New Music: Canibus & Keith Murray Ft. Crooked I x Erick Sermon “The Guilty Will Pay”

Canibus and Keith Murray’s joint album, In Gods We Trust drops on May 31 and here’s one of the standout cuts featuring Crooked I and the Green Eyed Bandit.


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  • This is like 1997 Hip Hop… It’s new school now… Canibus used to be good… New school ish thats fire is like J Cole and Novi Novak. Period.

  • clark-marshall

    Crooked I >>>>>>> canibus
    How he try to go at half the slaughter and get a quarter on his shit

  • cmon man

    @Devon Novi Novak is a fucking faggot. He has a million fake profiles on youtube “promoting” his shit pretending to say hes a beast. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re actually him advertising his shitty music now. If you are get over yourself you fucking faaaaag. Hopsin > Novi Novak

  • TA

    fuck canibus

  • the penguin

    Im confused crooked?

  • cole1

    just occured that drake was complaining he was the first to come up with the idea for a joint album with lil wayne doesn anyone actually realize that everyones been biting nas and damien marley yet that distant relatives album was heavly slept on but it was his idea first now you have jay kanye, em royce, drake wayne, joint album season has begun its gonna be the next autotune

  • Firepower

    This is OLD!! This was on the The Undergods EP with Keith Murray as The Undergods in 09!!!

  • LouieLegend

    Cole1…you must’ve forgot that Redman and Method Man did it, hell even R. Kelly and Jay-Z…

  • haq

    Wack. Fuck those house niggaz.

  • YeBoy

    who remembers when Keith Murray beat up prodigy

    oh and saigon smacked him twice in the face in front of his hole crew

  • clark-marshall

    Has anyone noticed even though prodigy has a book he hasn’t shut the fuck up since being released from prison goddamn he talkin more then a snitch

  • RR

    @cole1 WHAT? joint albums have been done son, Nas and Damian did not start that. You must be new to this hip hop shit. do some research before you make a comment sounding hip hop illiterate

  • nags

    And don’t forget that Em and Royce did part 1 like 11 years ago

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  • llll

    Crooked I? This must be the same as Air-strike all over again.
    Canibus is a fagot for sure.

  • wickwickwack

    This is fucking dope
    Erick sermon on the boards
    this may be old but they just rereleased it on the new album

  • clark-marshall

    Fuck free world

  • clark-marshall

    Fuck free world 313

  • Thank Me Hater

    Yo real talk this shit is kinda dope and canibus kinda snapped on this shit. scatter stans!! naw I’m joking I’m an Em fan too

  • Nigga with white dick


  • BROO

    i pretty sure they stole crooked’s verse from somewhere they jus tryin 2 fuck wit em

  • B

    Whats sad is how Drake is a rapper yet he doesn’t know enough about hip hop to know people have been making collaborative albums before he was thought about. There’s also a million rappers that will destroy these mainstream dudes but they just don’t get airplay. Fans are not real hip hop heads so they just stick with the same wack mainstream sh-t like Rick Ross who’s doesn’t come close.

  • WTF?! This was on the EP! Don’t front like it’s new! Check the Undergodz EP which was a classic…bums


    canibus that nigga.. and this was on the first one.. ya niggas sleepin on that material canibus has been droppin for like the last three years now.. my nigga got fucking crazy bars.. fuck wrong wit ya

  • @Big Homie Yet Novi Novak has millions of views on his songs? And you’re aware of who he is so he must not be doing so bad for himself. Novi Novak IS a beast and you hating on him doesn’t stop that haha hatin ass nigga wheres your music? I hit him up and he actually talks back to his fans he almost instantly responded to my wall post on his facebook fan page

  • joint sounds like an old banger, ha. #gottastepitup

  • You’re all rejects

    Royce is the one with the problem. Back in 08/09 Slaughterhouse was givin collabs aways for free! buncha broke ass homos beggin for a sugadaddy and EM steps right on on.