• Monk

    he did his thing…the last one is dope i love the last one

  • Fxck a dog

    From ‘Gangster Party’ With Tupac to ” I JUST WANNA MAKE YOU SWEAT”….This nigga is failed…

  • RapKing

    that shit was firee snoop till got it dre tho…

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  • Braniak


    fxck a hater

  • blahjor

    this freestyle was garbage, i feel its not up to snoop do double G standards, i expected more subject matter, not just regular “we partyin, with westood, im the best”

  • What No BlackBerry!?
    Lesson to the yougens

  • My Name is Long and I understan but you need to mind yo own muhfuckin business before I bust a Cap!

    WOOOOOW!!! no blackberry, and I’d expect some gay shit from Snoop, but the nigga just Hides his Skills Hahaha!!!

    @fxck a dog WHy do you Censor your cuss words!? it’s WET not sweat, and it’s FUCK not Fxck, you little PUSSYYYYY!!!
    [email protected] Jason X

  • bk82

    Cool !!!!!

  • Jaediggity

    Wowwwww!!!!! All you niggas talking about the dogg lost it.. ya’ll niggas must be stupid.. Got that california girls money came back to the uk and kill this freestyle off the top of the head. Shitting on J.cole Drake and all them new niggas that write they shit before.. take notes lil niggas!!! that was a REAL freestyle, not a punchline every other bar just spitting real rhymes.

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  • DJAR

    fuccccckery……………he killed this shit,,

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  • Really Though?

    Haha, at least he was really freestyling. Shit was nice, lol it was just kinda ironic to me how he put the Red Nation beat on for em’ to freestyle to.

  • I laugh at all the people that say that Snoop lost his touch…. this guy is a legend, and plus this freestyle was so dope

  • Nigga with white dick

    Fuck this wack nigga! and fuck the eastcoast

  • Van

    Respect the legend but Snoop look old as shit. I keep telling niggas that green wasn’t meant to be burned everyday, that wake and bake shit will fuck you up.

  • Devil

    Even thought Snoop went downhill…that FREESTYLE was hot! REAL freestyle no written shit.

  • wow learn before u speak

    @Nigga with white dick snoop is not from the east coast so unless that was completely unrelated i suggest u learn

  • YOUR pusha

    you wanted real hiphop you got it right chea, on top of the dome freestyling from a livin legend, give respect

  • G

    Hey…! Wot beat did he freestyle to first…? “snoop d o double G, wen i’m on the micro’phn they say cry’n face”…