Kanye Performs At Mawazine Festival (Morocco)

Kanye was just one of the few guests that played at the 2011 Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morocco on Saturday. Above is some footage from the live stream of Mr. West performing “Power” and “Jesus Walks”.

nav via mr. north

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  • Kareem

    The irony of Moroccans cheering to “Jesus Walks”…

  • the One

    Never thought about it like that but you make a valid point.

  • Fxck a dog

    Freemason nigga…go fxk ya self

  • Omario

    I was there!!
    Thanks kanye for the great Show

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kanye old ass nigga. I aint fuckin wit pop hop. swag

  • I’m happy you’re getting that international money Yeezy, but a tour in the US would be great.

  • @J2ivi

    come to the south!

  • ben

    Why do people like this nigga? He should stick 2 producing thats it

  • Man if ya on this level its stupid to hear niggas in song

  • Young Clean Bastard

    Why would Kanye perform Jesus Walks in a Muslim country…? (I have Moroccan ancestors)

  • So Icy Boi!


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  • ben

    ^no his production is what is great his rapping is what we tolerated.

  • Tezzy Fresh!

    This man is fucking great at producing and rapping, fuck kanye haters

  • Black Shady

    This is why rapper/producer makes the best music. Like Ye and Cole…its not just spittin on some random beat. you can tell a whole story when u produce your own shit. LOVE IT!

  • Nigga with white dick

    [email protected] his rappinp suck big cock!

  • DJ

    Anybody who thinks Kanye’s rapping sucks listen to “The College Dropout” and “Late Registration” and get back at me. A lot of people forget how dope Kanye lyrically was. Not saying he’s the best lyrically or top 5, but he’s definitely “one” of the best lyricist.

  • Really Though?

    Hate to say it, cause i used to be a really big Kanye fan but……..

    He’s a freemason, possibly [more than likely] a devil worshiper.

    WAKE UP.

    and nah, i ain’t a hater, so miss me wit all that.

  • rabat

    I was there!! BEST MAWAZINE CONCERT EVER!!!!!! thank you so much Kanye!!!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Same performance from Yankee Stadium…..cause I was there.

  • JHP

    People believe the dumbest shit nowadays. I bet all you niggas who believe in the freemasons and illuminati also believed the world was supposed 2 end yesterday. Ignorant ass niggas. Ye is a dope ass rapper and producer and arguably the best rap artist of last decade.

  • BK

    Stop it five! dis nigga cant even create his own rhyme? so the nigga gotta get ghost writer? gtfoh only thing he good at is sucking on fish sticks ya dig?

  • Converse

    ^lmao [email protected] again

  • shovito

    @Kareem the song may be called Jesus Walks, but its appeal is universal. fuck u if you think only christians can enjoy it

  • One of my friends got an amazing shot with Kanye (because he’s working for one of the hottest radios in Morocco).

    Anyway, for those talking about “Jesus Walk” performed in a Muslim country, you surely don’t know a DAMN thing about Islam.

    Jesus is one of the most important prophets in Islam too, so we also respect him (but just as a prophet, as we believe God have no son nor father or wife). And anyway, I think Jesus Talk is universal, Also, Lupe’ got a “Muhammad Walk” out, which is pretty phat.

  • KanyeTheGreat

    This aint Ordinary bruh! – MoneyMusic410.Com

  • Belize


  • coryas

    @Kareem: Jesus is a Prophet of Islam as Muhammad, Abraham or Moses…. just let you know…