• I never knew Sleepy was a part of the production staff of Organized Noize.Sleepy isdope.This issome real blues type shit.Something to mack too.ATL

  • Ben

    Damn this is nice! he still can sing real good

  • Noringtone

    This is pretty cool. I will buy his album.

  • Heard this last night & definitely another really smooth dope record from Sleepy Brown whose vocals are usually always on point! Really love the name of the name of the new album which I’m looking forward to a lot! His 1st album Mr. Brown was highly dope but also very slept on & definitely going to have to put it back in rotation now!

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  • Brodie

    Sleepy Brown os that dude. Been fucking with him ever since I found out that he helped produce Spottieodiedopaliscious (sp?). His vocals are always on point. Looks like Isaac Hayes and sounds like Curtis Maufield.

  • Duc

    to hell with sleepy brown, who is that latin female in the picture





  • Converse

    Yeah dis shit is so smooth?

    and shorty 2 his left is bad

  • I’ve heard better from him, but I’m really looking forward to his new album. Glad to see he’s stepping back into the music scene.

  • Duc

    dude looks like a well paid version of Omar from The Wire

  • RayGoldie305

    Sounds like a demo but its definitely refreshing though. Reminds me of that old OutKast.

  • Mr. A. From Tha T

    Get a 3 stacks feature on that album, and #i’dcop

  • eric 101

    That GORGEOUS latina is actress and singer Liana Mendoza. She is working with Sleepy Brown on her debut album. Her artist name is Roxxy. He dubbed her the name Roxxy cause they are keeping it double xx sexxy. She’s a up and coming actress to from what i know. Love that girl, i’m a fan!!!