New Video: Laws “Momma Miss America”

Sampled from the 70’s tune of the same name, here’s the clip from a track off Laws’ Paul McCartney-inspired mixtape, Yesterday’s Future. Yea, that guy Macca is one bad muthafucka.

Bonus: Let’s take ’em back.

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  • Peter Pankey Jr.

    Pankey Sr. is a great fan of

    He just wished he would get more posts on the site.

    I just want to send a special shout out to the great late macDEISAL, I am a huge fan of his commentary in ALL CAPS.

    o yea



  • Black Cloud

    Laws is dope but this?

    He should get back on his 4:57 shit. That was the shit

  • That shit is soooo creative and the verses are on!

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  • Its Me!!!


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  • hmm

    laws is boring … every track is the same shit .. he never gets the crazy shit from the justice league … its like hey .. we’ll sign u as out artist .. but u gettin them bum poppy tracks .. not the JL shit we known for beats.

    he may blow ..pause… but c’mon .. how they not gone lace him with some maybach quality stuff just one time ..

  • Drock

    Laws is on another level with this direction, other rappers better get their careers up, more introspection!

  • John John

    very good and on another level for the kid

  • OffMyNutz

    He is better than the whole mmg wackass crew!He should get signed to SHADY where real lyricists live and real HIP HOP lives not that maybach BULLSHIT!!!