• Word

    YM dickriders wont comment on this shit cuz they only really give a fuck about Wayne Drake and Nicki. Sorry Cory, nice show.

  • slick

    ed woods is a fake damon dash. his nickname should be flamin rash

  • I love this show! Ed gotta go…lol smh…big mouths…


    Check out my interview….

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  • required

    when i first saw the first episodes of this show i thought it made cory gunz look like a little kid that couldnt handle confrontations at all. sooo, i aint really checking for this.

  • Good shit!

  • Converse

    The real question is why do he get his own show??

    This would be a great opportunity 2 drap a mixtape or ablum

  • Converse


  • slick

    cory gunz reminds me of a young jay z. fast rhyming, syllable flipping etc, etc. hov now says he spit that way cause he was young and didn’t have life experiences to talk about. when reasonable doubt came out he was 26, and in the streets. he put the speed rapping shit to the side cause he had a story to tell. does cory gunz have a story to tell? has he lived enough life to keep the public captivated by his experiences? if he don’t slow his flow down and spit lyrics that mean something and have some meat on it he won’t make it real talk

  • ? damm is that ed woods dude forreal thats how he do bis he act like he on that white

  • The Real Truth

    Nick need to stop wasting his time, like Russell said….. Nick rich lol, Cory is a waste, he lazy and always late…. disaster

  • This show is embarrassing… Cory laughs and giggles ALL THE TIME… like a little girl… smh

  • Really though?

    This show gonna end up makin’ Gunz look bad. He looks like a little kid, it doesn’t make sense for him to rap about the things he raps about then when some shit pops up he expects pops to step in all the time. If he ever gets into any rap beef, this show gonna be their instruction manual for diss tracks….entertaining nonetheless though lol

  • L.A.

    Love this fucken show!

  • bigjay2501

    yea. im addicted to this show. Nick is doing them a favor by fucking with them. Nick got plenty cake. He getting that Nickolodeon paper.

  • indeed i am fucking with the show…it jus gotta get to the hit making process! cuz aint no one hearing corey gunz right now if it was not for that 6″7 joint…come on its time to place a mixtape & video popping,,,,dude got bars, its time to formulate some songs

  • datruth

    i fucks with the show

    CMR fan since 96,97

  • CK

    Ed>nick cannon.
    Nick created the show so he acts like he’s got power and shit. but he ain’t nothing, i see him trinna talk in ed’s back after just cause he can, that’s a bitch move. Ed went like a man seeing that they were all useless and dumb, REAL people would have done this.

    And LMAO at the mariah carey pic on is desk..corny as fuccck….and his meeting points such as the gym where he can invite a fat man so he can look real strong. #child.

  • OG

    Nick cannon just made this show to be recognized as an entreupreneur don’t be fooled by his money. but he still looks like a kid in all his attitude. At least Ed lover seems to react like a man.

  • hazz

    The Ed Woods show FOH! Ed is that dude that rides the loyalty train as he shits on you. cut him a check then cut him loose.

    @slick i think Cory will mature and grow as he steps in to different circles and this will change his rhyme style. Biggie, Pac, Wayne, are example of emcees that changed as they learned the business of music not that cory is on that level right now but he has the skill to be a success.

  • nocomment

  • This show is hot. But come on. As a rapper, you have to take most responsibilities. You just can’t sit back, and let others handle it. He’s gonna get dropped by Young Money, real soon.

  • Rico

    Cory’s teeth need their own reality show.

    The Teethy Gunz show

  • coonin obrien

    ed woods is the the most unprofessional lawyer i have EVER seen in my entire life, this nigga probably barely passed the bar by cheating on it or got some bootleg law degree.

    i have a whole newfound respect for nick cannon and his people because it would have been mightily easy for them to start acting like rabid-infested apes too but they sat there like “are you finished?”

    a gangsta lawyer?!?! GTFOH!!!! watch how peter puts this chump in his place next episode

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