Rock The Bells 2011 Line Up

It is that time of the year and the Rock The Bells 2011 performers have just been announced. This year, the concert series will make four stops, kicking off in San Bernardino, CA on August 20th. Pre-sale tix go on sale June 3 and to the general public on June 4. See the dates below and the full line up after the jump.

08.20 San Bernardino, CA – San Manuel Amphitheater
08.27 Mountain View, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre
09.03 New York, NY – Governor’s Island
09.10 Boston, MA

heads up: April Bombai

Ms. Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill +
Nas – Illmatic +
Cypress Hill – Black Sunday +
Erykah Badu*
Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star +
Raekwon & Ghostface – Only Built for Cuban Linx +
Mobb Deep – The Infamous +
The GZA – Liquid Swords +
Immortal Technique
Mac Miller*
Souls of Mischief – 93 ‘til Infinity +
Black Moon
Childish Gambino
Blu & Exile
Random Axe*
Masta Killah – No Said Date +
Freddie Gibbs
Roc Marciano
+ notes full-album sets
* notes performance on select dates only
Hosted by:
The RZA + MURS 3:16 + Supernatural

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  • dmc


  • Chronick

    When and where are slaughterhouse playing?>

  • seriously


  • Noringtone

    I want them to come to Portland,Orgeon!

  • RoeLuv


  • Rakim

    why im not on the list fuck yall

  • Hahaha…right…RTB is coming to Portland, OR.

  • Man I gotta see this!

  • puerto-black

    how about some “it was written” nas

  • Willie_mcfly22

    But how u kno whos performin on what dates??

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  • No Lil B? Fuck that shit! & it’s coming to Boston smh. Come to Boston BasedGod

  • Lineup is straight dope. So much talent in one show…. wish I could be there for real. I’d be that dude front row for Cypress rapping “How I Could Just Kill A Man” verbatim high off my nut. Dreams.


  • Sam I Am

    thats a very nice touch to show what the artists’ are performing from their catalogs. no confusion and crazy requests. it definitely helps a lot when said artists have extensive catalogs.

  • Soul_Assasin

    Great line up! Nas, GZA, ghostface and Raekwon, black star, cypress, mobb deep and immortal technique. Hopefully the roots and jay eloctronica hop on and rage agaisnt the machine reunite again like they did three or four years ago…

  • christian myers is hip-hop

    ill be in new york sept 3rd .. rock the bells always has the best hip-hop festival every summer no one comes close and this is 1/3 of the lineup and its already the illest lineup this summer of any concerts .. god bless u guerilla union

  • Converse

    Why is mac miller their? somethings dont make sense

  • Jesse

    Would love to see Method Man do Tical.


    this looks incredible, I’m going to the NYC show.


  • Jon

    I wanna see this so bad

  • manbearpig

    Souls of Mischief – 93 ‘til Infinity +

  • Illmatic

    This is the greatest line up i’ve ever seen, but who’s idea was it honestly to bring on mac miller? seriously…

  • i go every year. this is going to be dope.


    WHERE IS….. SiLent KNIGHT ??????????????????????????????????

  • Yea.. I’m there most def!

  • Paul

    Childish Gambino so underated! Just saw him live few weeks back incredible show. Elliot start showing him love on Rap Radar…and ya Slaughters and Illmatic? Gotta attend this shit

  • GrimLurker

    This is gonna be insane. Watching Nas and AZ rockin the stage is a must see

    Mobb deep – P is home so I know their set is gonna on point

    Blu. n exile- like dudes music, but I heard he has no type of stage presence hopefully he comes thru because NYC will be quick throw some shit

    Lauryn Hill- RTB lost for not getting that fugees reunion but dope nonetheless

    Rae n ghost- these niggas never miss a concert LOL always good to see

    Blackstarr- o shit!

  • GrimLurker

    Wait slaughterhouse is performing while Rae n ghost are there? Didn’t some shit pop off when a certain rapper got his eye swolled up and cried about it on a webcam?

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  • Money mitch

    Mac millers gotta be for Boston you know how Wack ppl from Boston are

  • haterzeverywhere

    Yo do ya’ll not realize how BIG Mac Miller is?? this kid is the BIggest unsigned rapper right now.. 13k first week of an Itunes ONLY EP, 400k twitter followers and climbing.. sold out shows


    he’s gon be bigger than wiz

  • WAP


  • CG

    Holy CG batman!!!

  • Braniak

    Everything was fine until I saw the name “wac miller” who told this chump his a rapper?? SMFH

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  • mac DIESEL




    4 shows for an “International festival ” ? some bullshit .

    Nas , AZ , Pete Rock , Immortal Technique , Mos def , Mobb Deep , Slaughterhouse , Raekwon – Ghostface worth seein. Although Ive seen most of em already .

    for the boston show they should have added Edo G , jaysaun , And Slaine from special teamz… they are fuckin dope as hell.. especially slaine now from la coka nostra.

  • Belize

    Looks nice!!! Got some great people on there!

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  • jordan

    brah mac miller is the shit,ilove him

  • Average line up to be honest.

  • Jason

    No DMV show?

  • Piles

    wish this festival would come back to Washington State

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  • Hell yes.

    Travelling all the way by myself from Australia for this. Cannot wait.

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