• Britannia


  • #COLEWORLD !!!!!!!!!

  • BLaZe1


  • DDP

    Dude really needs to promote himself better. Barely any visuals, not many features, no singles, dude has lost his buzz quick, the interest will be there if he starts releasing music constitutionally and actually pushes it, but there hasn’t been anything that’s actually caught on with the mainstream or even his true fan base…Disgusting was horrible.

  • Word

    C O L E W O R L D ! ! ! ! !


    Damn and his flow at the end was GODDAMN!

    “Its judgement day im here to give you pussy niggas HELL”!

  • Word


    Why dont you comment on this song first before you try to be his marketing agent?

  • ChriZ

    *Pants become wet*

  • bossross

    the dude that pedicted the rapture needs to be in u played ur self and blackout
    cole world man nobody cant see him not even lil wanye

  • real shit..better than that “disgusting” track. reminds me of why i rock with him nd why he’s one of my fav rappers. Cole World!!

  • labelle

    this is fire..he still got it but i want the album single nowwwwwww

  • DJ

    Is this the single?




  • Word

    100 Dollars says that his album title is either something “Weather” related, “Lion Kings” related, or “North Carolina” related. I just peeped how many times he uses Lion King as a way of describing himself and his journey. Young Simba! Cant wait for the album

  • supppppp


  • NYC

    YOUNG SIMBA !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @DPP

    His buzz is dead yet RR uploaded this 1 minute after it dropped..

    That Canibus track that was uploaded earlier today dropped 3 years ago.

    Yea J. Cole has no buzz.. OK

  • JHP

    I like his lyrics, and maybe it’s because I’m young, but I just can’t get into this beat, I try to, but it bores me. I liked Grown Simba better, but this is a nice track, better then Disgusting. Right now I’m not too sure about Cole’s album anymore, which sucks because I’m a big Cole Fan. It’s real sad, that Drake’s second album is probably gonna drop, before Cole even gets his first out

  • dub

    way to sample the yeah yeah yeahs

  • malcolmsummers

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  • JDot

    Cole World!!!!!!

    Phucking wow!!!!

  • Converse

    Tuff track but like tha nigga up top said WHERE IS THE MOFO [email protected]? im not his manager but his marketing plan is fucked up


  • labelle

    can some of ya’ll just listen and enjoy the art instead of talking about promotion? damn

  • JDot

    labelle says..

    “can some of ya’ll just listen and enjoy the art instead of talking about promotion? damn”


  • malcolmsummers

    i appreciate the art bro trust me im just on my grind tryna do what i can..j. cole is a best

  • t

    cole world

  • Converse

    @malcolm summmer um guess what?! your site a piece of shit yo. and yeah stop mofo spaming shit is mad annoying

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  • JReezy

    J. Cole never disappoints. All his Simba tracks are fire.

  • Converse

    @labelle just giving advice dumb slut smh

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    There’s Only 2 LOL
    But I agree, there hasn’t been ONE J.cole overall that was as wack as wayne’s Discography.

    This Beat is SIICK!!!
    COLE WORLD bitches!!!!!
    Drake ain’t Touchin!!

  • Word


    YALL get that line at the end? About Cole/Coal being under pressure and making diamonds? Damn this dude is sick. “Cole/Coal under pressure, what that make? Diamonds” Goddamn. Thats a clever ass line. #ColeWorld indeed.

  • LA

    Cant compare a rookie to a vet!! Fucking retards on this site! Anyway dope track fam

  • Virtue

    Man i dont even go to the links J. cole posts on his twitter. i just go str8 to here lol

  • YO Bin there’s 3 you cockface..

    Grown Simba
    Return of Simba

  • Word

    @Ghost of Osama

    You prolly didnt hear Come Up. Theres Young Simba (Come Up), Grown Simba (Warm Up) and Return of Simba

  • Dream Villain

    Make way. The end of the world may not have came, but a Cole World is.

  • labelle

    go somewhere with that “trying to help” shit you prob aint even got a job talking about “helping”

  • Clearly he’s one of the best doing it right now. Not just from the new era either.

  • Sheep get drowned in the folklure


  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    uh oh Drake & cole dropping music back to back? i love the competitive spirits! 2011 summer gon be crazy!!

  • james

    he;s my nigga but his songs are gettin a tad bit repetitive

  • Drake

    ur mommas pussy repetitive

  • Donn

    Dope track…

  • james

    cool keep tellin me things your father used to tell you. oh n get drake’s dick out your mouth. keep it moving.

  • bobby who

    “and Cole keep a thick bitch I like to call big shirley” <—- wow #classic

  • He’ll have the world with this track, this is his coming out party. COLE WORLD

  • Converse

    @labelle really slut? i prolly was throwing [email protected] ass last nite lmaooo

  • Infamous_R_

    It Just Got A lot Colder Out Here

  • Mr.G


  • dmps

    Coley Cole dont disappoint… boy killed this sht PERIOD!! The last couple lines were fucking ridiculous! #Coleworld!!

  • real talk

    how you gonna say dude has no buzz or promotion when he just dropped a song and Cole World was trending on twitter in a half hour and the song was immediately on every major rap blog? Are you fucking slow?


  • @dorischennn

    Done did it again .. i’m glad hes back!

  • Yung Silv

    same sample as ballad of the black gold by reflection eternal

  • colethefuture

    this guy didnt even drop an album yet and hes already a legend

  • Return of simba would be a bang in the world of music.Well done Cole.
    All the best for your music release.

  • Donn


    Yeah Yeah Yeah’s : Runaway

  • J cole

    Thank you BasedGod

  • Lil B

    ^^Anytime son

  • luden

    Thank you! It’s going to be a good summer.

  • Citylivin’

    niggas said it was Summer….but it feel like a #Coleworld over here HA!
    @JColeNC : When it come from the heart don’t it feelll mo’ iller

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  • Timothy

    Its official, Jermaine just ruined a great Yeah Yeah Yeahs track. I’m sorry guys, but “Runaway” is doper than the sampling job Cole did. Otherwise, decent rhymes, same ol flow, I expect this hype to go down soon. People are probably gonna say the same stuff they say about Drake now to J Cole next year.

  • That Nigga

    Cole under pressure, What that make diamonds…..WOOOOOOO

  • absolutely unreal

  • He sampled the coldest sh^t on that last yeah yeah yeah’s album

  • Da Business

    Cole is the TRUTH, I don’t know what’s goin’ on ova there @ Roc Nation, but WTF is the hold up?????

  • suppppppppp

    Hi guys, I’m cool because I know the song he sampled, weeeeeeeeeee. Jeez, shut the fuck up tryin’ to act cool like you ain’t fuckin with this shit because everyone else is. This shit bangs, fuck your opinion if you ain’t fuckin’ with it.

  • Word

    @Timothy Can you do a better sample? And same ol flow? WHAT? You must not be a Cole fan. Last three new tracks I heard from he (Four if you count Fitted Cap) he is DEFINATELY switching up is flow. What you mean? You aint hear how he sped up at the end? Or how he kinda stretches his words out similar to what Kanye and other rappers do? Decent rhymes? LMAO. I guess that Cole/Coal line at the end flew over your head huh? I guess them references to all them atheletes flew over your head huh? I guess that judgement day line flew over too huh? Come on son, Cole killed this. Cant nobody say otherwise forreal, aint a wack thing bout this song. Well, IMO i guess

  • submitcomment

    young simba. COLE WORLD

  • YouKnow


  • navo


    Can’t wait for the single

  • @J cole Cosign

  • no1

    @Malcomsummers, thadailyfix site is cool. Good job on the layout and theme. I cosign it.

  • as

    Typically not a huge fan of this dude. Just never really understood all the hype. Occasionally has some sick lines… the Cole/Coal line was pretty sick. But honestly, a lot of punchlines aren’t really that clever. Like Judgement day, I’m giving hell… really? That’s pretty simple.

    That being said, I enjoyed this track.

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    cole and drake droppin tracks all summer

    i love it

  • cole (coal) under pressure,what that make DIAMONDS! ma face went cole wen he said dt

  • Black Shady

    oh my god………
    I wonder if people still doubt he’ll deliver a CLASSIC


  • manbearpig

    “Yeah i stunt but im a little more realer
    When it come from the heart
    Don’t it feel more iller
    Watch my flow go bananas I’m a lil Gorilla!”

  • DeezNuts

    feelin this

  • this one is for my hateeers

    the rap world is burned up like that scene in the Lion King…. so let see wqhat you’ve got… hopefully more like this and blow up, 2face, dreams, can’t balance…. this one is for my hateeers

  • stay tru grown simba…stay tru! cole world indeed the homie went IN on this here….joint, cot damn

  • Keith


  • Mixy

    Cole Snapped alil on this joint def dope

  • watever

    def feeling th song but,

    did cole give a little shot to his boss, jay-z, and “the suits” at rocnation

    “what you suppose to do when the og niggas don’t get it
    lost what was once theirs, but they won’t quit it
    HOMIE it’s a new era, middle finger to the suit wearers
    LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO MOVE IN A ROOM FULL(old jay line) of dudes
    who don’t have fucking clue how to do this
    probably worked with cube, so to them this a rubiks
    MY PRESIDENT is black, but my jewelers still jewish”

  • Evans

    Damnn J.Cole never gonna stop killin it, this beat is ill & his lyrics are on point as usual…Cant wait for the album!! #ColeWorld
    Check out my channel for some NICE uk hiphop Respect!

  • Van


    He’s getting there.


    Cole under pressure (c)

  • j.cole only comes with that fire.

  • pap-game

    THis Shiiit Is Hot !!!

  • wouzi


  • Cole is the truth.Just a dope Mc.I thought Cole wasn’t getting push but,this is anew game.he has to prove he can sale before they push anything to radio.Cole has a great fanbase.His album will be hot.This is crazy

  • m85

    Straight thru..no hook…Cole World!!!…its comin

  • lucas

    theres the same sample as in ballad of the black gold by reflection eternal in it

    dude knows good music 🙂 cant wait to hear this album from the first to the last second!

  • Ovr ur head

    “Yea I heard the hate but the wait is fuckin over…Its like im
    fuckin opera well worth the weight(wait)..Maybe over your head im
    ahead of my time..niggas scared of my future i kno they dreadin my
    prime cause i only make classics now what that take timing..Coal
    (cole) under pressure now what that make?diamonds”
    J cole future of hiphop

  • nygiants783


  • s.r.v.

    @ ALL of you making wack judgments with no context to actually understanding him as a fan, hes promoting his songs with his songs this dude is a brilliant artist, rhetorically stating, and his album will have theme its just these few tracks he released are him just giving us a peek at his transitioned life from when we last herd him till now so we have a clue to were hes about to come from..disgusting isnt his best lyrical work no, but was a track you just gotta understand from his shoes, which is the position he puts you in always just this time you all noticed…somehow none of you realized yet hating makes it clear to everyone you dont noe anything.

  • Stack 13

    UNCUT DOPE, What I make classics, what that take timing, coal under preassure, whats that make diamonds. Are phcuking serious if u did not cath the punch line your ass is already sleep.

  • ThisIsIt

    When dude drops his album, it will be the first I actually buy….. Grown Simba #2

  • John


  • Shlop Mouth

    its alright…still ain’t touching drizzy…Wals marts Giving Back After Layin Off Over 15,000 People.. $1,450 Gift card – I Grab 3 of Them..Lmao

  • Yeezy taught me

    If he made a song with em i would shit my pants.

  • ast516

    maybe over your head im ahead of my time niggas scared of my future i know they dreadin my prime caus i only make classics what that take timing, cole under pressure what that make diamonds

  • 106

    Cole just wants it more than the other dudes at this point.

  • Fresh

    He fuckin snapped on this track! #COLEWORLD

  • raywill01

    Cole World We Here

  • raywill01

    Cole World

  • CarreraLu

    “there hasn’t been anything that’s actually caught on with the mainstream or even his true fan base”

    False. He has definitely caught on with his true fan base. Ever been to see Cole live? Shits crazy. Keep them coming Jermaine.. I’m still bumping See It to Believe It. #COLEWORLD

  • ele

    jockin laws

  • Mohammed

    He’s not jocking Laws. Him and Elite just used the sample. Which is Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s Runaway. He also used the same sample used from Ballad of The Black Gold by Reflection Eternal. Anyway track is fiyah. One of the best of the year. Full of gems with wordplay, flow, packed with double and triple meanings with content also. COLE WORLD!!!!

  • Jax

    Cole f#cking World! Loved this!

  • C.O.L.E world myy manz go hard real talk puttin on for nc boutt tyme we have somebodyy good from nc cole rep da ville i rep da queen cityy 704 do yo thang cole putttin on fo us N.C ayyye

  • unc


  • TheCool

    Oh shit. This song is fire. Back to that spittin fire Cole. I like the concept with whole Simba thing. Is this on the album?

  • 3 words: WHEW! GOT DAYUM!

  • Dezzy

    He sampled Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Runaway for this! DOPE!

  • blake

    shit is gold…

  • Jinx

    hot cole record

  • First of COLE IS TOO DOPE……… second for who ever said dat shit bout him not promoting himself is stupid cz cole is more undeground than anything n hes still nicer den half des other niggas like drake n wiz khalifa……………………. n niggas get ur jackets cz its fina b a COLE SUMMER

  • 1

    The Return of Simba is a solid track. I’ll give it a B or a 4 on a 1-4 scale.

    I could understand that Cole is releasing music to maintain presence. But again, fans are getting impatient. We don’t want mixtape or random music. We want a comprehensive classic album with a concept.

  • James


  • James


  • phraynkhp

    cole world

  • Vicky Tyrie


  • namesarehard

    man i can’t wait for that j.cole x freddie gibbs joint after hearin this, i know that record is gonna be fucking FIRE. did he say his release date was in the summer? god damn shit is gonna be ridiculous

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  • D!A!E

    Okay…Okay…Now i see what Cole does….he leaves you with that last line where you make that “damn is stank in here” face….OOOhhhWeeee! Good stuff, Good stuff…lol

  • jam

    shit bangs

  • Boy

    WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKK?????????????? HARDEST RAP IN 10YRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • The Hater

    This is serious.

    Sidebar: when did fans/bloggers turn into fuckin a&r/publicist/soundscan watching ass niggaz? Stfu all y’all and just listen to the damn music. Everybody act like they work for a fuckin label

  • nygiants783


  • nigger cole be busting my brain nobody got nothing on him lyrically in the rap game i know plenty other rappers can make hits and rhyme but he has depth and floetry what a lot of cats out der be lacking……#cole to the muthafucking world…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JermaineCole

    best song of the year so far

  • very soft and cool World.

  • Pok

    F*ckin’ remarkable issues here. I am very happy to look your post. Thanks so much and i am having a look ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?