• Tron Carter

    Boi…. I do it

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  • Sean has some dope lines but nothing will ever top “high rise” that joint is too ill.

    By the way new track…

  • LOL @ Jimmy Kimmel welcoming more & more black folks onto the stage. #GoodLook! and i mean… #GOODMusic! Ha! : )

  • YM

    This corny rapper was a battle rapper?

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  • Mello54

    The homie should have performed…I do it

  • Big Sean is doing his thing.

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  • MadMike0082

    I dont get it all man….. The dude has zero swagger, he weighs 78 lbs and his flow is straight up same old same old generic shit.

    Back before he made it he was spittin str8 fucking fire but now its all “Look at my car, look at my money, look at my chain…”

    Go fuck yourself. ON MY LIFE this mother fucker wont EVEN RELEASE a sophmore album on a major label.

  • Citylivin’