• jrock

    She THiCKK!!! She can def get it

  • Imani

    Hotfire fosho and dope summer jam

  • Certified D-Boy

    I heard of this chick…been puttin out mixtapes and got a buzz….now Busta’s official R&B artist…niiiice….she CAN get it too!

  • I wish you and her all the best!

  • Sho Nuff

    It was actually hotter w/out Busta’s verse and thats uncommon b/c he usually delivers, pause

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  • Dezzie Darko

    The sweetest hangover? This should of had Fiend/International Jones on it then!


  • u3Squad

    Busta is everywhere right now, teaching the youngn’s how to do this rap shit. Jazzy has a great voice too, didn’t she use to ride with FOXX? all around, good shit.

  • soulfyne


  • who is thicc momma in the pic?

  • YOUR pusha


  • Swag her out!

    Jazzy is official. http://IamJazzy.com is where you can find more of her music.