Nardwuar vs. Tech N9ne

With Tech N9ne’s next album just right around the corner, The Human Serviette brings his props to Tech during his visit in Vancouver. Make sure you fill your bag of treats with All 6s & 7s on June 7.

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  • Chris Puddin

    Tech N9ne, the human centipede

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  • Black Shady

    1 million copies sold independently. I wonder if he’s really caked up

    shout out to TECH

  • kcmo

    816/913 wat up, nardwuar is a pretty good interviewer

  • HeadedHard

    TECH N9NE one coo ass nigga

  • DestroyerOfDumbFucks

    What? Tech was here in Vancouver? Damnit

  • Devil

    lmao Nardwuar is a funny mofucka! love his interviews! he knows more about hip hop than any other nigga on radio.

  • DestroyerOfDumbFucks

    AND the bitches
    Another great interview from Nardwuar mad props

  • NoSoup4Yu

    No seriously how does he not blink for like 50 seconds. Lmao his interviews be on point.


    narwuar alway’s does great interviews he does his research the one he did with jay-z and lil wayne sucked cause jay and weezy acted liked they where to cool.

  • Jake

    ^No wayne was dope! But if you wanna see a jerk look up nas.

  • SqueeGee

    Nice interview! Nardwuar does it again

  • KLoNe

    Tech N9ne is the best spitter alive. All 6’s & 7’s is gonna blow the world away!

  • D!A!E

    IDC how many times i see the end, i’m weak EVERY time…Hahaha….