• original Will

    Big Sean Cameo @ 3:34-3:35

    The Bitch at the end was beyond bad face and body got damn nigga has to take his talents to south beach

  • Trek

    dope vid weird hook tho…they got The roc nation aviators in erry body vids i see

  • NY is HARD!

    Banger?????GTFOH!!!You motherfuckers on this site say anything is a Banger!This shit is GARBAGE!!!!

  • Donn

    HAHA, naw i’m sorry, i’ma have to agree with RR on this one, DJ Drama got a banger with this joint. Play this in the wip and turn the volume up. I don’t listen to Roscoe Dash but with Fab and Wiz on the verses, i can fuck with this joint.


  • Pac Man

    i fuck with drama fuck that other fool

  • NY is HARD!

    Like i said….TRASH!And i fuck with FAB….Wiz is waaaaccckkkk!!!!!And Roscoe is straight toilet paper!

  • cmoney

    @NY is HARD

    you are a complete meathead.

  • Doe Money

    @NY is HARD!

    You are completely right this shit is not hip hop. Truly, truly this sucks.

  • Moe

    Damn dis shit go hard as fuck in the club!!! Who gives a fuck if its real hip hop^^^…as long as the bitches party to it!!!

  • Jordan Cohen


    @Moe this is probably why you keep rolling papers on repeat and offer your girl to Lil B. How much time do you spend in the club REALLY? What about the other 16-20 hours of the day?

    I remember when Drama was STRICTLY on the backpack tip. Got with TI and well, you know the rest. Now we have to sit thru this crap? Isn’t there anyone who can reach a happy medium??? Until then…#PASS

  • Dezzie Darko

    agree w/ original Will…on both points

  • austin o.

    girl at 3:56 is BAD ahhh she is sexy as fuhhh but like Moe said fuck if its hip hop or not this is a party song that will most def be blowin’ out my speakers .! and don’t come at me with that “you listen to wack music” bullshit; Rolling Papers was SHIT and Lil B is GARBAGE. real hip hop = j.cole, kendrick lamar, big k.r.i.t., wale, mac miller etc.

  • MR. 101

    It IS hip hop; just not your hip hop. Shit changes; you should to. These dudes are trying to sell records. They are attracted to a different lifestyle that ciphers and chew sticks and incense. have an open mind and keep it moving. This single is going to bang in the club more than anything you think is real hip hop; so what does that say about the club? moreover the people?

    you think cats that grew up on the cold crush brothers likes 90’s hip hop? GTFOH; its a cycle. Hip Hp is predicated on the youth, and since the youth of today face an identity crisis and are not into substance, this reflects perfectly what they would be attracted to. Deal with it, listen to it at the club, then go home and pop in Like water for chocolate on your own time.

  • OffMyNutz

    Then the youth of today are in serious need of psychiatric help!If this passes as hip hop to them or you then musically your lost.This is a perfect example of the wrong in Hip Hop!And no NYisHard is no meathead….I COSIGN 100%!!!You motherfuckers are brainwashed these days.It’s a shame what OUR music has come to.You clowns just make me laugh with your excuses for what passes in the realm of music!You must be the same clowns who give the biggest FRAUD a pass with the excuse “he makes good music”,PLEASE!I guess frauds love frauds!You clowns stay reppin TRASH!!!I roll with what this GAME was originally based on…TRUTH!!!GTFOH you corny motherfuckers!!!!I LOVE HIP HOP!!!This is DEF NOT that!!!

  • Jake


  • is that SUMMER? the girl? at 3:50… i fell in love with that girl in 2006. and she’s STILL HOT! LOL @ Kevin Hart! i see Big Sean too.

  • akak

    Shit is no hands; will be a banger. I’m curius to hear what you cats are listening to these days.

  • MR. 101

    SMH. man this song is like anything else on this site; yet you constant come back and trash it. Why even bother frequenting it? Even when they have stuff with lyrics (Consequence; they say he old and rag on his teeth; Laws; str8 cricketts, Kidz in the Hall) it gets 0-4 comments, and Rick Ross; who gets condemned every time, will have 75. Screaming substance, but not supporting it.

    News flash: if as many people who claim to want “the real” actually supported it, do you think for a minute record labels wouldn’t be signing those acts? Every label would have a Blu and a Phonte and a J. Cole instead of a Waka and a Ross and a Lil B. It’s the same reason why cats get mad when white kids recite hip hop, yet when you go to a concert, you knw what you see predominantly? White faces. Nothing wrong with that, but just don’t be out here, fooling yourselves like you support the culture, and get mad when its’ not catering to you. These songs are bred from the paces YOU frequent negro! The strip club! When other cities became too expensive, many flocked to Atl. And what do you have in Atl? A LOT of women. And the ratio to men is crazy. And the strip clubs? Hell, business meetigns are held there. So if you are marketing, where are you going besides radio to get your song played? the scrip club. Someone from atl please chime in. These songs are big in the clubs, and it permeates from there. cats are NOT banging Electric Circus out the whip fam, stop it.

    You dont like Tyler, he sold 55k. Y’all hate Ross cuz he fake, he sold 55k, get out there and but Killer Mike new album, orTech N9ne, or Big Sean when it comes out. Prove me wrong.

    note I didn’t say Em&Royce, becuase that’s gonna sell, but let us not fool ourselves as to think who will be the driving force of that

    There’s a place for it all. Rap Radar is in a business. The business of generating traffic. The kind of traffic that “real” you so crave would not generate.

  • Mindfck

    ^^COSIGN 100%

  • the beat is hot son…nuff said thou…

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