New Video: Kendrick Lamar “Hiii PoWer”

For the first visual off his upcoming project, Section .80, Kendrick Lamar tells his story accompanied by a few historic images. Who would have thought a history lesson could be so ill?

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  • Hip Hop Fan

    This song is one of the best put out this year. Glad video finally came out.

  • @pros2ill

    HiiiPoWeR is trending.. aka the track J. Cole should’ve kept to himself instead of giving it to the very average Kendrick Lamar -____- or at least did the hook for this guy.

  • Infinite

    Dope video. Wish that more dudes would be this down to earth. He’s one of the only guy that actually keeps it real. SECTION.80!

  • 3rdRail


  • PWR

    Nicceeee visual. Kendricks becoming a huge problem..

  • BlazeMM

    Yeah good luck proving that the only reason it’s trending is because of the production by J. Cole. I’m sure it has NOTHING to do Kendrick Lamar. No, not at all.

  • TryDifferentJokes

    Who would *HAVE* thought!!! C’mon Big Homie

  • Black Shady

    This is my shit!!!!!!!! That Cole/Kendrick mixtape gonna be stupid retarded.


  • His shit really remind me of Lupe.

  • iamhiphop

    you cant b real if you hate on this guy…this is real hip hop.. hes got somthin to say thats what hip hop needs fuck tha bubble gum rap bullshit fer reals

  • RC

    This shit hard.

  • Droppin’Jew-Elz101

    Dope shit!!!! Ill song and nice vid to match. Hope more people support what he’s doing.

  • the ghost of osama bin laden

    Stop jumping on Cole’s nuts you little faggot
    I don’t think anybody else could of kilt this perfectly!!!
    3 fingers in the air!!!!!!!

  • this aint your grandpa’s history class

  • Wally Champ

    Shit go hard

  • rahrahrah

    Hadn’t heard this before. Glad to see this, hope some of the kids are listening.

  • Aj


  • Peekay


  • JDot


  • BB

    I’m a huge fan of J. Cole but you guys need to respect Kendrick Lamar for doing his thing. I don’t think anyone could have done better than him on this track. J. Cole is great but so is Kendrick Lamar.

  • The most Intresting Man in the world

    Dope song
    Kendrick Lamar J. Cole mixtape going to be fuckin Amazing!!!

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  • Sc_R

    Fuck the J.Cole/Kendrick mixtape good chance the shit’ll NEVER drop cause what’s the chance a record label would let their artist do some shit they COULD but WON’T be paid for unless that TDE/AFTERMATH/ROC NATION deal happens.. but I do hope temptation is on section 80.. that will be a classic though! This song on some other shit that nobody out doin right now

  • Ice Cold

    This is my 1st time listening to this dude, Dope!.

  • iamhiphop

    he said tha govt will kill me then a picture of the car pac died in was there kendrick lamar is dope as fuck…..FUCK THE ILLUMINATI


  • Word

    Kendrick x Cole >>>>>>>>

  • NuJew

    This is Dope but I don’t believe in everything he said

    Brainwashed by the liberals and FUCK the REPUBLICANS

  • TheRock

    The Rock says this, this video here is the most electrifying video in rap entertainment for a long time

    If yaa smelllllllalalalala WHAT THE ROCK… IS… COOKING

  • jimmy

    great flow. respect

  • Froggy

    i like this a lot…:)..
    …Best Buy went Bankrupt so they working with Apple to give away these $1,000 giftcards for ANYTHING Apple at their store!! I use 2 emails & got

  • MHarstad

    I’d rather hear J. Cole on this FILTHY beat, but Kendrick did his thing

  • submitcomment

    section. 80, three fingers in air. I call that shit HIIIPOWER!

  • still best rite now!!

    Kendrick Lamar & J Cole = Pac influence

  • L4U

    West West!!!

  • No Swag

    Holy shit dudes just can’t wait to say J.Cole name, so now they have the opportunity. Sounds like they check it out just for him.

    It’s dope tho.

  • Converse

    Goddamn his voice is annoying like scratching a blackboard

    video is mad dope tho and lyrics are nice

  • Sheep get drowned in the folklure

    Man K.Dot is on higher levels than most of these rappers b…i put my niccas on to his shyt almost two yrs ago..and told him was gonna blow up…and finally he did! to the nicca that said that lamar is as good as cole is correct! Lamar is great! for the ones that are on his level…he speaks for the ones that are awake ..not the sheep! like most of yall!

  • These are some really strong visuals from the homie Kendrick that compliment & make the message in the track that much stronger! Without a doubt if not the best at the very least among the top 2-3 tracks to drop so far this year & it just gets stronger with each listen to it!

  • 3 fingers up…hiii power w/ j. cole on the track, def. got a hit with this one right here… indeed the visuals and the lyrics are on point getting back to the conceptual theme of lyricism outta the materialism for a lil whole… more to life than the vanity and the excess of ignorance

  • Sosa

    Yessss! Real rap is back!! Good to see we still got a few cats making real music, real Hip-hop. There’s more to life than just money, clothes, cars, n hoes.#imjustsayin’

  • ThisIsIt

    Finallly I’ve been waiting to see this video….

  • thuglife indeed.

  • Ricky Retardo

    @pros2ill says:
    Wednesday, May 25 2011 at 7:49 PM EST
    HiiiPoWeR is trending.. aka the track J. Cole should’ve kept to himself instead of giving it to the very average Kendrick Lamar -____- or at least did the hook for this guy.

    ^^^^^^ WTF?

    is your ears connected to your ass. there is nothing average bout K Dot. and you emphasized with very, wow…

  • @pros2ill kendrick far from average.he’s a problem and Cole too.get the dicks out your ears

  • wouzi


  • John

    I like Kendrick, he’s young and at least knows a lot about life, past and present…who knows what the future holds?

    Kendrick Lamar is a young talented and well informed guy! We have to recognize….