New Video: Fred The Godson “Novacane (Remix)”

Frank Ocean’s hit is just now making its rounds around town and for Fred The Godson’s latest video, the Bronx MC plays that smooth operator to accompany his take.

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  • his flow is too slow for this beat, it demolished him – it wud have worked on another beat, but not this

  • jayjay

    What woman in her right mind would have intercourse with Fred The Godson?

  • Converse

    Yo i dont even think dis nigga has fans lmao

    ur wack hang it up fat fuck

  • dll32

    who would fuck that ?

  • namesarehard

    this guy is fucking terrible, fred KILL YOSELF SON

  • Likeshawn

    Is this nicca just fat as fuck, is he a midget or does he have dwarf syndrome or all three?

  • tanco

    Yo Fred has to be the best new mc in a long time this is cool but that jadakiss song on his new joint is so hot…

  • Fred The Godson is nice, but I dont think this song was for him… The beat is just too slow

  • tha truth

    dope flo…do ur thang fred…all tha haters can eat a d!*k!!!!

  • James


  • dino

    Fred can spit shit hot but i hate these nerds like off future and frank ocean but this guy reminds me of when rap was good

  • Swaggdd

    ^You must like crap!