Rick Ross Covers VIBE

Ross takes the top off on the cover of VIBE‘s June/July Sexy issue. As part of the issue, Power 105.1’s Angela Yee rounded up the Maybach Troops for a roundtable discussion. Video after the jump.

Angela Yee: Have you ever messed with a girl that you were embarrassed about and you hoped no one finds out?
Wale: When I was younger. Seeing them in the club the next time like, Damn, if I could see me from last week I’d beat the shit out of me. I’d put a roofie in my own joint so I don’t end up talking to this chick.
Meek Mill: Like 3:30 in the morning, not having a girl. It be like that sometimes. I fuck a lot of bad women, don’t get it twisted. I got a thick one, a little husky… I got that one and she’s always around. And people found out I hit it—

[All laugh]

Mill: She ain’t fat. She’s thick. She’s like 25 percent over the line.
Pill: She had a few too many goddamn double cheeseburgers.

What about you, Ross?
Ross: I be sliding through the ‘hood, I can’t lie. I love extravagant exotic women, but I come from the ‘hood at the same time. So if I’m in my Chevy riding through the ‘hood and you see one of those ghetto girls in a hot pink shirt, you’re just like ‘Hey, put your number in this.’ I’m still in touch with the ‘hood like that.

You’re giving back to the community.
Ross: I still give back. I can’t even front.
Pill, I’ve seen you with some crackheads.

[All laugh]

Mill: Pill is a ‘hood nigga, for real. He doesn’t give a fuck.
Pill: On some real shit, I’ve had some that didn’t look all that right. I play like I ain’t know it that day in the club because—
Ross: You can’t act like you don’t know it.
Wale: That’s what makes them go crazy.

Pill: I ain’t gon’ lie, one of my worse experiences was waking up in the morning years ago and I looked over to my left and said, “Aww, man, what the fuck were you doing, dog?”

Ross: I can’t sleep the whole night with a chick. Before sunrise, shorty, you got to go.
Pill: Obviously, I was too fucked up in the first place to have you in my bed and in my house if you’re looking that bad. So I went to sleep and when I got up, I’m asking you, “What went down? Did I really just…”
Ross: You done ate the pussy.

[vodpod id=Video.9427693&w=425&h=350&fv=config%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.realgravity.com%2Fcached%2Fapi%2Fstaticplayerxml%2Fc0e00780-d58f-012d-2afb-12313b079c51%2Fdcbb9682dce166440b393479294ea713000a%3Fembedded%3Dtrue]

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  • LA

    Got milk?

  • onanigga

    i just heeved

  • Dashing

    Outside of the obvious jokes about Ross being on the cover of a sexy issue…

    The convo is actually pretty funny.

  • Converse

    lmao pill a funny nigga

    sidebar: who ever photograph this shit is gayer than [email protected] party

  • NewYork

    the most disgusting cover ever .. damn

    he should quit that ” i come from the hood ” shit smh fuckin fake ass

  • Someone needs a bra…

    Click the name for your hip hop fix!

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    LMAOSMH, u know YN is in heaven right now that, nigga love him some ross smh

  • whocares?

    such a big fat fuck to be such a waste of life

  • RAZ

    What the fuck?

  • OffMyNutz

    FUCK this FAT FUCK!!!Fraudass Motherfucker!!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Seriously who the in the world authorized this? Does man even have a thought process? Just like the COMPLEX mag cover this dude is a clown, a joke, a minstrel show, a laughingstock.


    hahahah this fucking guys retarded… nigga do some sets nigga.. hit the bench nigga god damn…. this nigga titties are flaps.. u can actually lift them shits ahahaha.. nigga what u had breast milk in that shit before.. how they gas u up to take this pic.. .. nigga did they think topless fat niggas will sell mags.. since when that trend start…

  • James


  • money$$

    Self made out tomorrow. Will go number one with only 50 000 cd sold.
    But expect rosay and the team to be aware they will be downloaded 750 000 time ilegal or not
    it’s promotion = shows= money$$ for MMG

  • Mischief


  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    eminem and lex luger remix. DOPA


  • cali

    why does he find the need to take off his shirt all the time…

  • So Icy Boi!

    Stop hatin! Mah nigga Rozay aint fat,he juss big boned

  • Sam I Am

    lmao @ Mischief

  • Chu Chu

    Ross Wheres Your Training Bra ? MONKEYYYYY

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @So Icy Boy. “Stop hatin! Mah nigga Rozay aint fat,he juss big boned”…You cant justify this. Another bad decision by Officer Ricky he’s made so many i lost count smh.

  • No Dickriding

    Did Ross or his team really approve this cover?

  • DIGGSY!!!

    people gonna see this in line at the grocery store and not be hungry anymore

  • ben


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    How does this guy ever look himself in the mirror???……..no wonder this guy does nothing but smoke weed at his age. He could never honestly deal with the fact of who HE REALLY IS. I mean that with all seriousness. Its fucking sad.

  • Citylivin’

    HAHA! @Mischief

  • JAYE

    somebody should really tell him taking his shirt off is bad for business. think about the children ross…

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  • Rick Ross

    I think i’m MC Hammer
    I think i’m Big Meech
    I think i’m Larry Hoover
    I think i’m Freeway Ricky Ross

    I think i’m everyone but who i really am, which is a fat ass former C.O. with music only made popular by the same old repetitive beats. But keep buyin’ my shit

  • Jordan Cohen

    If this oversized, overrated storybook rapper is what’s sexy nowadays i’m going to have to pass Vibe. (Pause) Sticking to TSS, Bon Iver and Random Axe until ya’ll get it under control. RR loves this dude for SOME ODD REASON. Can yall BLACKOUT or at least a PLAYED YOURSELF moment for this?!?!!?

    RR <3's MM 4Ever

  • Black Shady

    I would love to suck on ross tities(no homo)

  • No Swag

    We have to do it! We have to!
    This dude needs a bra or something! That gotta be indecent exposure!
    Keep your shirt on you FAT FUCK!

  • Belize


  • YOUR pusha

    rozay is the no. 1 rapper right now, i dont know how that happened but it did! wow

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  • white people on your body as tats lol

  • malcolmsummers

    rick ross is not the number one rapper right now by any means…

    -visit the new “golden boys” of hip hop blogging at:


  • The Hater

    Son got 2 crackers faces tatted on his titties

  • Gucci Time!

    lookin at rozays tits just gave me a boner is that right?

  • Donn

    Are y’all really commenting on another man’s weight and body lmfao???

    Who gives a shit, i know that dude on that cover is winning right now, i can give two shits about how he looks lol 0_o

    Lets go ROZAY. Str8 take over

  • ymcmb

    where the obama tatoo? that would be cool

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Rick Ross





  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    This should of been the “XXL” edition (ha! get it?)
    SMFH with all this “cocaine, real niggas, real hood Talk and none of those niggas ever touched a gat before!!!!

  • connectnow

    oh shit is that kamala on the cover

  • Jeffro

    Damn man, this photo is what Michelle Obama should use for her program to end childhood obesity…this is what you’ll look like if you spend your life smoking weed and working as a corrections officer…he smokes to forget he was a cop, he eats because he has the munchies…losing!

  • Word

    Fat bitch.

  • Thank Me Hater

    I know the camera man walked in the photo shoot like “oh shit bring out the double wide lenses”

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Jeffro you got me dying nigga…hahahahahahahahaha

  • yupp

    they need to sell that issue with the black plastic wrap on it with all that NUDITY

  • Rick Ross is confident with his body. I can respect that. Half of you commenting fuck bitches with the lights off

  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    Fat fucker KFC lover

    Rosay is 100% dope period. haters go to thisis50 crap .com

  • JJ

    I feel bad for the guy who tattooed THAT THING he calls a body! And i feel bad for the girls who let him fuck them. SMH

  • Dezzy

    Rick Ross is a bawse. I bet he can fuck all your bitches!

  • DestroyerOfDumbFucks

    Why…? Just why? Why post this? Why do this? Please tell me I won’t ever be able to unsee this? Why? WHY?

  • Master

    This shit’s got to STOP!!!! Damn its 2011 and this COP still frontin like he Tony Montana. Man I miss the days of 2Pac and Biggie.

  • Michael

    If you had a body like this why would you ever take off your shirt. He needs to be the kid who swims with his shirt on.

  • comptonkilla


  • dunkdondada

    rick ross is the king of hip hop right now. he went out there and put together a well rounded team. with the exception of hov,ye and nas no one is touching dis guy.a black man and his crew unafraid and standing tall, unlike shady and his roster of uncle toms and house negroes

  • B

    Why does he have former slave owners tatted on his tits. What a lame. Far from Tupac is back

  • FatRossTheBoss

    This Aint ordinary Bruh!! – MoneyMusic410.Com

  • 12reps

    look at this fat nigga

  • D-Boy

    i feel sick

  • YourCoroner

    Awww! Cenzor this! This is disgusting!


    Ha, not only am I a shitty rapper… I’m really fucking fat too! Look at me! I’m fat ass nigga cop!

  • Coroner

    Where is So Icy Boi! at?? Now dickride this fat fuck faggot!

  • haq

    LMFAO the sexy issue!?!?!?!!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF and officer ricky 2 sexy for his shirt!?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA W… T… F…

  • I bet he hiding his badge under them tittais/boobies/dolphin flaps/paddles/Udders

  • YEah.

    this nigga got fucking Nas forehead, Kimbo slices beard and bizarres body.. SMH

  • Phillinois

    This has to be the hardest game of Where’s Waldo I’ve ever played!!!

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