• Noringtone

    Wish this was on it.

  • Sam from FL

    Why is this guy in Odd future again? He has his own swag and buzz to make it alone. But I guess niggas gotta stay loyal. Shame.

  • Donn

    Yo, this is my first time listening to this dude and i gotta say i’m diggin’ it. I’ma be looking out for more from this guy. Its like when i never listened to Wiz and somebody put me on to his mixtapes and wat not.

  • will

    Why exactly is staying loyal to one of the most progressive and most buzzed about rap groups out there is a shame?

  • JayDee

    It sucks that this song isn’t on Nostalgia/Ultra. Frank Ocean is the best Odd Future member, indeed.

  • Sam from FL


    you say progressive and buzzed about, I say gimmicky and overrated.

  • supppppp

    Talented or not, he’s only getting a buzz now because of the new wave of OF dick-riding. He been on the shelf at Def Jam for a while

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    This song is dope for the minute it lasts…..thanks for making me want more. Well Done.

  • kid mercury


  • Cali760

    Frank Ocean is DOPE

  • hope people dont sleep on this retail. im just glad i got mine for free in feb lol

  • Fady

    i am soo in love with this guy!!!!!! and am glad that his success is coming on slowly but surley!…..am happy that his talent is being noticed little by little…. @team_frankocean Make sure u follow

  • Word

    Odd Futures best asset right here.



  • JON

    Do people not realize the OF hype helped jump start the attention Frank Oceans getting? Frank has expressed numerous times how much Def Jam let him down. Plus Odd future is a group of friends, Frank wouldn’t just leave them for money and pop hype.

  • Word

    Novacane been getting hella radio play. I heard Yonkers on the radio today. Tyler, Earl, Frank >>

    Keep sleeping on this dude please. Keep sleeping on Tyler and Earl too.

  • bryce ayy

    you niggas are funny. i bumped this fool when his mixtape came out and had no idea he was apart of the band of rascals. there are alot of music scavengers out there who look for new music regardless of who cosigns or buzz theyre affliated with. dont confuse music lovers w/the dick riders you know, frank was dope regardless. just cuz a Label shelved him doesnt mean the public wouldnt have felt him..they never got the opportunity to hear him til frank said fuck it and released his own tape himself.

  • Word

    Cosign @JON. Odd Future aint just a group, they friends too. This aint like them other groups where they split up cuz they werent really friends to begin with. I dont think Frank would sell out like that. Thats not the Odd Future way. They go AGAINST this bullshit, stagnant, conventional music thats coming out now. Thats why I respect them. Only 3 have talent tho

  • Oops!

    This song is on The Lonny Bordeaux mixtape, you bandwaggon ass fans.

  • Mike

    Oops! Who lol that name doesn’t ring any bells.. Now if you had said the nigga on the shelf on Def Jam for years.. Until he changed his name and got down with people who believe in him.. Then I would know who you were talking about.. Plus everyone one who didn’t grow up where an artist started is a bandwangon (one g) lol fan… It’s not who heard him first but that you feel the music..

  • Infamous_R_

    Lol At Niggas questioning his loyalty he has only benefited from his wolf gang affiliation

  • still best rite now!!

    the question is….how the fuck was Def Jam sleeping on his talent? yall had Lonny (Frank) on the shelf? C’mon son

  • LA


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  • download link for the song freshsideny.com

  • james

    @oops lonny bordeaux mixtape is even an official frank ocean mixtape

  • james


  • Lonny Breaux is his given name…and also the name of his mixtape before Nostalgia/Ultra…Look it up people and you will find this song on the first disc.

  • http://hulkshare.com/xkf40264mhb5 Shh…Don’t tell ANYONE.



    it ain’t even his official mixtape, its a compilation of songs made before nostalgia/ultra. The fans made it.


    man this kid is so talented

  • Nathaniel

    it’s amazing how much hate frank ocean DOESN’T receive. to be that nigga, on any blog, reading what people say about him has to be a good feeling. it’s almost ALWAYS positive.

    what’s fuckin with that?

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  • RC

    People cant even be fans anymore.

    Seriously, fan is just short for fanatic, meaning your a dick rider. But dick rider, just has such a negative connotation to it. Being a fan of someone isn’t negative at all.

    I’ll admit I didn’t know who this guy was, until I found him on RapRadar and Joe Budden doing a song over his beat. His mixtape was very good. I only skipped maybe 3 songs on it. It was impressive and its in the whip right now on heavy rotation.

    Dude is fly. I like that he is singing so emotional over a damn car. He can sing about everything. Thats cool to me.

    I wont purchase the disc unless it has new music on it tho.

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  • cz

    people need to give odd future like 3 years, and then theyll all be slightly older, earl will be back, and they all should be over the rebel shit. they will be one of the top if not the best group out

  • k78west

    This shit is dope….but i thout it was a lil dry wit juss tha piano so i decided to finsh it…Let me kno what yall think……..http://soundcloud.com/k78westproductions/frank-ocean-acura-integurl_78west

  • k78west

    This is Dope…but i thought it was a bit dry wit juss the piano, so i decided to finish it….Let me kno what you think…..http://soundcloud.com/k78westproductions/frank-ocean-acura-integurl_78west