• TheRock

    The Rock says this, MMG is the worst rap group in rap entertainment for a long time.

    If yaa smelllllllalalalala WHAT THE ROCK… IS… COOKING

  • Aggie Pride

    ^ U a goofy NIGGA just like MMG. BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    Trouble>>>>>>>>> Pill, Meek Mill,& Wale

  • dam

    lol at wales smooky line

  • B

    These some amateur ABC rappin ass nigg-s. Rick False is one annoying fraud ass nigg-a, who the hell would want to be like him.He’s a funny style type a dude

  • Black Shady

    Wack freestyles.

    SHADY 2011

  • Pat

    oh look, another Ross/MMG post

  • iamhiphop

    rozay! y yu say ur great but yu never participate, yu a fake, for god sake, give it up. everythin yu talk about is made up, yu aint a boss ur a follower. ur crew should hollow ya, ur garbage meek nd wale r the only 2 thats even good in ur crew…nd thats including yu…fuck mmg

  • iamhiphop

    well actually no fuck rick ross wale nd meek got skills

  • iamhiphop

    i sound like a hater i kno but wtf i cant stand this nigga lol nd hes everywhere he shouldnt b at the top of hip hop its a disgrace to the game wheres his talent at all ?

  • cooks

    these dudes will not sell more records triple c’s .meek mill r u serious your lyrics r doo doo.wale your durag is on too tight maybe if u had enuff oxygen ucould spit some real shit.pill is the best out the bunch and he had the least amount of bars.ross already bought burgers with the advance money

  • Seems like everyone here hates to see these brothers win.
    The album is dope man.
    Better than I expected.
    These guys will and def. are winning.
    Wale droppin’ that album late Aug/Sep. MMG looking good if you ask me..

  • Buju “From Jail” Banton

    Wale has ZERO delivery,
    other than that millz took it

  • meel spits crack. wall-e on no hands was corny and shoulda came harder.

    tell yo peeps to cop yo shit…they da only ones that will
    any BOSS is gonna spit in the cypher. matter fact he starts the shit…..

    commands his troops? he think he a general after reading art of war…..

    but he’s just a Major Doooosh

  • Converse

    Im a fan and even im annoy by all these muthafucking post goddamn

    u niggas making a post that already been posted?

  • young lucci poppin cuccu


  • YeBoy

    wale thinks he a gangsta now, ha.

  • lol, dis was dope! meek killed all there freestyles

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  • puerto-black

    HAHA @ Go COP self-made