• James


  • 1

    This performance is kind of awkward/weird.

    I hope Cory gets with the right produces to compliment his flow, voice and subject matter. I also hope he doesn’t rap fast all the time, because although its a great ability to be able to rap at this speed, hearing an entire album of this would drive me crazy. Having versatile flows is a must!

    keeping doing your thing Cory.

  • Black Shady

    Gunna my nigga you already knowwwww but god this was kinda awkward lol

    If Birdman aint really pushing him, he gotta create some buzz by himself. How? get with a big DJ (id say Drama) and drop a solid mixtape. that way…you’ll have some records to perform.
    Now you only got A Milli & 6’7…and you only have guest verses.

    Im rooting for Cory!!!!

  • C’mon son.

    Look like he performing for the camera and the dance crew on stage.


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  • Was he running late, for this performance too?

  • Clarence “Jah C” Fruster

    Thanks for continuing to show love to the progressive events my friends and I are booking and producing. I was proud to play my part on this evening, the crowd loved it, and it was a strong showing for all parties. Forever Fresh.