• young hov

    I have no luck with women rap

  • Black Shady

    SHADY 2011

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  • kyle

    lmao @ royce texting on stage


    Wow this is Classic

  • Budden is a beast – anyone know if this 4.5 tape fufilled his congractual obligations as a solo artist ? i’d love to see his projects get a bigger push smh

  • wickwickwack

    gotta be strange to look @ a crowd rapping along
    this shit is personal

  • kuts

    @poeticassasin not sure if shady has anything to do with joe, joell, and crooked solely but if it does I’m sure solo projects are in the works to be released for all of them after the slaughter house LP is done with.

  • Posha

    joe acted like him and dude were friends..smell a beef brewing..he a softee(joe) heart broken over hoes..
    …Wally World Giving Back After Laying Off Over 22,000 People.. $1,530 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..Lmao http://ow.ly/4XiW9

  • Chi Town

    Rap’s Karrine Steffans. This dude tell everything

  • Rubicon

    The guy who was finishin’ off Jeoy bars was annoyin as fuck tell him shut up

  • Rubicon


  • Derrt

    Thats Killa BH he is the hype man, chill

  • Converse

    Whats up with all these emo rappers? smh

  • Jordan Cohen


    @Converse At least he’s not afraid to express himself and let people see he’s a regular person with regular problems. You just want him singin pump it up all the time? Stop itttttttttttttttt. Joe can RAP and put the story together like a champ. Go back to listening to OJ and Jibbs.

  • Rishi P

    wow yo i’m sorry but budden is my dude but he is not a good performer just stands in spot and cups the mic first rule of not to do lol and wow his hype man is qck i’ve seen budden live and Killa BH is by far the worst hype man way too fuckin loud for no fukcin reason

  • vaaporz

    y o this is raw 4 real

  • Big Willie

    Joe Budden Re-Cap

    Rehabilitated Crack Head

    Get’s dissed by Hov, does nothing…

    Disrespects probably the only rapper ever to kill biggie on his on shit, (self admitted by Frank White himself), Method Man

    Get’s snuffed by one of Raekwons homies who ever so delicately lays an ice water flag on his face.

    Get’s scolded by and apologizes to Raekwon with an ice pack on his face live on ustream.

    Makes songs about girls who cheat on him

    Haha I’ll pass on joey

  • Converse

    @jordan man shut yo wack ass up bitch. u sound like fukn faggot

  • Sam I Am

    lmao @Big Willie

    I respect this dude but that Karrine Steffans comment someone above mentioned is dead on. mad niggas wanna shout “top 5 dead or alive” on any and everyone, but when those sales come in, “4000 sold”? fuckouttahere.com


    i co sign Jordan so @ Converse go pull ur skirt up!!!


    joe budden and stack bundles forvever

  • Converse

    ^soft ass nigga lmao

    ur just like this dumb nigga allways taken L’s

    now make a song 2 that pussy

  • .