• wickwickwack

    this is sad…these kids even suck on a tribute
    rip M. bone

  • Word

    What the fuck? This is how you tribute someone? Well I guess ppl do it differently? Some mourn and make a sad slow song, some celebratw I guess. But the type of song This is isn’t the problem, its just wack. Wish they coulda done better.RIP

  • fuk waka


  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Oh gawd! It’s gonna be one of them posts again! I can feel it! I will check da comments again in 30 minutes! lol

  • beat

    Some groups create a song like crossroads to remember their fallen ones and reach global success. Others don’t know how to make a tribute song, so they make a dance song..

  • Converse

    Is he tha one who kill hiphop? karma is a bitch!!!

  • ben

    R.i.p 2 young

  • ben

    R.i.p 2 young boy

  • Dirk

    This shit sucks

  • James


  • My Name is Long and I understand but you need to m

    He wasnt made 4 this gangster shit!

  • get bucks

    What in the BUGALOO SHRIMP is this SHIT???

  • Belize

    22 years old. Damn shame. Condolences to the loved ones. Rest in Paradise son,

  • dep!

  • Devil

    I really hope these lil niggas get shot in the next drive by…
    The ‘Hip Hop God’ is taking justice by his own hands.


    Who produced this track? DJ MUSTARD?

  • DJ Danny Carter

    All of yall taking shots at these boys are being disrespectful. Whether or not you like them or the song is irrelevant. We just lost another young black man over nothing. At least be respectful of the man’s family and situation. I shouldn’t have even have to be typing this smh…

  • mike cons

    that is is mbone was a good singer and a raper who would shout a good person i didnt know him but this is just sad come on now is that what people always think off going out and killing people thats is just fuck up. r.i.p m bone

  • Malik D

    Yall Is Dumb, Tey Did This Song To Keep The *Dougie* Movement Goin! They Wouldnt Want To Do A Slow Song, It Would Fuck Up EveryBodys Mood! This Makes Me Want To Dance Instead Of Cry!

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  • Over_Rated_Schwag

    I don’t think the song is that bad i mean they did it for him y’all are being real disrespectful wat if one of ur family members or wat ever died and people start sayin “oh they was nice but they were ugly and couldnt sing or watever” that would be rude u have to look at ur surroundings before u jump out the box nd say anything