded hip-hop fans dumbas$es!!!

  • ANM

    this is even better than Drake’s song that sampled this

  • Emile

    Yep, very well known song outside hip hop, maybe you guys need to open up your radar abit. Living way behind.

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